Trump heads to G20 to face conflict on China trade, Russia

Trump heads to G20 to face conflict on China trade, Russia
City of some 3 million people on near lockdown, as more leaders to send on Buenos Aires for the G20 Security in the capital is tight. 22,000 Argentina agents or washing the streets along with 2000 security forces from delegation in a sentence for the city remains calm. For the two-day Summit Friday has been declared a national holiday. I move that, for some has been hard to swallow because it means economic losses means I won’t be able to work because they made it to the first major Summit in Argentina in 13 years, but the government it’s an honor one that could help the country emerge From a crippling recession, four others who came out in protest this week, it will not help Argentina. Our main goal is to say no to the G20. President macri is here to negotiate the people’s hunger, give away all of Argentina’s remaining natural resources and keep syncing us further into poverty. About is that they keep protesting turning violence as they have a previous G20 Summit. Security forces have closed off entire areas of the city, but Argentina is going through is worst economic, my sister nearly two decades, and thousands are expected to continue to voice their struggle in the streets on Friday for the kickoff of the 2-day event.
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US President Donald Trump jets into Argentina on Thursday for a G20 summit, keen to do battle with China on trade and sharpening his rhetoric against Russia over Ukraine.

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