Trump Corruption Mars U.S. Relationship With Ukraine: Michael McFaul | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Trump Corruption Mars U.S. Relationship With Ukraine: Michael McFaul | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
Trump Corruption Mars U.S. Relationship With Ukraine: Michael McFaul | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
Thanks all of you at home for joining us this hour, if you follow the news in the current political air than you know, by now that everyday is like a kind of a treadmill of breaking stories. It just continues to accelerate and speed throughout the day by this time every evening, we’re more or less sprinting just to keep up with out-of-control. Please turn it off now, no different than the last few hours we’ve gotten brand new, astonishing reporting about a phone call between the president of the United States, Donald Trump and the president of Ukraine. A phone call that is reportedly at the center of a whistle-blower complaint filed by a member of the intelligence community all started a week ago when the chair of the house intelligence committee, Adam Schiff, revealed that the inspector general for the intelligence Community had received some kind Of a whistle-blower complaint and Inspector General complaint, both credible and apparently Donald Trump’s, Director of National Intelligence, was refusing to share it with Congress, as required by law. Something Congressman shift that had never ever happened before. It was a couple of days ago that we got the first inkling of why the Trump might be trying to keep the Whistleblower complaint from Congress. The Washington Post was the first to report that the complaint concerned Trump Communications with a foreign leader, including quote a promise that was regarded as so troubling that it an official in the US intelligence Community to file the complaint. Yesterday, it was reported that The Whistleblower complaint had something to do with Trump and Ukraine. The intersection of Donald Trump and Ukraine raises whole bunch of troubling implications which will get to a little later in the show, but most immediately people’s attention turn to a phone call Trump had with the president of Ukraine a couple of weeks before it was a lure Complaint was filed quote that call is already under investigation by house Democrats who are examining whether Trump and his attorney Rudy Giuliani talk to manipulate the Ukrainian government into helping Trump’s re-election campaign by digging up dirt on democratic FrontRunner, Joe Biden Trump, withholding up 250 million dollars In military aid to Ukraine, he denied asking Ukrainian officials to investigate Joe Biden. Then, like 30 seconds later, he admitted that he did Giuliani claimed it if Trump himself, that would have been Joe Biden son anyway right. It’S all just a giant deep State media conspiracy, but today, Giuliani had apparently recovered enough from his shouting session coffee date with one of the Ukrainian businessman. Who’S been helping him dig for dirt, Joe Biden in Ukraine, reuter spotted them where else at the Trump Hotel in Washington is that what, after another after another, today Wall Street Journal had the first President Trump in a July phone calls repeatedly pressure the president of Ukraine’s To investigate Joe Biden’s son, urging Ukraine’s leader time to work with Rudy Giuliani on a probe that could hamper its of Trump’s potential 2020 opponent, Washington Post reported that phone call withholding in violation of the law from Congress. The New York Times quickly matched that reporting the going only so far as to describe that phone call as part of The Whistleblower complaint confirm the call the Trump had with eight foreign leader. It’S also important to note that all the reports today from the journal the time they all say that in that call, the president did not discuss the military 18 that was being held up around that time. So here’s a quick question about whether Mr Trump’s push for inquiry into the Biden was behind a weeks-long white household on military aid for Ukraine. United States suspended military aid to Ukraine in early July. Mr. Trump did not discuss the 8 in the July 25. Call with the president of Ukraine and Kiev did not learn of the suspension until August. According to people familiar with the call the time says, questions have emerged. We know the White House held up military aid for Ukraine, which is intended by Congress to help Ukraine spend at the Russia. We not have multiple reports today that the present pressuring Ukraine to investigate a leading political ideas – and I said whether there is an explicit connection or not the affecting Ukraine, maybe the same. That’S what Democratic, senator Chris Murphy met with Ukrainian president a few weeks ago, told NBC’s, Andrea Mitchell. Today, the president has been very clear that he’s trying to get the ukrainians to meddle in the 2020 election is olinsky told me that he had no intention to do that, but he was also very concerned about why the security Aid was being cut and even if There wasn’t this explicit promise me that if you investigate by and we’ll give you your age, that certainly was the impression amongst many in Ukraine who couldn’t help but connect these demands. They were getting from the presidents local representatives to investigate his opponents and the sudden surprising, cut off of security aide, no matter which foreign country he’s allegedly putting the screws on. But Ukraine is not just any country, it is at the center of the political and geographical events that have defined the Trump presidency. They gave us his presidency really and it feels like we can’t understand the full potential scope of this story without acknowledging the context here. So go back for a moment to 2014. Ukraine was in chaos, protest designed to force out in Friends, friendly, autocratic leader, Viktor Yanukovych elected in the first place, with the help of one Paul manafort and perhaps with a bit of shady dealing. Those protests turned into a full-on revolution and it was pushing the country closer to Russia and further from NATO, was forced to flee the country into the safety of Vladimir Putin’s arms yanukovych’s invade. Ukraine is the largest country in Europe. After Russia, it has more than a Thousand Mile border with Russia and it fits right between Russia and Western Europe and right after protesters tossed out their poop. Allied President Putin sees part of Ukraine. He sees Crimea on the Black Sea. It was the first time since World War II that the borders of a country in Europe were changed by outside military force in response to Russia invade King and season Crimea and waging a low-grade war in eastern Ukraine. Ever since Western Nation, led by the United States. Under President Barack Obama took steps to punish Russia, Russian oil and gas industry, for example, of it really hurt the country’s fragile economy. What would have been a very, very lucrative deal with ExxonMobil Trump’s, first Secretary of State Rex Tillerson holds company, decided that they would become the G7 instead kicking Russia and Putin out the u.s. Congress pass a military aid package for Ukraine to help them resist Russian military Aggression 14 under President Obama, really really really wanted those. They were really painful, really hurting him politically home which of the problem, because, even if you prevent anyone else from actually running against, two still only hold onto power for so long. If your economy is in the tank and your people blame you for it, that we learn from open source reporting Russian made with the Trump campaign and the Trump transition was about sanctions. The Trump Tower meeting between Donald Trump Junior and the Kremlin connected Russian lawyer. That was about sanctions, National Security advisor with the Russian Ambassador, which he pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, about about sanctions, the secrets, so-called Ukrainian peace plan, cooked up by Trump lawyer, Michael Cohen, and his partner in planning Trump Tower. Moscow Trump Tower Moscow and Felix Sater, which they reportedly hand-delivered to Michael Flynn at the White House. That peace plan was also basically just a plan to lift sanctions on Russia, the mysterious meaning that happened between Derek Prince Russian Sovereign wealth Fund in the Seychelle Islands. Through the transition that was a meeting about Russian sanctions, Mike Flynn’s cockamamie plans that he tried to push through the White House to try to build nuclear power plants all over the Mideast. It was also a plan wait for it to get rid of sanctions, who should pop up again now running Donald Trump campaign after a years-long career working for the Ukrainian political party wanted to bring Ukraine closer to Russia and Ukraine closer to Russia in the key here. It is the flip side of the sanctions coin. The sanctions on Russia are about Ukraine. If Ukraine stops fighting with Russia or if the United States decides that it no longer cares if Russia invaded Ukraine. That is the path that leads to the sanctions being dropped.. Just generally, America’s posture toward Ukraine is all about Russia and Putin. A strong, independent, well-supported, well-funded. Ukraine is a good partner in standing up to Putin or Ukraine. That does not have good relations with the United States would prefer all that that is a necessary contacts for understanding what it means that this whistleblower complaint Scandal that has engulfed the White House May Center on Trump’s Communications with Ukraine, because this pressure that. putting on Ukraine To dig up dirt on his political Rivals, it comes at the same time that he has appeared to be trying to reverse all of the measures that the United States took, starting in 2014, to punish Russia for invading Ukraine. We’Ve seen Trump repeatedly and insistently argue. The rush – I should be let back into the G7, even though the reason they were kicked out of the first place was Ukraine haven’t changed at all. We saw Trump block the delivery of that military aid. That’S meant to help Russia to stand up to Russia and only release the 8th congressional pressure. Also seeing Trump cut the funding for projects to shore up European defenses against Russia and initiative. It started by the Obama Administration after the Crimea. Invasion Trump is using that money for his border, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, those things almost all in some way or another connect to Ukraine, dropping sanctions getting back to the G8 blocking money or weapons going Fort Ukraine and its fight against Russia, and so yes, The Whistleblower complaint in the intelligence Community. The Trump is trying to get a foreign leader to do his domestic policy dirty work for him. That is upsetting, but it can’t be separated from the National Scandal of this presidency. Donald Trump’s relationship to Russia go back because this Ukraine part, like people, think a lot about Russia and Donald Trump cleaning fealty to or strange relationship with Russia. But can you talk a little bit about Russia’s obsession with undoing what Obama did with Europe together to sanction them for invading Crimea? Why I thought you just did an excellent job. That was a great contextual, big paragraphs. This is a bigger context and I think it’s really important understand that. Absolutely the things that President Obama and Angela Merkel and our allies did are things that vitamin Putin’s been trying to roll back ever since it happened. So it’s sanctions. I support for NATO and support for Ukraine. Those are the three we know that they’ve been trying to lift sanctions through various ways. It’S part of the reasons that he supported. We know that they want to push on that assistance to Nato, and you rightly pointed out that President Trump himself is now done that and then this Stern piece of support for Ukraine and I want to say I was one of the people that gave credit to The Trump Administration for not only sustaining a military support for Ukraine, but they even went further than our Administration, the administration I worked in. They provided lethal assistance and I gave them credit for that. And so that’s why this is such an ironic tragic twist that one thing that I think President Trump did right: Visa V, Russia. He is now using to trade for something for his personal game, but the bigger context is important. All of these things are designed to punish and deter Russia and every single front. President Trump has been pulling back. That was made to the Republican platform. We don’t even add that about Ukraine right and pulling back on the United States commitment to defend you prayed. You add that to Donald Trump seeming, disdain and just taste where you mentioned Angela Merkel and the other members of NATO – is this all one big Rubik’s Cube that you don’t fit together in some way. In your view, yes, it was to take out assistance to Ukraine. The policy that overrode the president, I want to point that out that his policy team back in the very beginning they said no. We got to go forward with this, but there has been attention from the very beginning between President Trump and his National Security team. With respect their Ukraine and with respect to Russia, so here I see the president using one of those things is a chit to try to help him up for something very personal, and this is not. I want to underscore not in America special interest that have the president of the United States to be trading things for his own personal gain being closer a trying to clean closer to Russia or trying to keep closer. To your I mean how much leverage other than the money that was being held back for so long. Could Donald Trump have to actually get him if he were immutable to interfere in the election. Hurt one of us Donald Trump’s opponents without question. President selenski leans towards Europe leans towards democracy, leans towards free markets, by the way, the things that Republicans used to always also support. Another Paradox here: he also has a brand new Parliament that was just elected, and this is a moment a pivotal moment in Ukrainian history, where they actually might breakthrough to move this way and that’s why, when the president of the United States, instead of him, instead of Saying we support you, 100 %. We support your sovereignty says. Instead, I want to do this little trade with you by the way that a little kinds of Trades that we’ve been telling the ukrainians to stop doing for years, if not decades. It sounds a very bad signal, and even if it did, the military assistance was not directly connected. As a quid pro quo to investigate the vice president’s son. Remember the United States has the biggest most of country in the Free World and that in and of itself creates leverage Visa V. President solensky, he can’t just dismiss a request from the president of the United States and I just think it’s a terrible tragedy for American National interest, leaving out the legality in criminality I’ll leave that two people are more expert than I. But this is not the way to conduct US foreign policy sleep. You get your time tonight sure! That’S probably thank you, I’m more on this next, including what all the entry means for The Whistleblower who came forward stay right there ABC on YouTube. If you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you, can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos?
Michael McFaul, former U.S. ambassador to Russia, talks with Joy Reid about how yet another Donald Trump scandal has roots in his connections with Russia, and the disappointing abdication of U.S. leadership in modelling a government that is not distorted by the personal corruption of its leaders. Aired on 09/20/19.
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Trump Corruption Mars U.S. Relationship With Ukraine: Michael McFaul | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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