Trump, de Blasio battle it out in dueling videos

Trump, de Blasio battle it out in dueling videos
Trump, de Blasio battle it out in dueling videos
I can’t believe this is going to be ugly veteran war between President Trump and York City, Merrillville DeBlasio continues tonight and now latest to enter. The ring is taking a page from Playbook to fire back in his 20s Akon Don. I saw your video and man who looks really low energy and then you again your facts wrong, because crime actually has gone down in New York City 5 years in a row and our economy is booming. You better rest up because you’re going to need it for the election ahead, we’re coming for you, tonight’s New York, duking it out, and this war of words has already begun. It’S interesting to me, Zach that you know seems like a lot of people. Happy he’s running. Yeah, I don’t know what Lane am are to Bosco’s, really thinking that he’s going to occupy mean the people have been successful so far at least an early polling like Vice President Biden, are really trying to go down a totally different Road and speak more toward the Industrial Midwestern, I’m not really sure that he’s taking, is really going to work. Have you ever heard of him just ask New Yorkers. We all know who DeBlasio is. He has devastated our city if you look at homelessness, which is up over 50 % under his watch. If you look at murder rates, if you look at rape rate, I know he says the crime is down, it’s actually plateaued, but murder rates and rape rates. You cannot play with their up nearly 10 %. This mayor is has been a Devastation to our city and really what I think I would take out of this there’s this debate right now in this country between socialism and capitalism. De Blasio has put the experiment of socialism into Manhattan into New York City, and it has failed miserably under his watch. Look at what he did to Amazon. He chased 10 bring the jobs out of this city. It devastated this the economy, and so I think that this is really. What you have to do is look at New York City. When you look at socialism, vs capitalism will Charter issue Mayor Bloomberg really wanted to elevate, and you know, increase the number of Charters and then it’s it’s done basically and they lower the number of charter schools that that could start here. What do you make of that sort of brought her national issue about the kind of things he’s done with the other candidates as well? Really keep point, because what got him elected in summer. I got Alexandria, Ocasio, Cortez elected and I’m from California. What may get you elected in California doesn’t necessarily play very well in the industrial Midwest 2016 New York City mayor’s going to have to be able to show that he can work toward Pennsylvanian white working-class voters across that Spectrum. In order to do that, and these kinds of issues that he’s run on or currently owns will be difficult to translate into those votes, yet that I’ve seen that is competitive with the president on his record. The economy is soaring. We have GDP growth, we have historic unemployment for African Americans women, and so I think it’s going to be very difficult. I think they’re going to repeat heart, but I think going back to the Blasio. I think that he really is a miserable candidate for the Democrats. I think that, but I just can’t see him. I can’t see him maybe on that point, the job and that he wants to be rid of it will give you the final thought about what Will resonate with voters. I think that the president is a lot weaker than it should then you should be – and I also think part of that has to do with the fact that the president know how does sometimes even run his own record. So we’ll see
De Blasio hits back at ‘Con Don’; reaction from former Obama for America spokesperson Zach Friend and Trump 2020 advisory board member Jason Meister.

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