Trump calls on Sessions to end Russia probe ‘right now’ – Daily Mail

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Trump calls on Sessions to end Russia probe ‘right now’ – Daily Mail
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president Donald Trump publicly called an attorney general Jeff sessions to end Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election Wednesday after railing against Mueller’s investigation in a series of tweets Trump said this is terrible situation and attorney general Jeff sessions should stop this rig witch-hunt right now before it continues to stay in our country any further its front biggest public ultimatum yet to session two infuriated Trump Fusion himself from any probes involving the 2016 election due to his public support of trump at the time and after he came under Fire for not revealing meetings he had with the Russian Ambassador instead Deputy attorney-general Rod Rosenstein has overseen mother’s investigation White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders played down Trump’s tweets later Wednesday it’s not an order it’s the president’s opinion the president wants to watch this process play out but he also wants to see it come to and it comes on day two of the first trial to result from a Mueller indictment of a former Trump aide former Trump campaign chairman Paul manafort is facing charges of bank and tax fraud over his work for a pro-russia politician in UK several years ago before he worked for Trump
The White House says President Trump was not giving Attorney General Jeff Sessions ‘an order’ when he mentioned the nation’s top law enforcement officer by name and said he should ‘stop’  the Russia probe. Faced by a new round of accusations the president was deliberately trying to obstruct special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said the president thinks it’s time for the probe to ‘come to an end’ – but was not instructing Sessions to end it.

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