Trump chairs key UN Security Council session – BBC News

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Trump chairs key UN Security Council session – BBC News
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we’re just going to change the UN Security Council in Needles and security non proliferation of weapons of mass destruction the agenda is here adopted I am honored to be here today to chair this meeting of the United Nations security Council it is also my privilege to welcome the distinguish heads-of-state heads of government ministers and other leaders and representatives here with us thank you I also wish to warm welcome secretary-general Antonio guterres for joining us thank you very much I will now consider item to the agenda I will make a statement and my capacity as president of the United States of America it is a great honor here today at this un Security Council briefing to discuss a matter of urgent important concerning and countering the proliferation of deadly come biological and nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them the nations of the world have long recognised that certain weapons are so dangerous and can inflict so much suffering that all of us have a vital interest in preventing there further development spread and use since my inauguration the United States has taken both direction to confront the Sinister threats many of us are rightly focused on the dangers of nuclear weapons but we must never forget the risk posed by by illogical and chemical weapons the United States was one of the first Nations to unilaterally renounce the use of biological weapons and since World War we have led International efforts against the scourge of chemical warfare most recently in Syria we have twice impose severe consequences on the Assad regime for using chemical weapons against recent civilians I want to thank prime minister May and president macron for their countries close partnership in those efforts last April the Syrian regime Butchery is enabled by Russia and Duran Duran in regime exports violence Terror and turmoil it illicitly procura sensitive do advances ballistic missile program and proliferates these missiles all across the Middle East the regime is the world’s leading sponsor of Terror and fuels flicked across the region and far beyond a regime with this track record must never be allowed to possess a nuclear weapon for this reason I announced earlier this year that United States would withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal this horrible one-sided deal allowed to run to continue its path towards a bomb and gave the regime a cash line blind when they needed it the most they were in big big trouble they needed cash we gave it to him in the years since the deal was signed Duran’s aggression only increase the regime use new funds from the deal to support terrorism build nuclear-capable missiles and foment chaos following America’s withdrawal the United began reimposing nuclear-related sanctions on Iran all US nuclear related sanctions will be in full force by early November they will be in full form after that the United States will pursue additional sanctions tougher than ever before to counter the entire range of a Ron’s malign conduct any individual or entity who fail to comply with these sanctions will face severe consequences I asked all members of the security Council to work with the United States to ensure the Arabian regime changes its behavior and never requires a nuclear bomb with all of this said I want to thank Iran Russia and Syria for at my very strong urging and request substantially slowing down their attack on idlib Province and the 3 million people who live there in order to get 35000 targeted terrorists get the terrorist but I the restraint continues the world is watching thank you also two turkey for helping to negotiate restraint anything the USA can do to help resolve this for in order to say perhaps even hundreds of thousands of lives may be more we are willing and able we are available to help in myramar yesterday to the United Nations General Assembly I laid out my Administration commitment to building a more just and peaceful future regrettably we found that China has been attempting to interfere in our upcoming 2018 election coming up in November against my Administration they do not want me or us to win because I am the first president ever to challenge China on trade and we are winning on trade we are winning at every level we don’t want them to metal ore in fear in our upcoming election as I also mentioned yesterday we have seen the results of historic efforts to open new Pathways to peace on the North Korean Peninsula on the Korean Peninsula and at something we are extremely proud of I am pleased to say that North Korea has not conducted a missile test since last November it is not conducted a nuclear tests since last September and the hostages have been returned to us and very importantly the remains of American Heroes are now returning home in June I held a historic Summit with chairman Kim Jong on in Singapore where he reaffirmed his commitment to complete denuclearization last week German Kim reiterated that commitment to president moon at the third Summit and to me it a very strong letter form I think we will make a deal but I’m too late to ensure this progress continues we must enforce existing un Security Council resolutions until the nuclearization occurs however we have detected that some nations are already violating these un sanctions this includes it illegal ship-to-ship transfers which must end immediately the safety of the Korean Peninsula the region and the world depends on full compliance with un Security Council resolutions very very important but most importantly I believe that German Kim Jeong a man I have gotten to know and like wants peace and prosperity for North Korea many things are happening behind the scenes away from the media which nobody knows but they are happening now the Les and they are happening in a very positive way so I think you will have some very good news coming from North Korea in the coming months and years I also very much appreciate what president Moon of South Korea had to say about me last night and television interviews working with President moon has been my great honor and likewise working with President XI of China and prime minister of Japan has been a pleasure and an honor each of us follows in the footsteps of calculus world leaders diplomats and public servants who came here to the United Nations with the same Noble goal to build a future worthy of the Patriots true true Patriots who sacrificed their lives for our nation and for our future to be successful we need a commitment of every nation represented in this chamber acting together can replace the horrors of War With the blessings of safety and the Beautiful promise of Peace thank you very much I now resumed my function as president of Security Council and give the floor to the president of France
US President Donald Trump has urged other members of the UN Security Council to work with America to ensure Iran never acquires a nuclear bomb.

Chairing a session on weapons of mass destruction, he defended re-imposing sanctions on Iran because of its “malign conduct”.

He accused Iran and Russia of “enabling” “butchery” in Syria.

However he also thanked all three countries for pulling back from an offensive against rebels in Idlib.

The US president is in the Security Council chair on Wednesday because America currently holds the rotating presidency.

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