Trump gave Fed ability to move toward neutral: Market analyst

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Trump gave Fed ability to move toward neutral: Market analyst
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Trump gave Fed ability to move toward neutral: Market analyst
The balls in general are back in control on Wall Street, a strong earnings and job openings. These concerns about us economic growth tonight at the Powerball, but we hear the same worries come back and forth about the treasury inflation. What do you make of that? Well, it’s amazing how Corporate earnings can be a great time at the great solve if you will, and despite some of the early earnings warnings a week ago, of the bulk of S & P, 500 companies are reporting excellent earnings, and here we are this year with A PE a forward PE, that’s three points lower than it was at the start of the year, because returns are about 5 % of S & P 500, yet we’re having 20 % + earnings growth. So I think it sets up pretty well going forward for the market. The facts that actually talked about on their conference call the worries about terrorists. Has the story now gone away? Do you think that this is the new normal, or do you think they were going to hear that from more of these companies they report their numbers throughout? No, I don’t think the story is gone away and again this is kind of forward guidance of the Tower. So far, really don’t amount to all that much, but you can’t ignore the risk. But let’s look at what end game is. As the president said, the endgame is no terrorist. We want to even playing field where there are no tires, and it’s just that his way of getting there is so unconventional and that work and describe his whole presidency question, though, are you concerned about President Trump’s number to Netflix and are you looking for a turnaround Technology again and is Netflix to thank for that Tech will take over its leadership after I pause this summer and early fall, and President Trump should be patting himself on the shoulder, because the FED is able to do what it’s doing because of his fiscal policy. Is regulatory reform has given the fed the the ability to move toward North Shore? He should be patting himself on the shoulder.
Haverford Trust CIO Hank Smith on the state of the markets and the impact of President Trump’s policies on the markets and the Federal Reserve.

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