Trump attends swearing-in ceremony for new VA secretary

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Trump attends swearing-in ceremony for new VA secretary
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thank you very much thank you for everything Jim Mattis German Johnny isakson Senator Thom Tillis has become Johnny you’ve been working hard thrilled to be here for the swearing in of our new Secretary of Veterans Affairs a very very tough and important position Robert Wilke Robert since day one my Administration has been focused on serving the men and women who make Freedom possible a great veterans these Heroes deserve only the best and they will under Robert Wilkie I have no doubt about it I think the three of us have no doubt about it today by his beloved wife of 28 years Julie his sister Janet nephew Ian sister-in-law Carla Council and his brother-in-law Stephen Harmon and his wife Susan Harmon thank you all thank you so proud of him right anybody not Brad please let me know now please Robert Wilke is the proud son of an army veteran and artillery officer raised on the base at Fort Bragg North Carolina high school with the woman who is now his wife he passed by the VA hospital in the price of freedom is visible here made a big impact it was a price first hand through his own father who is Gravely injured in combat during the Vietnam war Robert went on to serve as an officer at both the Air Force and the Navy then is assistant Secretary of Defense for legislative affairs and is under secretary of defense for personnel and Readiness Robert also served with distinction is acting Secretary of Veterans Affairs and General Mattis is here someplace with General he’s the only one happy about this because I took them away from General minutes right General Kelly who by the way one year today right became Chief of Staff General Kelly Gun Kelly General Mattis last year we passed the landmark VA accountability act these two people along with others but these two people really let it all and they gave us which really gave us the Authority for the first time to renew federal employees who mistreat a veteran’s which unfortunately an incredibly there were plenty that gone now I also signed legislation allowing veterans to use the GI Bill education benefits at any during their lifetimes we established the promised Whitehouse VA hotline we have working right now every VA Medical Center offers same-day emergency mental health care as well we’ve greatly expanded Telehealth and walk-in clinics and we are processing veterans disability claims more quickly by far than ever before earlier this year with Robert’s health we passed veterans choice that was the one I wanted so badly that we all wanted so badly this diluted us for 40 years 50 years forever if the veterans and just care and the kind of care that they needed a VA facility they have the right to go immediately and see a private doctor and we pay for it and by doing that we saved by the way a lot of money we take care of our veterans properly so between accountability and the VA approved 45 years they tried they couldn’t v a choice they actually said so I just want to thank you guys and Robert thanks for your help no better it should ever have to endure long waiting times for the carative so richly aren’t so that’s where be a choice will come along we will not veterans have the highest quality Care anywhere he was a good top player I know that you’ll work night and day to fulfill our sacred duty to protect those who protect us or bets are very very lucky and we are very lucky to have them Robert I want to ask vice-president Pence to administer the oath and this is something very dear to my heart and all of our hearts and you have to do is great job we just got so many people mr. president vice president Pence opportunity for him and for America’s veterans I’m going to take up the speaker speaker Choice here in the grass from the prepared remarks as the president noted I am the son of a Gravely wounded that Soldier officer into services ecclesiastical limbo but in this case I was amazed and stunned by the amount of time to present the United States spent with me on the phone in this Nat Turner talking about veterans asking about that and showing me a commitment that I have not seen in my 23 years in and out of this business on the part of a present Unite the care of those who protected America for so many years so I thank you sir I’m also grateful service organizations but they are for the conference but I’m also humble today General John Kelly and my friend Tom’s Hills I would not be here without their support and inspiration they are what all of us would come through the military World strive to be and that is a servant leader outside of the materials that I have taken this is the third time that I have taken the federal oath of office and just missing 2016-2017 my wife truly is with me we have known each other since we were youngsters in North Carolina nothing would have been possible without her as the president noted are high school was two blocks three blocks away from the Fayetteville VA Hospital mr. vice president as the head of the space Council my son Adam is here he is playing Cookie from his internship with us today she is in her first day Bible that I will take my old phone reminds me of the 100th anniversary of the end of the war to end all wars it was a Bible taken into battle grandfather would probably never been to be on three or four counties in North and South Carolina but by the time he was 18 he was marching up the shots of the day into The Cauldron of the meuse-argonne of another part of that was the young Captain Field Artillery my great-grandpa who left a small town law practice in Cleveland Mississippi to join up with the All-American division scratch farmer from Palmetto Tennessee by way of Buncombe County North Carolina it would not only earned the Medal of Honor would go on to be the greatest hero of them private on to a boulder Sergeant Alvin York ordinary Americans called upon to do extraordinary things descendants and we are honored to serve millions of ordinary Americans with answer to special call mr. president I’m humbled by your confidence I’m humbled by the prospect of serving those who are formed about those American men and women who have sacrificed so much I thank you look forward to this Great Adventure push a button and by the way to right hand repeat after me hi Robert Leon Wilson do solemnly swear by Robert Leon will confuse Collins but I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States and I will support the time the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic true faith and allegiance to the same well and Faithfully discharge the beach. LOL or Faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which the office
President Trump participates in swearing-in ceremony of new Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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