Trump endorses DeSantis for Florida governor

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Trump endorses DeSantis for Florida governor
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president Trump was in Tampa Florida Tuesday where he encouraged voters to head to the polls in November the president gave a hearty endorsement for a Republican representative Ron DeSantis as he makes a bid for Florida Governor DeSantis will face off again State agriculture commissioner Adam Putnam in the state’s primary later this month mr. Trump also touted his economic and trade policy and we’re doing very well with China very well and have a lot of respect for China and I have tremendous respect for presidency of China but this is been too many years of abuse 500 billion dollars a year 500 rebuild and we can’t do that anymore we can’t do that anymore Niall stanage is a White House calling this at the hill he joins me now from Washington or right Nile is there concern among Republicans that the president’s trade policies could hurt the party ahead of the midterm I think there’s particular concern delaying that that could happen in so-called purple districts competitive districts and some of the states in the middle of the country that are really open to being hurt by these policies that’s why the present 12 billion a program to your Farmers just last week this is a real concern for Republicans particularly for those policies and bite in all the wrong ways in the run-up to the midterm elections Governor Rick Scott who is looking to unseat democratic Senator Bill Nelson interesting governor Scott did not attend Tuesday’s rally and you’ve done this in your latest column but arm slings at various turn off from this President ahead of the midterms but there are equally many if not more people who are very observant in their opposition you look at a state like Florida a perennial Battleground state is keeping his distance you look at the pools dogfight that’s anyone’s racestar in there where he’s trying to supplant the incumbent Democratic Senator Bill Nelson so he’s not rushing into president Trump’s Embrace right now loyal Republicans that the base that comes out for Donald Trump but they need more than that they’re in my think lies the difficulty escort support from Republican senator Rand Paul Tuesday is the Whitehouse confident he’ll get enough support and normally information that went through relatively smoothly and that was seen as one of the most compound or conventional move the white icing made the Supreme Court is clearly a critical issue obviously receive any fervent opposition from Democrats and liberals but conservatives to hold their nose to vote for president Trump in the first place one of the things one hears them site again in the gate is the importance of the Supreme Court through them the idea of getting some liquid Cavanaugh confirmed I’m really Shifting the ideological balance of the court to the right is something that is welcomed by conservatives all across that this turn off the center right to the harder edges of the right Tuesday the president doubled down on his calls for immigration reform calling a government shutdown a quote very small price to pay but now what caused the political but that look like a serious political cost obviously we have seen government shutdowns in recent years typically those have blown back against those who have pushed them in the first place I need to be a very successful tactic there is no noticeable enthusiasm for among Republicans in Capitol Hill and I also think there’s a really crucial Point here which is the Republican representatives and the Senate they have Unified Government if the government then shut starring it would seem pretty clear that they would be blamed by voters that’s why you’re saying lawmakers on Capitol Hill not enthusiastic about this idea that the is advancing at all staff John Kelly is expected to stay in his position through 2020 that would make him one of the longest-serving chooses staff in recent history is that a sign that the relationship Kelly and president Trump has been moved over triple extend it is the news that broke today was something of a surprise to me in too many other people who report on the White House because John Kelly lesson since he first took the job of Chief of Staff a year ago this announcement. Suggest that perhaps having reach them that they are a while ago the relationship between himself and Trump has improved slightly I have to say find the White House on President Trump’s or but there is some skepticism as to whether he will really last on till 20 20 points to relationship inforce Nile thanks very much
President Trump held a campaign-style rally in Tampa, Florida Tuesday, where he endorsed Ron DeSantis for governor. He also touted his trade and economic policies to a crowd of enthusiastic voters. Niall Stanage, White House columnist for The Hill, joins CBSN’s “Red & Blue” to discuss the day’s political headlines.

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