Trump heads to wildfire ravaged California to assess damage

Trump heads to wildfire ravaged California to assess damage
Everybody so we’re going to California when making two step we’re going to the two areas that you know very well and that’s a shame. It seems that many some people are missing than anyone thought even possible, and I want to be with the firefighters in the FEMA and First Responders will be spending a lot of time. We’Ll be coming back here, probably landing at 4 in the morning, or something like that, but we want to spend a lot of time. We want to discuss many things, I’m meeting with the governor and the new governor and governor elect. So we have a lot of things to talk about. We will be talking about forests. I’Ve been saying that for a long time and just kind of been a lot different situation, but the one thing is that everybody now knows that this is what we have to be doing and there’s no question about. It should have been done many years ago, but I think everybody’s on the right side, so big issue, two big issues, very expensive issue, but very, very inexpensive. When you compare it to even one of these horrible fires, I would take you to look at it. You know we also have a great Ally and Saudi Arabia. They give us a lot of job. They give us a lot of business, a lot of Economic Development. They are, they have been a truly spectacular Ally in terms of jobs and Economic Development, and I also take that dinner on President. I have to take a lot of things into consideration. We have large numbers of people trying to get into our country. I must say the reason it’s in so much is because we’re doing so well as opposed to the rest of the world, and if you look at South of our butter is not doing so well. But regardless we have millions of people online to get into our country legally and those people Preference they have to have preference they’ve been waiting for a long time. They’Ve done it legally. So we have a lot of things happening, but we have a great military force on the southern border without letting people into our country illegally and when doing a release will do a catch but we’re not doing relationship. So they think they’re going to be released into our country, like in the old days like 4 years and years they catch and release we’re not releasing. They don’t get released. No, I don’t question his loyalty at all. He is a hundred percent loyal. It was a phony story. I doubt they had any sources. A typical New York Times. Funny story, Mike Pence is 100 /, not even a doubt about it. In my mind,
Donald Trump has blamed the devastating California wildfires on poor forest management yet again. The president spoke to press prior to flying to the West Coast on Saturday morning to see the damage of the blazes that left 74 in the state dead and over 1,000 missing. He will be making two stops and will speak with first responders, FEMA representatives and meeting with California governor Jerry Brown and governor elect Gavin Newsom. ‘We have a lot of things to talk about. We will be talking about forest management. I’ve been saying that for a long time. This could have been a lot different situation…Very expensive issue but very inexpensive when you compare it to even one of these horrible fires and will save lots of lives in addition to a lot of money,’ he said. Officials announced on Friday that the number of people have missing has mounted from 631 on Thursday night to 1,011 on Friday. Recovery and search crews with cadaver dogs scoured the area and took away human remains found in the charred wreckage in blue body bags. The missing people list were posted on to Butte County Sheriff’s Office website Friday evening and people who find their names on the list are urged to call the sheriff’s office.

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