Trump Contradicts Himself On Gun Control As Parkland Students Release A Plan | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Trump Contradicts Himself On Gun Control As Parkland Students Release A Plan | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
Trump Contradicts Himself On Gun Control As Parkland Students Release A Plan | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
Why have an appetite for background check, we’re going to be doing background checks, while working with Democrats we’re working with Republicans, and we already have very strong background check. Trump also spoke about his conversation with NRA chief executive Wayne LaPierre. That was yesterday. The president denied recent reporting that he told LaPierre he would not pursue background checks and later added this we have background checks, but there are loopholes in the background checks. That’S what I spoke to the NRA about yesterday. They want to get rid of the loopholes as well as I do. At the same time, I don’t want to take away people’s second amendment rights. I don’t want to take away the concert having to do with gun ownership, and you know we can’t let that slope go so easy that we’re talkin about background checks. Then all of a sudden we’re talking about. Let’S take everybody’s gone away. People need weapons on porch front protection. Politico reports that Senate Homeland Security, chairman Republican Ron Johnson, is casting major doubt on the prospects of significant gun regulation passing this fall and we quote the Wisconsin Republican said that the background checks measure based on the bill written by senator Pat Toomey and Joe manchin, and A national red flag Bill are both unlikely to pass. He was open to GOP Senator Lindsey Graham’s bill that would establish a red flag. Grant program would need to attach to those grants very strict guidelines in terms of due process. Edwards former Democratic member from the great state of Maryland, who is these days The Washington Post columnist and David Jolly former Republican member of Congress in the great state of Florida who has since left the Republican Party good evening to you both congresswoman? I would like to gain with you filled bump over at the Washington Post. Did a study of the limits of our concern the end date of our concern over things like mass shootings. Here it is our analysis of the app mass of recent high-profile mass shootings suggest that interest in addressing the problem papers out after about three weeks or this week relative to the massacre in El Paso asthma, as it crushes my soul to admit this about the country. We’Ve become it feels about right. This feels like what has happened is that there are so many of these mass shootings. Americans have become so accustomed to the Congress and there’s not really dealing with them at all in a meaningful way that we’ve almost become numb to them, and then it’s difficult to say that we have to recognize that and I’ll look at what you did. He went from one flip flop to the next flip flop to the next one in the span of just a few days, holding an infant who had lost the child’s parents and taking a photo opportunity, but now not willing to do something that could have made a Difference in that child’s life, all of it as we watched in Weirton in real-time Congressman, I want to know how moderate Republicans get elected on no action on guns. How does Susan Collins get reelected to the Senate from Maine a confusing State politically, but it looks like there’s going to be no output. I think it goes to Philip bumps analysis that they waited the attention span of the nation moves on, which is why there’s a cry for political leadership, traumatic leadership demand for legislation that incrementally address. Is this like we’re talking about right now, but political leadership fundamentally changes the conversation of guns in the country that political leadership that can say to Gun Owners, lawful, gun owners, we’re not going to take your guns. You can still purchase guns, but this culture of guns on demand will change. It may take you to for 6 weeks to legally just a gun in the United States, because we’re going to have Universal background checks further than what the house wants to do. Even among friends and family they’re going to be checked, checks are going to be comprehensive, not just criminal prosecutions, but the criminal and counters that don’t lie to prosecute domestic violence. Calls where a spouse doesn’t file charges. Background checks are going to include mental health evaluations, we’re going to either ban assault weapons or make them so difficult to get their functionally obsolete. We’Re going to ban high-capacity magazines when I was enforcement as easy as it was to put marijuana offenders in jail. So will it be easy to put gun offenders in jail and for people who think that’s radical did after Parkland the debate around arming teachers with a controversial here’s, what they did they said. If we’re going to arm Educators, they will be required to have 144 hours of training, a psychiatric evaluation and a drug test. I need to carry a weapon around children on a school campus requirements to carry a gun around kids at a Walmart in El Paso or attendees at a garlic festival in California or nightclub in Orlando. Are restaurant District in Dayton got a fundamentally crush this culture of guns on demand. Urgency of political leadership without it moderate Republicans and those who do nothing will continue to be re-elected from Florida, makes a very convincing argument. Yet NBC News writes our own, Shannon pettypiece, a senior Administration official caution that the messaging will most likely continue to be messy and confusing, As Trump continues to search for a position to settle on, and this is you were just saying exactly. What position is there to settle on? I mean in this country background checks. An overwhelming majority believe that we should ban hike magazine and overwhelming majority believe that we should Place limits on assault, rifle rifles, and so, if the president is searching for a position, he just needs to go to where the American people aren’t instead he’s at the push-me-pull-you Of the Nash Rifle Association – and I have to tell you the proposal that was released yesterday from the Parkland student is really bold and it’s an action plan and it’s also an electoral planets thing. You know what you’re not going to change the law about that anymore. We’Re going to get rid of you thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube. 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Trump has sent all kinds of mixed messages on the issue of background checks and other gun control proposals while the Parkland students released a full plan. Donna Edwards and David Jolly join to discuss.
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Trump Contradicts Himself On Gun Control As Parkland Students Release A Plan | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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