Trump compares himself to Abe Lincoln. He’s dead wrong

president Trump seems to have a touch of Lincoln Envy late great Abraham Lincoln three of the Republican party that includes Honest Abe Lincoln and Ronald Reagan there must be something wrong please recheck that pole though there’s something wrong alright false on the PolitiFact truth-o-meter even Jimmy send someone out to do some research there is one itty-bitty problem with President Trump comparing his poll numbers to President Lincoln’s Abe Lincoln was dead before poles started read one exasperated tweet Lincoln died 71 before modern scientific polling started in 1936 in Lincoln’s time there would have been only tiny local straw polls president Trump does have an 87% approval rating among Republicans but other press Tip Top that what would Lincoln say tone and wants juxtaposed animatronic save with the real Donald I mention food stamps and that guy who seriously overweight went crazy he went president Trump actually use the Lincoln the score points against Clinton okay Honest Abe honest I’ve never lied that’s a good thing that’s the big difference between Abraham Lincoln and you that’s a big big difference with some difference nickname history will bestow on President Trump when it comes to stature even when your saluting him Abe seems to turn everyone into the size of one of his shins Genie most CNN
Trump touts poll numbers higher than Honest Abe’s. Oops, not so honest! CNN’s Jeanne Moos reports.

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