Trump holds rally in Tampa

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Trump holds rally in Tampa
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ladies and gentleman the president ladies and gentlemen the president is in route please take your seats please ladies and gentlemen the president of the United State from the the Minnesota do they have hello Florida credible people I am thrilled to be in this great state where we by the way headache Victory with thousands of hard-working American Patriots who loved our country and respect our Great American flag we’re honored to be join tonight by some tremendous people Congressman Gus bilirakis where is Gus Ted Yoho and Matt Gates thank you thank you thank you thank you fellas I also wanna recognized state representative Jose Oliva and the former coach chairmen of my Florida campaign representative Joe gruters and finally I love you too I’d like to introduce a true leader a proud veteran my great friend a tough brilliant cookie true he’s tough is smart and he loves Florida and he loves our country and he’s going to be your next Governor Ron DeSantis welcome to Florida mr. president for someone who grew up just across the bay in Pinellas County starting out working six bucks an hour it’s a true honor to be standing here indoors by the president of the United I appreciate your support mr. president but I appreciate more the leadership you’re showing for our great we have the strongest economy we’ve had in years we are standing Four Square behind by the state of Israel we have strong constitutionalists being put on our courts including the Supreme Court we have ended the disaster is Iran deal and under the president’s leadership we are standing against socialist dictatorship in Latin America like Cuba and Venezuela in Nicaragua Florida is going in the right direction and we need to continue our success and build upon it we can’t go back to the days of Charlie Crist where the good old boys run the show we can make our state without pr-4e can opportunity if we continue with strong conservative policies we can fight illegal immigration all we got to do is an activity verify and stop Sanctuary cities we can end judicial activism in Florida by a eating solid constitutionalist to our state court just like the president has done to the federal court and we can improve our education system by stopping Common Core by giving every child regardless of circumstance the ability to attend a good school and buy getting the Constitution back classrooms in a very big way so mr. president thank you for your support thank you for what you’re doing for the State of Florida I ask for your vote in the August primary August 28th I’d be honored to have it thank you guys and God bless America thank you thank you thank you Ron and everybody needs to support Ron DeSantis in our August 28th primary and India November general election don’t forget you have some one of the group is going to be running on open borders anti-ice and tile enforcement oh that’s too bad that’s stupid that’s Google that’s too bad one person one person and tomorrow the headlines will be master protest too bad sorry about that wrong earlier today I also spent time with your current governor one of our nation’s truly great leaders Rick Scott as you know Rick is running to replace liberal Democrat Gilmer control Nancy Pelosi control and the new star of the Democrat Party Maxine Waters name is Bill Nelson and you know I live a lot of time in Florida the only time I see Bill Nelson is five months before every election why you forget who is the senator but around 5 months you see him at parties I just see him around and we have to be careful because we have to make sure that Rick Scott wins wins Big Bill Nelson voted for ObamaCare which is been a totally disaster situation and we got rid of the end home and ate the most unpopular aspect and most of Obamacare will be gone very soon but it was gone until one gentleman decided at 2 o’clock in the morning remember thank you very much we appreciate it and he voted against tax cuts and he wants to go in there and raise your taxes tell me is that good politics I don’t think so Bill Nelson voted in favor of sanctuary cities he opposed takes law Bill Nelson puts criminal aliens before American citizens which is why it’s time to Bill Nelson out of office that’s what’s going to happen and we have two unbelievable people Ron DeSantis Scott fighting for Florida they always will and fighting to make America great again that’s what they’re doing that’s what they say so I’m sure we all say this about our children but I have great children and a couple of them plus our here tonight I have Eric fantastic he loves his political stuff Eric’s wife Lara who is so great I think she single-handedly won the state of Carolina for Trump thank you Laura didn’t hurt in Pennsylvania either thank you very much and we have somebody to nobody ever heard of Ivanka thank you and you know we have a big thing happening because you know this look at all those hats white ones red ones they all have the same thing make America great well made America great again only to be replaced by keep America great in about I don’t know I guess we could do it now but let’s wait another year we could do it right now frankly with doing physically well I also want to thank David bossie for being here Corey Lewandowski for being here to about great supporter we are two fighters we like Fighters that way we started off it was a small group they said it couldn’t be done it was actually done quite easily we won quite handily Never Off Center Stage you know what that means right the debates we never left center stage and I said I always want odd numbers cuz I want to be in the center I didn’t want to be tied for the Senators everybody interested but we never we never left center stage and I’ll tell you Corey David Ivanka Laura Eric Dunn Jr all of them they were fantastic they were fantastic and I have to say our first lady is home watching little those cameras right though I’m watching and everybody loves Melania they love the lottery just last week it was announced that the US economy grew at 4.1% last quarter it was a number everybody said was not reachable and I would never want to say it during the campaign even though I believed it I believed it because they would not have given us the break fake news fake news they are fake you believe look at this every night it’s the same thing when you think they get tired of these speeches and here’s one thing I’ll tell you if they don’t get ratings those features don’t go on doesn’t matter look how many they have back there they just can’t get enough they can’t get it up they cannot get it and by the way outside if you want to go we set up for the first time a tremendous movie screen because we have thousands and thousands of people outside they couldn’t get in so we have a big screen and big loud speakers and I hope you’re all happy out there this is a great place to be if you got to be outside be outside in the great state of are the right setting records like never before since the election we have added 3.7 million new jobs they would not have Olympic where in the longest positive job growth streak in history think about remember I said why do you have to lose Brightwater ylk why do you have to lose and people said I don’t know is that a nice thing now not nice or not under nice what do you have to lose the African American unemployment rate the lowest level in history history IQ you guys are great thank you blacks for Trump they say black switch up a long time ago didn’t you know a long time ago thank you is that the lowest level in history Hispanic the Asian unemployment rate has reached the lowest level in history sorry about this women what the unemployment rate has reached the lowest level it only 65 years it’ll be history the veterans unemployment rate how do we love our veterans right has reached the lowest level in 18 years 3.5 million Americans have been lifted off food stamps since the election American oil production is at an all-time hi we have never produced as much and the United States is now a net natural gas exporter for the first time in more than 60 years oh we will very shortly be the largest in the world in energy the largest in the world think of that and most importantly America is being respected again we’re respected again and I told the story the other day I get to meet all these world leaders virtually everyone comes into the Oval Office or wherever would meeting and they don’t know me meeting I’m in many cases for the first time I’m not sure they like me like in the case of NATO I said you got to pay your bills folks you got to pay up got to pay up like that but everyone call mr. President congratulations on what you’ve done for the economy it’s the talk of the world economy in the history of our country this is the time to straighten out the worst trade deals ever made by any country on Earth they are the words for decades United States was the pinky that everybody was robbing all of these other countries are friends or enemies or Allies the pho so we rebuilt China Pang hundreds of billions of dollars a year with nobody there to protect your money but you’re there now we are protecting your money and I want to thank our farming our farmers are true Patriots because China and others have targeted China had others remember this have targeted are farmers not good not nice and you know what the farmers are saying it’s okay we can take it these are incredible people we can take it you know why they target are farmers because they know it’s one of our great strike this us it’s not me it’s us all together they know it’s one of our great strengths we won every Farmstead you got to see that middle at that Matt was even the middle it was about everything but a little cold Beachside but you have to see that is all red Republican red beautiful Republican red and remember this remember this Farms have been on the decline I mean it’s been for 15 years I’ve only been here for you know it’s pretty soon going to be close to two years but if you look at soybeans pick her up if you go back to election day and then move back give yourself 5 years before election day soybeans dropped 50% in price I wasn’t even here so now we’re going to open up markets we’re going to do it the way it should be and all of this stuff you going to make it back and it’s going to be made back faster than anybody would know but we haven’t been treated right we’re going to make it back nice and quickly nice and slow years of rebuilding foreign countries it’s time to finally rebuild our country in the past politicians ran for office pledging to crack down on unfair trade they never did it think about it early to get elected and they just didn’t do anything the United States was allowed to truly get ripped off but we’re not going to let that happen I’m not like other politicians you seen what happens I’ve kept my promises one of the brilliant pundits that has it doesn’t have a clue where these people how they have gotten us wrong and you know what they were asking election day when it all these people from where do they come from in Tennessee that was an early safe they came in and they will Porygon with the early vote and the fake news was saying where these people coming from you know where that came from they came from the heart they came from people that were never happy with anybody until we came along that’s why they came from that’s where they came from but what are the pundits said that he’s made a lot of promises and you won’t believe it but actually kept four more promises that he made did you ever hear that one so they’ll probably be throwing him out of broadcasting tomorrow we’re taking the toughest ever action practice very well and have a lot of respect for China and I have tremendous respect for presidency of China but this is been too many years of abuse 500 billion dollars a year 500 billion we’ve helped rebuild China we can’t do that anymore we can’t do that anymore and are farmers understand it and I’ll work and frankly our company’s understand I was with one of the greatest companies in the world the chief executive officer very short while ago and it really affects him I said you know what this does affect your company but mr. president keep going you’re doing the right thing I thought it was great I thought it was a great company one of the greatest he said you’re doing the right thing and I said I appreciate it thanks you are powerful trade policies the trade deficit is falling and falling and falling and boy did it fall this Porter the days of plundering American jobs and American Wealth those days are over there over America first America First we’re all still living by two very important rules buy American and hire American last week I visited with hundreds of American steel workers who were laid off years ago because other countries were dumping steal all over our country are not dumping so much anymore you notice and if they do they’re paying a 25% tariff or tax so you know what I say to that dump all you want I hope you dump a lot now thanks your tariffs or Steel Workers are back on the job American Steel Mills are back open for business we are starting to set new records and nobody believed it could happen this quickly ussteel just announced that they’re building 6 new steel mills and that number soon to be lifted but I’m not allowed to say that’s why I won’t and I’m very proud to report that new car is going to build a brand-new 240 million dollar steel mill that’s a big one right here the head of new car is here thank you thank you head up new car that’s a big one Democrats want to raise your taxes they want to destroy your job they want to crush our Industries with crippling regulations and you know the stock market is up almost 40% since that great November day your 401 K’s are doing very well 401K I tell the story I was in New York and I shake hands I love law enforcement wheel of law enforcement and always shaking hands with policemen in New York City and the first one came up to me and said mr. president I want to thank you so much I so what did I do set my 401k is up 44% and my wife thinks I’m For the First Time a financial genius she’s giving him all the credit she said she said darling I love you so much and he said yes I’m a great financial wizard but he said you look at you’re just making me look so good and all of your voice 401K this year do you want thing I have your vote I guarantee you of course if the fake news that suppression pulse just like everything else if the fake news to the pole it would show that I’m only getting 25% with the 401K people even though they’re up 44% now we got we’re doing well well then I’m happy you’re doing well they just came out with a pose did you hear the most popular person in the history of the Republican party is Trump can you believe this so I said does that include Honest Abe Lincoln yeah he’s pretty good right remember I said when I be did wild and would have a lot of fun they say he’s not acting presidential and I’d say well it’s a lot easier to act presidential then to do what I do anybody can act president ladies and gentlemen of the State of Florida thank you very much for being cute you are tremendous people and I will leave now because I am boring you to death no but I said I can be I used to tell them all the time the fake news I’d say I can be more presidential send any Presidents in history except for possibly a blanket with a big hat I don’t know but we love Abe Lincoln one of these guys when that pull came out most popular and it was in the Wendy’s and one of these guys is on television o can’t miss the word can’t miss a word of it they see the oh my God oh my God look at this seven more years oh my gosh we got to do anything anything that got him out he’s doing too well that is just not good worst of all Democrats want to you know that they want to open our borders they want to let crime tremendous crime into a cartoon canto Republicans want strong borders and no crime Democrats want open borders which equals massive crime and on top of that the Democrats Nancy Pelosi the whole group Maxine Maxine she likes me a lot he likes me babe launch Rangers attacks on our incredible law enforcement offices and on ice and our border patrol can you believe it people that keep us say their new platform what they want to do the Democrat Party they want to apologize another words they want to let MS-13 ruler country that’s not going to happen everyday the brave men and women of iso liberating communities in town Savage gangs like MS-13 that are occupying our country like another Nation would we want maximum border security and Reese for Our Heroes ice border patrol and law-enforcement when we’re going to have tremendous borders that will include the wall that will include the wall a lot of people don’t know it but we’ve already started the what we got 1.6 billion dollars and we’ve started a large portions of the but we’re going to need even the way we negotiate we’re going to need more we’re going to get the bore and we may have to do some pretty drastic things but we going to get it cuz the Democrats the demo are not voting but what we want to do and then not voting and allowing our values to take place in our country we’re tracking down the gang members and we’re tracking down the drug dealers and the child predators and the criminal aliens and we’re throwing them in jail or throwing them the hell out of our country in some states Democrats are even trying to give illegal immigrants the right to vote they want to give me the right and what about all of those people that are waiting in line for seven eight nine ten years trying to get into our country they don’t have the right to vote he believed that only American citizens should vote in American elections which is why the time has come voter ID like everything else voter ID of you go out and go to buy groceries you need a picture on a card you need ID you go out and you want to buy anything you need ID and you need your picture in this country the only time you don’t need in many cases is one you want to vote for a president when you want to vote for a senator when you want to vote for a governor or Congressman it’s crazy it’s crazy but we turning around remember I said it’s awfully early to be thinking this but I always think it remember the attack on Merry Christmas they’re not attacking it anymore everyone’s happy to say Merry Christmas Merry Christmas that was under sea should have these big department stores that say happy holidays they said where’s the Merry Christmas now they’re all putting up Merry Christmas again and that’s because only because of our campaign and by the way the evangelicals and Paula White Pastor Paula White the evangelicals have been so amazing to us they came out and they voted 84% and double and triple the numbers that ever voted in election before we love the Evangelical Christian if you want safety if you want borders if you want to have a country then you need to go out and vote Republican I’m very importantly you need to go out and vote for Ron DeSantis for governor of Florida the lobbyists and special interest fighting against my Administration many of them are globalists they care what happens in other countries I care what’s happening in the USA who came up with our terrible trade deals one after another how about NAFTA remember when they sign up remember they signed NAFTA and everybody just move that companies down to Mexico and these people are saying is not a wonderful thing no it’s not a wonderful thing and those companies are now moving back these are the people who lost trillions of dollars overseas and who gave us our horrible immigration laws he’s lost all the worst I have for America First and the amount good worker we want to be a puppet for No One any longer we’re not going to be a puppet any longer my only special interest is you the citizens of the United search I’ve had a great career I’ve had a lot of fun even in Florida I’ve had a great career I’ve had a lot of fun I’ve done great I’ve done really well beyond anything I could have ever expected and then I ran for president with no experience and I want isn’t it but you actually were you know I told the story the other day I was probably in Washington of my entire life 17 x through 17 times I don’t think I ever stayed overnight you know what I’m getting a try and we have a great cabinet now a couple of little changes but we have a great cabinet we have some Mike Pompeo secretary of state so many great people and where we get really get it we have just incredible people but I made some choices that I wasn’t mad but I’m riding down Pennsylvania Avenue again I’ve only been here about 17 time and probably seven of those times was the check out the hotel I’m building on Pennsylvania Avenue and then I hop on the plane I go back never stay there at night I don’t believe and then I’m riding down at this beautiful car picked up at the airport by Secret Service holding the hand of a great first lady and I looked at her and I say honey this one I’m president of the United States president of the United States and I didn’t know anybody in Washington but now I know everybody NYC I know the good ones I know the bad ones I know the wonderful people and I know the scum an American now is winning again like they have one before we passed the biggest tax cuts and reform in American history biggest Cuts in history more than 100 utilities have / rates for consumers include right here from Duke Energy and Tampa Electric your rates have gone down over 300 billion dollars poured back into the United States in the first quarter and we expect to be taken back because tax cut and reform plan that passed bigger than anything ever in our country we expect to be taken back from overseas over 4 trillion dollars that’s a lot of could never have come back this year I devour opponent had one and the Democrats had one they would have put more regulations on they would have raised your tax they would have opened your borders gotten rid of law enforcement they would not have helped you military and you know what our country would be going to hell instead of going up the market would be half of what it was if we’re lucky because frankly the tax cuts were Incredible 2 what we’ve done but maybe even more important are the cuts in these horrible regulations that didn’t allow anybody to do anything job-killing regulations we’ve gotten rid of more regulations than any president in the history of the United and that’s done in less than two years I was going to the United States from the unfair one-sided very very expensive job-killing Paris climate Accord we repealed the core of Obamacare individual mandate is gone you know the individual mandate that’s only the past administration could have come up with us that’s where you pay a lot of money for the privilege of not paying in order to have poor other than that it’s a wonderful thing so your pay all this money for the privilege of not having to pay and the healthcare is no good to start off with and we’re doing great on Healthcare we’re allowing Americans to buy Better Health well that’s money through Association Health Plans including across state lines betting you’re getting tremendous competition we passed the biggest VA reform and half-wits veterans choice if our veterans can’t get the care they need from the VA they will have the right to go see a private doctor will pay for the doctor and frankly will save a lot of money will help a lot of it everybody said they’ve been trying to get it for 45 years everybody said you can’t get it I think of it I think of it veterans choice they have to stand a great people these are a great people who is a veteran in this audience do you like Trump do you like the job with them now think of it 45 years everybody said you’ll never get it past and I used to say before I really was well-versed on the veteran situation and Healthcare I used to say all the time why don’t they just let the folks go to a doctor wait in line for seven days 9 days 14 days 21 days some of them started off with a very modest problem they end up being terminal because they can’t see a doctor I said why don’t they just let go see a local private doctor pay the bill and take care of it it will be a lot less expensive and it’s turned out to be something that the veterans love I love and it’s past its path they’ve been trying to get it passed for 38 years the other one is 45 and that’s VA accountability if somebody treated our veterans badly if they stall if they was said that if they were you know this if they were sadistic if they were really bad to Arvin all right really really bad we couldn’t do anything about it they could steal they could Rob they could be abusive you couldn’t say your fired now you can say You’re Fired made a big difference that was another one they said you’ll never get it done between civil service and Union’s we love them both but between civil service and Union’s I said you’ll never get it done you’ll never get it approved and by the way we had virtually no help very little from Democrat very little not because it’s not right but because they don’t want to give Trump any Victory they’ll do everything that’s wrong look at judge Cavanagh this is a great great highly respected man and the good news is the Republicans I believe are close to 100% which is what we need but so far the Democrats haven’t given us any votes and that’s because they will do anything they can to not help the Trump agenda even though they know it’s raw and Brad Kavanagh highest education best grade best test best everything they thought 15 years ago he was going to be a Supreme Court Judge look at Justice Gorsuch how good is he how good is he so we getting them through but it’s not easy because they really are you know they’re there term that they use is resist it’s actually resume and obstruct whatever they can do to resist an obstruction and frankly their lousy politicians they have horrible policy the one thing they’re good at they stick together and they obstruct you know we have almost 400 people trying to get into government many of whom have left their jobs and the Democrats are holding them up with maximum delay there holding them up not allowed these great people to serve their country it’s a disgrace that’s Chuck Schumer and it’s a disgrace it’s a disgrace but will get that Supreme Court judge and that’s the big one that’s the big really important for those we love our military we have secured a record 700 billion dollars from military with another 716 billion dollars next are all approved and this is great news for the incredible Patriots at MacDill Air Force Base the proud home of the six Mobility wedding u.s. Central Command and Special Operations Command come on let’s see where adding nearly 30,000 or soldiers Sailors Airmen Marie and we have secure the largest pay raise for our great warriors in a decade also directed The Pentagon to begin the process of creating the 6th branch of our military the space for building the space force and we’re doing well in North Korea although I happen to think that we’re doing so well with China that China maybe is getting in our way but we’re going to figure that one out before even think about it but we’re doing well in North Korea we have our as you know we have our hostages back there’s been no nuclear testing there’s been no missiles or Rockets flying beautifully over Japan I think our relationship is very good with Jim and Kim and we’ll all see how it all works out but there’s nothing like talking and we’ll see how it is you remember when I first took office it really look like big trouble and the past administration they thought that was by far their biggest problem so I think it’s going to work out very well but a lot of good things are happening no test Rockets flying but we’ll see what happens and our vice president Mike Pence is going to Hawaii to bring back the remains and to greet the families of our great Heroes who gave their lives in Korea our fallen Warriors are finally coming home to lay address in America loyal I also is Drew the United States from the horrible one-sided 150 billion dollars Chris paid 1.8 billion in cash to Iran nuclear deal it’s a horror show I hope it works out well with her and having a lot of difficulty right now I hope it works out well and I have a feeling they’ll be talking to his pretty soon and maybe not and that’s okay too in December I recognized Israel’s true Capital Jerusalem about 5 months we opened already the American embassy and people had that scheduled for anywhere from 5 to 10 years and you will know the story we took an existing building we played around with it we renovated mix it up with some Stone what are the finest actually in the world Jerusalem Stone so instead of spending 1 billion in the papers were right in front of me sir would you please prove this what is it this is for the embassy in Israel American to Israel David Friedman very successful man great lawyer one of the most successful lawyers in the country before he decided to do what he’s doing David they want us to pay a billion dollars for the embassy I don’t want to a billion dollars I said study if you have any buildings that we only own so much we don’t even know what the hell we on find some building in a great location call me back call me back 2 days later he said presidents we on the best site in Jerusalem it’s big it’s beautiful I just got a building on it I can take that building and renovate it I can do it for $140,000 I said David how good is this site we could never buy a better site they were willing to spend Millions Forsyth they wanted to buy a site which was so bad it was totally inferior to what we already had don’t forget we get there first right you know we have good sites and I said David do me a favor don’t make it a hundred forty thousand make it like 400,000 that’s okay to David so we saved almost a billion dollars I could tell you these doors all day long airplane purchases I can tell you all day and we started working on / $400,000 we actually have a very beautiful American Embassy in Jerusalem really beautiful now that’s one I guarantee no other presidents doing can you imagine crooked Hillary doing that can you honestly anyway in all fairness it all could you imagine anybody else nobody else nobody else about what we’ve saved with purchases of military General Mattis would be glad to tell you but he can’t believe it and some of the generals have said they’ve never seen anything like it in the world they’ve never seen cuz I want that 700 billion dollars properly spent if we can by twice the number of aircraft or have a lot of money left over that’s what we want instead of apologizing for America standing up for America where standing up for the heroes who protect America and yes we are proudly standing up for our great national anthem with every promise we keep every record we break every Factory we open we are restoring American strength and American Pride but to continue this incredible momentum just incredible movement and that’s what we have we have our moments this may be tracked it probably is the greatest movement in the history of our country even they will say that even though they will say that but they keep it going we need to elect more Republicans we need more votes and we need to elect Ron DeSantis as your governor got to do it and I’m telling you I know I’m well he’s a great great guy he’s going to be an incredible Governor I have no doubt I have no doubt I don’t do these endorsements easily I don’t need to be here but I happen to love this state so it’s one of those things but I don’t do amazing although it seems to have an impact the other day we endorsed a great gentleman Georgia he was probably five points down he won the election by 40 points we got 70% of the vote the 30 think of that great guy and many others I mean we could go over one after another after another actually starting to give us credit for this I don’t think there’s ever been anything like it that’s why I had to be here the formerly you know I’ve been endorsing what I’ve been saying great things but I wanted to be here to formally endorse Ron you got to get out and vote thank you Miss is the Santos thank you thank you beautiful family get your friends get your colleagues get your neighbors and get out of go to November you got to do it because remember we’re going to win this primary but don’t take any chances nicely-nicely don’t take any chances and then about give yourself 10 15 minutes of happiness and then go back to work for November because we have to remember they’re putting up I know some of the candidates these are people that don’t care about stopping crime these are people that don’t care about people pulling into our country when they shouldn’t be here they don’t care about stopping drugs from poisoning Our Youth and pouring over the Border they don’t care your future governor cares and your current governor cares Rick Scott loyal citizens like you incredible people from the great state of Florida help build this country and together we are taking back our country we are returning power to where it belongs to the American people this state was settled by pioneers and Visionaries who explored the marshes and raised up City’s right on the sea who is built by red-blooded American patriot who opened the first Naval Air Station at Pensacola at launch the first Brave American soaring into the heavens we stand on the shoulders of generations of proud Americans who knew how to work knew how to fight and new how to win win and you know when you elect Ron DeSantis is your Governor cuz you see it already what winning so much some people are getting a little tired of winning right well by then it’ll be another year in 2 years and 3 years and you’ll be in cystic Governor DeSantis please see our president it’s too much when we can’t we can’t stand it people of Florida we can’t stand it because under previous administrations we never one we got used to never winning and he’s going to come to me in Washington in the Oval Office the beautiful Oval Office and he’s going to say mr. president the people of Florida are just downright tired of winning they can’t stay but it’s just too much mr. president animes to good the jobs we doing too well this is there anything you can obviously wrong I don’t care what you say we’re going to keep on winning Baldwin we’re going to win so much and the people of Florida actually love it. They they love it remember what I said right at the beginning respect it again and that man is respected and always has been we will never give up we will never give in we will never ever back down and we will never Never Surrender because we are America and our hearts bleed red white and blue We Are One Pitbull We Are One family and we are one glorious nation under God time together we will make America wealthy again we will make America strong again we will make America safe again I’m we will make America great again thank you Florida thank you I knew she was going to meet tub connection at her feet
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