Trump Cancels Secret Taliban Meeting, Says Talks Are ‘Dead’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

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Trump Cancels Secret Taliban Meeting, Says Talks Are ‘Dead’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC
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Trump Cancels Secret Taliban Meeting, Says Talks Are ‘Dead’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC
Trump Cancels Secret Taliban Meeting, Says Talks Are ‘Dead’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC
Welcome back President Trump said late this afternoon at peace talks with the Taliban are dead, but he’s defending his decision to invite Taliban leaders in Edition by Taliban leaders to a meeting at Camp David, a lot of bad people in a lot of good people. During the course of the last Almost 3 years – and I think meeting is a great thing – Tim David held meetings with a lot of people that would have been perceived as being pretty tough Tremors and pretty bad people have been plenty of so-called bad people brought up To Camp David for meetings and the alternative was the White House and you wouldn’t have been happy with that either. Critics of the meeting say inviting the Taliban to David is a slap in the face for the 14000 u.s. troops still deployed in Afghanistan. Foreign Affairs analyst Brett mcgurk joins me now. He is also the former special presidential Envoy for the global coalition to defeat Isis Brett. Thank you for joining us and there’s this more enero in immediate question of, should the president have been entertaining inviting Taliban leaders to Camp David under any circumstances, simplimatic emblematic of Trumps entire foreign policy just released either the pants, but this is really quite serious. The Taliban should never step foot in Washington little and Camp David on the eve of a commemoration of the 9/11 attack. It’S just something. I think that there’s really bipartisan consensus. It seems there’s a bad idea, but look these talks, I’m going on for 8 months. I mean a bastard has been waiting a process of negotiations with Taliban for 8 months and there was never a ceasefire Associated. While the talks are underway. The Taliban has been conducting attacks throughout this.. Almost 16 Americans have been killed, so the question is: where was President Trump, when these talks were going on? Was there any process in which was a check in with him? So he under and what’s happening now, is he’s injected himself and is basically blowing up the entire process and answer the big question. So then what? But I think it’s actually very dangerous spot look. These are matters of War and Peace, life and death is in those consequential decisions of President can make, and you just can’t really fly by the seat of your pants, like this, it has been reported for a few months have been reporting that the US has been In talks with the Taliban, there was the potential of the Peace of the Camp. David peace had not been for the potential for some kind of deal with the Taliban was out there. Take that America has Layman like me, when you can the Taliban, you think of 9/11, you think of the folks who gave Safe Harbor to people who attacked this country on 9/11, and now you fast forward about two decades and you say well, if you want to Get these at 10,000 + American troops out of Afghanistan, there has to be some kind of he’ll struck with the Taliban. How do you do that with a group like that? The principle Behind These talks – and it was worth a shot – was that the Taliban would actually agree at the end of the day, to work with the Afghan government in some sort of Peace arrangement to deescalate the overall overall level of Stan and reduce the ability of Al-Qaeda terrorists to have safe haven in that country and that’s the core idea, that’s difficult! That’S hard! I give Ambassador calazada tremendous credit for trying to move it as far as he could, but I think David’s keys, because the president clearly didn’t have his back for whatever he was trying to negotiate. At the end of the day, you have to have some sort of Peace Arrangement between the Afghan government that we’ve been supporting and the Taliban to try to de-escalate the overall level of Afghanistan. That’S very difficult. This is hard diplomatic work, but you’re the president just injected himself into this process. Here and now it seems to be all the way back at square zero and a big questions. Where do we go now in Afghanistan kind of escalating the war? Now? Is that really what we want to do, so I just think we got to step back. This is all theatrics. This is crazy. This is a war going on with Americans fighting and dying to think about. What are we trying to achieve? What are the reason? Does we as a country that means the White House that Congress has to be part of this conversation? What resources are we willing to dedicate what our allies prepared to do and try to have some coherence to this? Otherwise, Mark’s that the 18th anniversary 18 year anniversary of the start of the war with Afghanistan, can you envision a time in the near future when the war in Afghanistan, in the past tense places that can understand ourselves that it is Afghanistan is going to be fine With the questions, what are we trying to achieve there? I thought we want to make sure that Al-Qaeda Isis groups like that cannot have safe haven, which I can plan and plot attacks against us. I think we want to be sure that the government that we’ve been to waiting for a long time that has grown and capacity does not simply collapse, and we open up a vacuum to go back to where we were before the attacks in 2011. That would be a real disaster for the question, not expending American lives in Afghanistan anymore. But we are there to support the Afghans where there is a provide them. Some Logistics and intelligence support – and I think there is a emission set that you can do that, and it probably does not require the Taliban to come to Camp David where to work with partners and really try to think our way through this and that’s not happening Inside the administration, all right, Brett mcgurk, thank you for taking a few minutes. We appreciate that you’re watching this means you’ve checked out our channel. So, thank you not. Do me a favor and subscribe by clicking that button down there click on any of the videos to watch if you’re, tired of content that you don’t know anything about where it came from. You don’t have that problem with us. Nbc News MSNBC MTP in the Meet the Press mindset right here for you on YouTube, subscribe now.
MSNBC’s Brett McGurk joins MTP Daily to discuss the president’s decision to cancel meetings with the Taliban.
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Trump Cancels Secret Taliban Meeting, Says Talks Are ‘Dead’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

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