Trump has done a ‘dramatic turnaround’ to the economy: Marc Short

Trump has done a ‘dramatic turnaround’ to the economy: Marc Short
Trump has done a ‘dramatic turnaround’ to the economy: Marc Short
U.S. China trade on certain day, the Chinese foreign Ministry, saying it’s not aware of any weekend phone calls between China and US trade representative. President Trump has said there were two calls over the weekend at the G7 Summit. The latest round of us tariffs on 300 billion dollars worth of Chinese Goods set to go into effect on Sunday, some of those goods. The tariffs are delayed until December 15th. Mark Shore Mark, can you give us a reality check on this back and forth over these phone calls? I’M optimistic that eventually we will get a deal, but I think the presents been very clear about his position here. For many years, we’ve had administrations have basically provided China with the favorable perm violate those, and you continue to steal intellectual property. Continue to force. Transfer of ownership continue to manipulate their currency in this present. So we’re not going to do that anymore to protect the American worker, because many jobs have been lost time to do other countries until he’s going to stand up to China, unlike previous administration, in order to stand up to China and fight the theft of our intellectual Property to for surrender of Technology the Espionage threat around the globe, look at it from 35000 feet. This is something that’s likely not going to get resolved by the election next year. Is that safe to say how would you react to that? I wouldn’t I wouldn’t. Can you just need statistics of manufacturing leaving China and, in many cases, going other parts of Asia? Many cases returning here at the United States, where this presents help to make the regulatory burden a lot lighter tax reform is helped to encourage companies back home until we think the China is hurting, their economy is growing the slowest Pace in over 30 years, and so We feel that fit that there’s a lot of pressure on China for them to to reach a deal and to attack. She holds the commitment to that deal, which is we haven’t seen in the past. So no, I wouldn’t say that the deal’s not possibly for the election 2020. I think that the the pressure that this Administration in this present, if applied to China, have put them in a position where it, where they’re more anxious to make a deal. Farmers in this country, in the pressure from the retaliation for tickly from China, and we can get into the new trade deal with Japan, but farmers are upset and China clearly targeting these areas, the country and these voters who came out President Trump in 2016. Is it possible we see Moray for the farmers, I think by my calculation there to financial aid packages so far to the farming community of totaling 28 billion dollars? Is that something additional funds for those pharmacist that something that’s possible thing we can do most help them? Is actually get Congress to pass the usmca deal because, in many cases, their markets that are close to Dairy Farmers of this presents out open with Canada and significant trade with Mexico as well, and so the best thing the week continue open up access. A new markets is this present also do with Japan and he’s been in the effort of trying to do in the EU. When many cases are markets are products have been closed and he’s trying to lower those barriers to entry. So we have more free trade that the push for a vote on USMC a vice president, Mike Pence looking to swing Democrats to press Nancy Pelosi to bring the trade agreement to a vote at the Wall. Street Journal also has an article about Democrats, like all in all red and taxes who really trying to push this talking to businesses about the need for a vote on it. Can you give us any details on what’s Happening behind the scenes? Have I think, very encouraging to go see a shins with speaker Pelosi and many of the Congressional Democrats, and so we remain optimistic that we will get a vote. This fall of the vice president, who noted is spend much of the summer traveling across the country. In many cases to Democrat District to talk about benefits of usmca to those districts again, you look at somebody like Colin Pearson, the chairman, a Democrat chairman of a committee in Minnesota. This is a great New Deal for for Dairy Farmers up there. He look at a lot of the Autumn manufacturing Racine jobs. We are country and labor unions support for New Deal in much the Midwest after the Vice pres been traveling. To make the case to those constituent, so Democrat members will go to speaker floating say: we need to have a boat on this again. We remain optimistic, will do but instant back for second and say if there’s a crisis – and this present take every action he can. If he pulled the American people to make sure our Southern border secure and I’m part of that process is reprogramming the hours when you have it available. Let’S talk about former New York Federal Reserve President Bill Dudley Road, an op-ed for Bloomberg title the FED should enable Donald Trump here’s some of what he wrote. Trump’S re-election arguably presents a threat to the US global economy to the fed’s independence and its ability to achieve its employment and inflation objective. If the goal of monetary policy is to achieve the best long-term economic outcome, then fed officials should consider how their decisions will. The political outcome in 2020, the Federal Reserve had to take the unique step to fire back in a statement saying this to the Wall Street Journal, the Federal Reserve policy decisions are guided solely by its Congressional mandate to maintain price stability. Unemployment, political considerations play absolutely no roll. Your thoughts on this when you talk about what’s happened over the last 2 years, Thomas increase over $ 5,000, the last two years of Donald Trump. As president, you seen unemployment now at historic lows, 50-year Lowe’s of a 3.7 % is under 4 % for longest time in over 50 years, lowest unemployment for African-Americans ever over six million new jobs so threat to the economy. It certainly seems that this present is done. A dramatic turnaround to the American economy about the fed’s independence. The reality is what we’ve seen is it in his huge diversion between other countries, monetary policy since they’re, providing negative yield to this point, and this present has said the FED should be focus on inflation and deflation that excites and concern for for some of us. In about a dual in dual mandate that says: arrr matey certified employment, inflation message, his wife were attacked of the fed’s policy particular last year when they, I think in hindsight, clearly made a policy that, but what he said about JPay Twitter, that somehow the president has Opened the door to these kind of political, the politicization of the the Central Bank in these kind of attacks from somebody Bill Dudley who doesn’t work in the FED anymore? How would you what do you say? I think other presidents have commented on monetary policy many times in American history. This present it feels very strongly that the monetary policy were currently pursuing is hurting America good to see you thanks a lot of brown Marshall.
Marc Short, chief of staff to Vice President Pence, discusses U.S. trade tensions with China, the future of USMCA, DHS plans to divert hurricane relief funding for border detention and Federal Reserve policy.

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