Trump criticizes Iran at United Nations

Trump criticizes Iran at United Nations
Trump criticizes Iran at United Nations
Will President Trump criticize your pain in his speech today at the United Nations, American officials are blaming timer on for tax on South oilfield facilities. The president insisted that the u.s. wants peace and does not believe in permanent there’s a strong economic sanctions that the US has imposed on Iran. He called on them to follow America’s lead, Aaron’s bloodlust. As long as it runs menacing Behavior continues. Sanctions will not be lifted. They will be tightened. Around leaders will have turned a proud nation into just another cautionary tale of what happens when a ruling class abandoned Tous people and inbox on a crusade for personal power, Rich’s and Paula Reid is here and wants to bring in behnam Ben taleblu. He’S a senior fellow at the foundation for defense of democracies, pushing American political drama America First here he govind is in substance. We expected that he would touch on Aron but was interesting. A team did not lay out a case against Iran because of the recent attack on Saudi Arabia. Comments about Iran in the larger theme from his administration, which is that he wants to avoid, but he despises endless Wars through diplomacy, North Korea, North Korea. But he said the US should not have hope permanent enemies. He said, there’s plenty people we have relationships with. Now we were once at war with, and he said he wants to try diplomatic pass to continue to divorcees, better, it’s just to avoid war, so that should be a message that is somewhat hard to Terrance, but it doesn’t appear that they really made any progress and Of course, at this point we don’t expect the president will meet with any of his Iranian counterparts during this trip. Yesterday, world leader is Emmanuel. Macron Angela Merkel of Boris Johnson oilfields reinforce the president’s stance on her honor. They backing what he has to say absolutely, and that is a historic step. You know that European nations have more unfortunately, since May 8th 2018, which is when the US left the jcpoa nuclear deal. Unfortunately, they had been tagging closer towards tear on the world’s foremost state-sponsored terrorism. Then Washington. This is it pretty significant first step, I think, we’ve been aspiration would like to see these three European nations known as the E3, to move the EU to do more on the Iran file to do Iran, sanctions to work on Iran’s Regional missile military issues. But this is a positive step, European capitals Now to turn this rhetoric into reality and help Brady this transatlantic Gap that I think you were on until very recently, I has been exploiting well we’re on his lungs tried to charge the Marshall members of the non-aligned movement. It’S long try to play up the differences between President Trump and other presidents here in the states. It’S also tried to play off. Of course, the US pension to preference for unilateralism over multilateralism and reframing Iran, Erica as opposed to Iran, is international Pryor. These things actually have not been sufficient to insulate the regime from tough sanctions, and also this is the way the regime has likely been looking to win diplomatically against the us. While it’s been losing economically and Eve, say I in the region, Iran is having to lash out because it feels like it’s in a quarter. It is working, that’s not what our allies believe and their conduct. I recently suggested. This is not exactly had a deterrent effect, but it does appear that they pretty much it should all the sanctions that they could. That would actually have an impact, but if you, if you asked them yet might be, the President should keep up the pressure, the highest level of of sanctions on Iran. At this point with how do they move forward? They’Re still sectors of the running economy, their owner, controlled by the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps. This is really that nasty Harden group of military men whose veterans are across Iran’s politics and Society currently on their the one really in charge of this foreign security policy. So there is still much more left to sanction. You could say for the construction sector that rested petrochemical sector. There’S entities that healthy Ron bring in revenue illicitly. Of course, there’s exposing. You were on hand when it comes to proliferation, networks, procurement networks and, of course, is going after you, Rosemary proxies in the region, as well as its Partners in the installations that is building across the middle east in the Gulf talks coming up soon. In a few weeks, you’re somewhat, he has a balance to our relationship with China. Hopefully we can reach an agreement that could be beneficial for both countries, but, as I have made very clear, I will not accept a bad deal for the American people. Paris is a gesture of Goodwill. We know that talks continue over the next several weeks, but there’s no expectation that are actually going to reach a deal. The best case scenario is that there are signs that there’s, maybe some progress over the next few weeks. We no additional tariffs will also go into effect in December speaking to senior Administration official Renee, it’s clear: they are willing to play along game here. The president was asked last week if he felt he needed a trade deal before the 2020 election. He said no, he wants to get the right ceiling. It does appear that there is a commitment. Trump Administration and voters are with this. Even if this is hating farmers and in consumers, they believed that people understand that there needs to be a new trade deal with China. Is there going to be a global economic player? They need to play, buy new rules. There are concerned by Business Leaders. Economist says bipartisan that economic assessments that this trade war is having such an effect on the economy that there could potentially be a recession late next year. So this is unclear how this will impact the president polls for their confidence and voters are with them, and then you need to continue to pursue this until they get the deal. They want Paula, Reid and Venom and tell them. Thank you both for joining us.
President Trump threatened to increase sanctions on Iran during his speech at the United Nations General Assembly. His administration blames Tehran for attacking oil facilities in Saudi Arabia. CBS News White House correspondent Paula Reid and Behnam Ben Taleblu, senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, joined CBSN to discuss the latest on U.S.-Iran relations.

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