Trump Demands Intel officials Cooperate As Barr Investigate The Investigator | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Trump Demands Intel officials Cooperate As Barr Investigate The Investigator | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
Trump Demands Intel officials Cooperate As Barr Investigate The Investigator | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
No collusion or obstruction, I hope they now go and take a look at the oranges. Are the oranges of the investigation of the beginnings of that investigation, turn on Thera, menthi origins or beginnings of the investigation. That became the Mueller investigation. Our guests have remained with us: Kimberly Atkins Kelsey, Snell, Robert Costa, Jeremy, bash Jeremy, again this announcement from the White House, while it’s announced tonight under this headline in the New York Times, Trump gives attorney general sweeping power in review of 2016 campaign and Cory by Maggie Haberman and Mike Schmidt, the AG has to follow established Norms. Does this worry you in anyway, and very much so Brian it and the CIA director of the NSA director and the Director of National Intelligence? Now the power to declassify, which is what now bar, has, is also the power to selectively declassify to let drips and drabs out there to bolster the president’s political narrative play political Ally of the present. The train General who’s already shown that he’s willing to mislead and misrepresent on behalf of the present, I think, is very dangerous and intelligence sources. Human sources tonight, Ryan, I think, should be concerned – could be revealed in an investigation that, as they say, gets your attention and Robert Costa. I know you talked to a key Republican tonight in the intelligence Beyond Jeremy. Edwards are really appalled tonight by the administration’s decision. For talking to the administration, it is clear they think they can get away with this, because they feel all they’re trying to do is give the attorney-general the ability to decline, defy information as part of this IG report into how the counterintelligence operation started. That was related to the Trump campaign, but this has the potential Cascade of consequences in the weeks and months ahead, briefly, Brian, that this is part of a real effort by Mark Meadows to Freedom caucus other House. Republicans that Republicans in the Trump wing of the GOP have been trying to make this Origins Focus 4 months. Finally, tonight the president, God on their side, informally, gave the AG this power and Kimberly it’s clear watch any Fox News in Primetime. There was a and are among some of the lawmakers, a Vindication after Mueller drop that now we’re going to go after the folks who caused this to be a thing in the first place. New. Remember they were calling for a second special counsel. What’S going on to look into the origins of this there’s a lot of talk about the Steele dossier, which we know from reporting was not what spurred this investigation in the first place. But there is a persistent narrative that it is, and now does Jeremy said normally speaking, giving an attorney general, the head of the doj declassification power and especially saying that he has to stay within the bounds of the law. May not in itself seem like a big deal, but given that attorney general has been providing cover for the president, we have seen him classify the the Mueller report in a way that we could read with our own eyes. Wasn’T it was in conflict with what it actually said to now say that can pick and choose what the public sees and what the public doesn’t of the National Security. Folks who, I was frantically texting texting with tonight, are deeply deeply concerned about that. Do justice Department’s one of the Cadre loyal to bar and the other, the institutionalist trying to do the job of the justice department, professionals, and now you have a political, small, political cat at the top of his going to war against those professionals. I think it’s very dangerous is bad for morale and it’s going to tear apart nonpartisan Community, a difficult question for you – and that is everything is taking a long time and the part of this that the public sees has rendered the Democrats in the house where they Have control too kind of angry letter writers and everything has kind of ground down quite slowly, there’s got to be some building frustration, not from Democrats this week, including from Maxine Waters, the financial services committee chairwoman sheets, saying that it’s really difficult when you’re in a situation We’Re going through the courts which is going to court for decision a long time and it’s very hard to go back for a member of Congress to go back home over a break like they have coming up for Memorial Day and talk to their constituents and say Trust me: I’m working on the courts are taking a long time, but I’m working on it because voters really care about results and they often don’t want to wait around or even forget what it is is to convince their members to stay the course and just stay Calm in the middle of something that could take years on this list to see lots of other great videos,
The Trump White House is directing intelligence officials to cooperate with Atty. General Barr’s probe into the origins of the Russia investigation. Kimberly Atkins, Kelsey Snell, Robert Costa, and Jeremy Bash react to this turn of events.
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Trump Demands Intel officials Cooperate As Barr Investigate The Investigator | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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