Trump & Australian PM Scott Morrison Hold Press Conference At The White House | LIVE | TIME

Trump & Australian PM Scott Morrison Hold Press Conference At The White House | LIVE | TIME
Trump & Australian PM Scott Morrison Hold Press Conference At The White House | LIVE | TIME
12 headliner they’re all the back gate of Area 51. Oh that the Air Force, ladies and gentleman, the president of the United States and the Prime Minister of Australia. Thank you very much pleased we had a spectacular morning and it’s an honor being with the Prime Minister and mrs. Morrison. Thank you very much. Australia is a fantastic country and a brilliant that. Why are we just spent a lot of time together with our representatives in the they get along very well and we’re doing a lot of deals and we talked to military wetalktrade. We talked about everything you can talk about and we came to the same conclusion. I think every case, but I just want to say it’s an honor having both of you here. Thank you very much. You have a truly great country and I don’t think we’ve ever had a better relationship than we have right now and tonight we’re going to have something very special in the road garden and based on all of that money. We spend on all of that weather-predicting equipment. They’Re saying no chance of rain, let’s see if that’s right! First, ladies, thank you very much. You worked very hard on this. Show it’s not going to rain. It’S going to be a beautiful evening and great job really great job honey. Thank you please. Mr. President, Trump, we thank you all so very much for the incredibly warm and generous welcome that Jenny and I are in a delegation of had here in Washington and the American presidency and then the time one of the many things that the president and I share In common is a passion for jobs and the job performance here in the United States, the jobs that are being tried in this try, the other jobs that changed people’s lives, and I went people get a job and it’s try there in the United States way committed To creating jobs and whether it’s in try it on Twitter and looking to the Future and where those jobs going to come from, which we want people to have that has economic opportunities act command. The president on the right, where he’s when creating jobs here in the United States and we’re doing the same thing and Australian, you want to take writing jobs, and this this partnership is a big part of that and that’s why we place to come together here. We share objectives in Simon the areas we share common values. We share beliefs, we shared a wonderful Century together and now we’re going to have a another great Centre together at my chips. I thank you, mr. president, and and thank you for the opportunity for the discussion. Just had to die, we are very much looking forward to the state dinner this evening and mrs. Trump something special that are not. Then I was the first ever, but it’s the president said perhaps the first-ever and that’s just another great Innovation which is part of this. This wonderful visit said. Thank you very much. Thank you very much, president you’ve been negotiating with the Chinese that they might actually offer some agricultural purchases. Is that going to be enough for you when you get that deal past the Finish Line, we’re looking for a complete the alarm, not looking for a partial deal, China has been starting to buy our Agricultural Product. If you noticed over the last week and actually some very big purchases, but that’s not what I’m looking we’re looking for, the big deal, we’ve taking it to this level with taking in billions and billions of dollars of tariffs. China has the value of their currency and they putting out a lot of money into that current into the air into their economy, and they have a very economy right now and I don’t want them to have a bad economy. 57 years and companies are leaving because Tempe the 25 soon to go to 30 % and we have 30 % for shortly. On 250 billion, we have another tear up at a slightly smaller number, as you know, on on the other, on a 300 billion dollars worth of so they would like to do something, as you know, we’re talking a little bit this week talking a lot next week And then top people are going to be speaking the week following, but I’m not looking for a partial deal, I’m looking for a complete deal job I’ve rebuilt the military one and a half trillion dollars when I came in our military was deflated. Frankly, we didn’t have ammunition okay, but our military was in very bad shape. We rebuilt the military with that one of the strongest economies, Mike Pence, actually got some who try to hear a great vice president. He was talking yesterday and he call me sis with these numbers. These consumer numbers are incredible. The retail numbers that came out 2 days ago that really weren’t reported were really yummy, just incredible numbers. You know that very well., the world and and some other numbers we’re doing very well. Our economy is very strong and John is being affected very badly when we’re not being affected, in fact with it in many billions of dollars in China eating the terrorists because of the devaluation of it doesn’t happen with all countries, China’s China and they know what they’re Doing as well as anybody my relationship with President, she is a very amazing one. Very good one, but we have right now is a little spat, but I think we’re doing very well. Our country is doing well. You look at so many different things. Look at all of the regulation cutting that allows us to do what we did look at what happened three days ago. We have an attack like, but it takes out a big chunk of all oil and the price goes up $ 4 5 dollars, and now it’s heading down rapidly. That tells you that would have happened years ago. It would have gone up $ 50, it would have doubled and this was a blip, so it been really amazing what we’ve been able to do. I think the voters understand that I don’t think it has any impact on the election out. Something happened. I think that would probably a B+ for the election, but that’s okay. I do think as signing usmca on a bipartisan basis, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and everybody else very bipartisan. I think that’s very important for our country and – and I would certainly be willing to say that’s a bipartisan deal, but I think that’s very important for a manufacturer’s for our Farmers, even for unions. I want that deal done and so hopefully that’s going to be put up to a boat very soon, they’ll be very little cajoling of the Democrats because most Democrats wanted to, but the usmca is ready to be voted on. It’S finished Mexico, his taking their final votes, counted as willing to do that anytime. We want them to their all set to go, and we need that for all of the we need that for our country, it’s a great deal. It’S a great deal, thank you and for the Prime Minister, sir, your economy is in to some degree caught in the crosshairs between the United States and China. What did you say to the president about what your ideal outcome is here for a China trade agreement between the United States and China, Sea of the United States, and trying to be able to what is always going to be good deals? Steals it going to be sustainable. I think one of the things we’ve seen you would benefit greatly from the the free trade agreement with China and does I have grown and I’ve become a substantive economy in the world and once he should have gave them to that level, then you need to be Able to applying to the same rules of as those other developed – and I think this is another – the new new generation of deals, I think we’ll see trying to do which the prison has been working on any been working on it for some time, and we wish Him well in that prices, there’s some real serious issues that have to be addressed in that do things like in an intellectual property. It’S a that’s a big issue and it needs to be addressed, so we look forward to the mature dating it and and that providing. I think the brightest it needs to bility to the global economy which which All Nations will benefit from, and we could do, is got a very big deal with China and it could go very quickly as you know, but it wouldn’t be the appropriate deal. We have to do it right and it’s a very complicated deal with intellectual property protection. We have to do that and other things I could leave lots out and have a deal very quickly. We want to do it right. Please – and I assume Andrew is a nice person – that’s why you need to present the best and tariffs. What do you say to Australian businesses and to straighten decided you’ll trade war with tragic Vision? She threatens their prosperity and the Prime Minister link question: do you think that Australians are going to be collateral damage in president trumps tariff war with China? I look at numbers, I love numbers and the numbers of Australia are doing incredibly well you’re doing unbelievably well when we have a deal with China or but when we have a deal with Danny cuz, I want to make it perhaps more than I want to make It cuz, I actually love all the billions of dollars, that’s pouring into a treasury billions and billions of dollars. We’Ve never seen that before from China, it’s always been the other way, but when and I’m taking care of our Farmers out of that we’re helping our farmers are, farmers were targeted and they were targeted for 16 billion dollars, and I made that up to them. We pay them to 16 billion dollars that had 10 $ 2 left over soap. I will say, though, that Australia’s doing very well. If we do end up doing a deal, Australia will do even better, and we were discussing that. But Australia will be one of the big beneficiaries of a deal and in the meantime, as you know, I did tariff relief with respect to a certain product, in particular coming out of Australia and that’s something that we wouldn’t do for anybody else. This has been a truly great Ally and we work very well together, but your numbers are absolutely fantastic. Your economy is strong like ours and I think, with two real examples of of two countries doing extremely well. Some countries aren’t doing so well. Europe is not doing well not doing large parts of Asia are not doing well Jenna’s, not doing well. Please thanks. Mr. president, year of consecutive economic growth, which is an extraordinary National Achievement and and we will continue, flowers are most recent. The hazard most recent national accounts demonstrated Australia was also very used to dealing with a complex and changing world, and that’s why we’ve Diversified I tried bison have been doing that, for many is some. In 6 years ago, government time to office the 27 % tried with covered by agreements around the world. That figure is now 70 % to 90 %, And that’s important and that’s opening up opportunities, herbs and flowers that grow in the in the global economy in Australia has filled up resilience at through the the broad by snatching which we’re taking our economy to the will And then it’s dry, there is never got rich selling things to itself and we’ve always had an Atwood. Looking at perspective, when it comes to engaging our economic opportunities and a big part of what we’ve been discussing here is some new opportunities where that’s in the rare roast that critical minerals, Frontier Technologies, spice what jobs are going to be in the future as well, and So we will do with those apes and flies as I come, but the president brought the arrangement I will come too and I’m confident I will at with China will be one that will sit in an Uber in terms of how China’s economy then deals with a Lot of these complicated issues in the future with developed economies like Australia, we look on with interest and I think ultimately, When we arrive at that point, it’s got. To put, I don’t know stronger footing in Australia is really been so focused on the economy. They do minerals, have incredible wealth in minerals and call and other things and they’re really at the Leading Edge of coal technology Clean Coal. We call it twin call, but it’s also great for the workers and things that would happen to cuz. It was very dangerous years ago and very bad for a lot of people and you’ve rectified that 100 %. It’S incredible. I looked at your statistics the other day and coal miners are very, very safe and Australia. It’S incredible what you’ve done in fact we’re looking at what you’ve done. go ahead place. Thank you in The Mists of he’s escalating tensions with Ron. You now named a new National Security advisor Robert O’Brien, with the latest strike on Saudi Arabia and the response, and then secondly, you Nails New sanctions on Iran. Secretary mnuchin said that this affects the last available funds for that regime. Have we now exhausted sanction in regards to run well? These are the strongest sanctions ever put on a country. We are at a level of sanction that is far greater than ever before. With respect to a Ron. Today we did central-bank, as you know, and we’ll see a lot of problems not only with us, so they having problems within their own country, and I think they have a lot of self-made problems that we are by far the strongest military in the world. Going into around would be a easy decision, as I said before, be very easy, easiest thing, and most people thought I would go in within 2 seconds, but plenty of time plenty of time. In the meantime, they have a lot of problems within around a run, could be a great Drake could be a rich country about. They are choosing to go a different way. They’Ll be appointed with she’ll, be very sorry for that choice, but I think I’m showing great restraint. A lot of people respected some people down some people say: oh, you should go in immediately and other people are so thrilled at what I’m doing, and I don’t do it for anybody. I do it for what’s good for the United States, what’s good for our allies and it’s working out really very well. As far as Robert is concerned, he’s Rob – maybe you could stand up. Robert O’Brien is in a fantastic job for us with hostage negotiations. I think we can say that there has never been anybody. That’S done better than you and Isaac combination, weave, funny people home, and we brought him home quickly. Speed is a very important thing I find with hostages. It’S it’s really something I had dinner the other night with the warmbier family and Incredible family, the whole family and some of Autos friends, in addition to the family, with 25 people over on Saturday night, and we did that dinner, Auto Autos honor. I think it’s a beautiful thing. First, lady and I it was very dinners. It was very touching and really very beautiful. We talked about Auto and I will tell you that people move faster and Robert, and I were talking about that. You should have moved faster who’s. There for a long time – and I move fast with hostages – you have to move fast. All of a sudden. It gets very hard for the other side to do anything until too late. In the case of Auto, it was very like we got him home, but it was a horrible horrible condition. What happened to him was actually incredible, just horrible, but you have to move fast, Robert and I have been a successful and the reason I work hard on hostages. I think you would say I think most presidents wouldn’t do that, but I do these are great. I guess it almost all cases American lives. We help other people also so help the other countries with their hostage situation. When we have some strengths that they don’t, but these are great people and we get them home. We got him home from North Korea. As you know, and we got him home from lot of different locations – Egypt, different locations, turkey, president erdogan, was very good and we got a hostage home or our great Pastor who everyone in this room knows and loves. But we’ve had tremendous success and what surprised me? I didn’t know too many people knew Robert and when it came time to pick somebody for the position for a critical time, I had so many people. I shouldn’t say this Roberto be embarrassed, but I had so many people that called me and they they recommended Robert O’Brien. So I think he’s going to do a great job and he was here. I can tell you this. You started about 12 minutes after he was Joseph. He said in with us and he’s very much involved now and what we’re doing the military would work very severe form of of winning, but we win, nobody can beat us militarily, nobody can even come plus what we’ve done for our military in the last 3 years Is incredible all made in the USA by the way, and it’s it’s really incredible – our nuclear was getting very tired. They hadn’t spent the money on, and now we have it in, as we would say, tippy top shape, two-piece outfits, we have new and we have renovated and it’s it’s incredible and we all should pray that we never have to use it. We should never have to use it and are self is in phenomenal shape and we have a great gentleman. As you know, I’m going to be taking over joint Chief of Staff. Joe Dunford has been fantastic, he’s a great man and a friend of mine, but General milley is going to be taking over and it’s going to be over have a little bit of a celebration both for Joe and four more for everybody, and you know, as you Know, Secretary of Defense has just come in more desperate and it’s been here for a short. Of time, but he’s got tremendous energy he’s got it. He knows he knows that. That’S what he’s been doing for a long. Of time from the day he graduate. Maybe I should say from the day he started at West Point where he was a top top scholar Etc. So, where we have a, we have incredible people and Steve mnuchin’s. Here we did the sanctions today and I think they’re probably Steve the longest ever been put on a country with we will certainly never do that to Australia. I promise you distant with the band, even though you said you have a good working relationship with China under important for your economy. Do you plan to continue to support the United States in the tough stance on China, and can you give me any more specifics about what you told to present? You would do to help measures to reach a bear trade deal. We have a comprehensive strategic partnership with China. This is the part of the world in which we live and managing that relationship is important, Australia’s national interest. One thing I can always Asurion, I think the president can decide the sign we will always buy, who sacked in the National interest of all countries. We will always put our country’s interest first, and that means in engaging countries in our on rage and not just a chemically pretend of papal Fable 2 level as well. We have a lot of operations. We do together right across, will militarily and will continue to do dies, but The Ficus, I think, at the end of the die, has to be what’s best for our people, and that means a stable, secure agent and the presence of the United States in the indo-pacific. With I have been for a very long time, he’s a spy lysing forcing their agent, and what does that mean? It means that countries can’t ride with each other economies can develop. People come out of poverty. The United States has had I A positive presence in our region and that’s why we were wise together. Cuz we share objectives, it isn’t a matter of the unit of knotted size sign. Do us, we need you to do this or the strata sign do not excite. We need you to do this, it’s about as having shared objectives and looking through the wheelchair of similar lens answer. That just naturally brings us together to fight this on the things that promote Prosperity was I started at my rocks today. We love jobs, the prison, and I we love jokes and we like them jobs here, well that they tend to Ficus bit more on the things that are going on in their lives, every dying and making sure they can live peacefully with each other things important. I think is during our meeting we discussed. I said that what percentage of 4 military Dubai from Austin it’s together or it’s about a hundred percent – is close to 100 % And we make the best equipment. He understands that. But it’s it’s a real relationship. They buy 100 % of their military purchase and it’s gotten bigger. I guess you said it’s the biggest purchase since World War II, 200 billion dollar investment and a lot of that that’s being built in Australia, but it’s also I’ve been being built in partnership with United States and other Allied. So it said it’s an important part of what we’re doing. Thank you very much time to cry from the scene 1 year old in the age at first it on the questions on Ron. Mr. president, you’ve you’ve Price is Right In commitment today to deal with her on, in the Persian and in your talk today with Miss Tamaris, and did you discuss further military action in order to keep the pressure on Iran? What might those military actions be and what could contribute to that? Are you looking forward to it? Disgust, Afghanistan where Australia is helping us and we’re slowly reducing in Afghanistan? Is people now been very effective in Afghanistan and if we wanted to do a certain method War, we would win that very quickly, but many many really tens of millions of people would be killed and we think it’s unnecessary, but they’ve been a great help to us. Karastan but we’re reducing in Afghanistan we’re reducing in Serie, where we had. You know, we’ve taken over 100 % of the caliphate. We have 100 % when I came in with smaller, but it was a mess it was all over and now it’s it’s in a position. I don’t want to repeat what I said before with the prisoners, but we have thousands of Isis fighters from our work in capturing 100 % of the caliphate and we’re asking the countries from where they came, whether it’s Germany or France or other countries to take those People back put them on trial do what they have to do with them, but the United States will not keep thousands and thousands of people for the next, possibly 50 years or whatever it. Maybe it’s going to be up to those countries. We did them a big favor, we went in, we took them down the Isis fighters in the end World, very good Fighters against the United States, but we have thousands of them and we want them to be taken over by Germany, France at all of those countries. From where they can open the food and milk reaction against Tehran, or is the Australian commitment solid contained to a freedom of navigation Patrol exercise, persistence from Australia’s the president is demonstrating is he said in the press conference in the Oval Office have announced to die, and I have to suing those those channels, so the calibrated, I think, very measured response that the United States is taking his has been a matter for them and and and we slay it anytime when, when issues arise with us as an ally week, we can see them On their merits at the time and in the Straz National interest, so I think that’s that’s with that’s hitting, but thank you very much and Jen. Thank you very much. First, lady, thank you and I hope, you’re going to be able to see tonight to the media, because really it’s going to be a beautiful evening in honor of Australia and the Morrisons. Thank you very much and thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
President Trump and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison hold a joint press conference at the White House.

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Trump & Australian PM Scott Morrison Hold Press Conference At The White House

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