Trump Debuts ‘Finish The Wall’ Slogan Despite No New Wall Construction | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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Trump Debuts ‘Finish The Wall’ Slogan Despite No New Wall Construction | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
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Trump Debuts ‘Finish The Wall’ Slogan Despite No New Wall Construction | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
Hey Robert, I wan na play for you part of what the president said. This is a false narrative to the hometown crowd where the story is false tonight about the wall and crime rate stats in El Paso talk about it. On the other side, it’s a whole different ballgame. Is that a correct statement whole different ball game I’ll, give you another example.! I don’t care whether a mare is a Republican or a Democrat, they’re full of crap. What they say it has it made a big difference. So Robert, a fax notwithstanding, maybe the wisdom of the mob sociologists put. It was the purpose of tonight to just surround himself with the warm bath The Familiar confines of a rally audience. It was also the kickoff for President Trump’s 2020 campaign and so wild Chris is trying to come up with an agreement he’s making an argument by anecdote, and he believes that that’s enough at this point to get his base stirred up. He wants that base with him. In 2020, he goes to Texas and goes to the border to underscore that immigrated, it’s going to be Central for his candidacy, mocking Democrats running for the White House and saying to his base, I’m still with you on the wall, with the important thing to step back Here is that he’s trying to say to his base as well we’ve already Bill elements of the wall there’s already existing. He knows whatever comes out of this deal is going to be watered down from what he originally sought until he’s, trying to explain in a way politically to his core supporters that he’s still a success and Elliot Jack matter in that part of the world. When you hear him say we change the slogan cuz after all, we’ve already built a lot of it. What how do you react? They haven’t built a lot of it. He said he was going to build a 2000 mile wall being denied, because the Democrats offer him 65 miles back in December and he didn’t take it. They got a much worse deal now this. He created this crisis of wall to make people afraid of immigrants to enter started with the rapist threat to the United States of these people running across the border when, in reality, most of the people who are unlawfully present in the US and didn’t even cross the Border they were Visa overstays most of the drugs don’t come from guys with a backpack, but they come from sunscreen cargo containers and truck still about the wall that he created to support. These rallies there’s no other way to put it from MSNBC, thanks for watching MSNBC. On YouTube, if you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you, can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list and see lots of other great videos?
While at a rally near the border in El Paso, TX, the president debuted a new slogan that makes a factually dubious claim. Our panel reacts.
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Trump Debuts ‘Finish The Wall’ Slogan Despite No New Wall Construction | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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