Trump defends Putin summit as damning documents released

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Trump defends Putin summit as damning documents released
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by the way the US did not offer to take it any of those rescued Syrian refugees Donald Trump was more focused on Russia Today again defending that standing Summit with Vladimir Putin and lashing out at the FBI late last night the agency Deming new document suggesting that Russia try to recruit the former Trump advisor as a spy CDB’s Washington bureau chief join Melvin explains top-secret documents more than 400 pages that are heavily did reveal that the FBI believe this man Carter page a foreign policy advisor for Donald Trump during the campaign was collaborating and conspiring with the Russian government at the time and the page was the subject of Target recruitment by the Russian government to undermine and influence the outcome of the u.s. election by any stretch of the imagination an energy consultant business ties to Russia page was on the FBI’s radar in a 2013 letter he described himself as an informal adviser to the Kremlin but denies any wrongdoing it’s really spend meetings but you know to call me at advisor I think is his way over the over the top spy on his campaign the documents confirm with little doubt that the Department of Justice and FBI misled the courts by approving the warrant witch-hunt rigged a scam he tweeted and everything that I have seen how you have an individual here who has openly bragged about his ties to Russia in Russian and he’s a republican Carter page is not been charged just a minor player says the White House but after this week’s prefer the president’s siding with Vladimir Putin denying Russian election interference lawmakers from both parties are openly asking do the Russians have something on Trump remover will be that he believes that he’s compromised that the Russians have information on him I hope that Bob Muller’s investigating it charges of tax fraud and money-laundering Marella do I mail them thanks for that
Joy Malbon reports on new documents that suggest Russia tried to recruit a former Trump adviser as a spy.

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