Trump calls on Sessions to stop ‘rigged’ Mueller probe

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Trump calls on Sessions to stop ‘rigged’ Mueller probe
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there a lot of people saying a lot of different things many people seeing this as an instruction on Twitter from the president to Jeff sessions let’s show you what the president tweeted just a short time ago quote attorney general Jeff sessions should stop this rig witch-hunt right now before it continues to stay in our country any further Bob Muller is totally conflicted and is 17 angry Democrats that are doing his Dirty Work are a disgrace to the USA at the important word in that tweet though is the word should my store I’m ordering him too so it could still be seen as an opinion rather than a directive sources are telling me not to read too much into what I talked to Rudy Giuliani just a short time ago just before we came on the air in fact you told me quote we have been saying for months it is time to bring this inquiry to an end the president has expressed the same opinion I’m told that this is the president expressing and opinion nothing more than he has said several times in the past Adam shift the other ranking member on the house intelligence committee certainly reading a lot into it tweeting this morning the president of the United States Attorney General to put an end to an investigation in which the president is family in campaign never accepted it is important this week for a couple of reasons though the president has said on several occasions something very similar so it’s clear that he’s keeping up the drum beat that he believes that sections made a mistake by recusing himself from the Russia investigation exposing the administration to this the other important aspect of all this is that Mueller is scrutinizing the president’s tweets as he considers whether there was obstruction of justice in the firing of James coming other news today on the trade front considering harsher punishment for China for what he calls unfair trade policy but sources tell Fox News the president wants to increase that text to 25% which would really take a huge bite out of a Chinese import sources say there’s a brat realization and the president’s economic and teams of China’s a bad actor when it comes to trade and that the US has to play hardball if it wants to get some changes at a rally in Tampa last night the president said he’s strategy is working pointing to the dumping of Chinese steel into the United States listen here helping so much anymore now thanks your tariffs or Steel Workers are back American steel mills are back open for business but the depression a lot of people scratching their heads he was talking about the need to show a personal ID in order to vote in the midterm elections he said this watch here voter ID do you need ID when I’ve been to the grocery store and buy beer or wine they ask me for my ID but certainly no 219000 jobs were created in July the number for the Friday connected to be lower a hundred ninety thousand but these new numbers from ADP Bill I’m a pretend to a larger number eye drops of War comes out on Friday
President Trump calls on his attorney general to end the Mueller investigation. John Roberts reports from the White House.

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