Trump holds roundtable discussion on jobs in Tampa

on behalf of our school board and District I went to walk in you and say what an incredible honor it is to have the president of the United States visit Tampa and join us here today at Tampa Bay Technical High School it had a long-standing commitment to Career and Technical programs last year over 60,000 students took at least one Career Technical education course in Hillsborough County and we’ve had more than 7,000 students who earned at least one industry certification Tampa Bay Technical High School under the leadership of principal Mike Epolito is one of the highest performing schools in our district as evidenced by their outstanding graduation rate of nearly 98% last year alone students at Tampa Bay Tech or AN 627 industry certifications I am proud to have our Career and Technical education students and teachers school and District leaders Community Partners and business front runner sitting with us today I understand the importance of preparing our students very intentionally for high-demand highways jobs and today we will have the privilege to witness a significant Milestone that will further bolster our ability to prepare our students for those jobs and we must we could prepare our students for these jobs but then the jobs must exist in our Workforce for our students to get them and earn a living wage we are so very fortunate and in the State of Florida we have a leader who has spent the past 8 years working tirelessly to increase job in the workforce all across the state his slogan let’s get to work has truly been more than just words it it has been action it is my distinct pleasure reduce to use the governor of Florida Rick Scott. It’s great to be home it’s it’s wonderful be here and it’s wonderful be here and it just really cares about kids he cares about education first thing is can you imagine that the president night States is here today at Tampa Bay technical it’s on it’s unbelievable we have to give the present here to talk about what we all care about we care about jobs and we care about education and this President cares about both and what did what has he done 4.1% growth in GDP so the first thing I think we’re to give the present big round of applause cuz all of us I’m recognize you superintendent Jeff to somebody who works very hard to make sure every child has a great chance to live the dream of this country I want to recognize history Betsy DeVos thank you for all you do is make sure all of our kids all across her State I know this is most important state and you shouldn’t put all your time at the Florida but thank you for what you’re doing I want to recognize as in progress with this today I’m at Gates and Gus bilirakis I want to thank them for what they’re doing to make sure our country does well in the state does well I want to recognize the principal people ask me all the time if you want to have a good education what’s the one person you want to make sure is really good the principal they want to find the best teachers keep the best teachers and care about every student but Tampa Bay 10 nearly 50 years and almost 98% graduation rate there’s not many schools like that mistake but the reason we’re here is we’re here to highlighters and make sure they have a chance to live the dream so I won’t recognize two students here today Isabella Cruise now for Thompson Calderone thank you for being here president cares about jobs when I ran in 2010 I ran on jobs this President ran his campaign to make sure this is the country that everybody has a chance to get a great job that’s why you’re seeing all the success the prison trip is having buddy who knows that every student needs the opportunity to succeed and without a great education and whether it’s a technical school all of them have to be successful since I got elected back in 2010 we’ve invested over six billion dollar annual income education system and today according to US News and Report Florida is the number one best higher education system in the country last year we had the best tuna chicken games for K-12 education in the entire United States and if your Gator fan the nice best public university in the country now it’s my distinct opportunity introduce somebody that has been a big influence making sure president Trump is very successful and that’s his beautiful daughter Ivanka she is somebody that works hard everyday to make sure every student this country horses are most important state every student this country has a great chance to live the dream of this which starts with the greatest gation your friend of my friend Ivanka Trump thank you thank governor for that incredibly gracious and kind introduction and thank you Florida it’s great to be here and Tampa at Tampa Bay Technical High School thank you thank you everyone it’s always a privilege to be with the hard-working men and women who make America’s Workforce the best in the world everyday this White House this whole Administration is fighting to give all Americans a chance to thrive in are booming modern economy as you all know in recent decades our Workforce has changed dramatically and the jobs have changed to this is one critical reason we are focused on demand driven location and vocational training that delivers Real Results for America’s workers I’m honored the president has asked me to leave the White House’s effort to Spur job creation and Economic Opportunity through vocation education and Workforce Development over the past year-and-a-half or Administration has taken action to expand apprenticeships increase access to stem education for all K through 12 students has critical legislation such as the Career and Technical education bill which will be signed into law in a couple of minutes by the president Chain Reaction we take our goal is to ensure that every student can learn skills that align with the jobs in demand in our modern economy that every worker can move from an entry-level job in two lifelong career our hope is that millions of men and women who have been on the sidelines have a chance to find fulfilling work and provide for their families our vision is to create a Workforce culture Foster’s and prioritises lifelong learning 25 years from now America’s factories lab stores incubators every sector of our economy will again be transformed from books today but if we seize this moment to invest in America students and workers we will continue to be the greatest pioneering nation of the 21st Century this is why it is my great honor to introduce the leader who truly believes in the people of this country who keeps his promise is and who will always deliver for America’s workers please join me in welcoming the 45th president of the United States Donald J Trump IQ what a group thank you thank you Governor thank you everybody thank you well thank you Ivanka for the introduction a it is my daughter so she should probably give me a good introduction I was counting on that and for the incredible leadership that you’ve shown with the White House Workforce initiative you really have been incredible evanka thank you it’s great to be back in Florida I love Florida but a great victory in Florida and we can have a lot of great victories in Florida in the coming short period of time and we are honored to be joined Victory by your tremendous govern he’s a tremendous guys friend of mine for a long time he works really hard he’s really smart and he gets it and he loves this state he loves his country Rick Scott Rick’s been a true leader and expanding access to demand-driven skills training helping countless Floridians find steady job and reward careers and he loves doing it also with us is education secretary Betsy DeVos was best good job bilirakis Congressman he’s a big help to us and his another help you ever watch his guy in television like a machine he’s great Matt gaetz I my good friend Paula White Pastor White Paula thank you Paula what a great job you do the evangelicals I hear one more popular than ever with evangelicals you’re the only one that you’ll tell that only tell the truth but I appreciate everything you’ve done we had tremendous turnout in the election and I hear even more so now because we fulfilled our promises haven’t we him I’m thrilled to be here at Tampa Bay Technical High and grateful to superintendent Jeff eakins and principal Michael Hipolito Michael did I do well that I do better than the government thank you Michael it done an incredible job and I appreciate your hosting us very much thank you we’re also here to discuss a issue I feel very strongly about vocational education whether you’re a high-school student or a late-career worker there never been a better time to learn a trade Hohner scale or pursue your dreams never been a better time we’ve never had a better time for hiring in this country last quarter our GDP as you know grew to four 1% and I think it’s going to go a lot higher than that and very importantly a number that people aren’t talking about cuz most people don’t quite get it but we had a 52 billion dollar trade deficit reduction which people is you know I will tell you that a lot that’s for the quarter there was even possible new jobs since the election and number that was Unthinkable unemployment recently fell to the lowest level and a half a century what sounds better half a century 50 years I had a choice in the month of June alone 600,000 workers entered or reenter the work for 600,000 to continue this moment and we recently established the national for the American worker to develop a national Workforce strategy and we launched a new campaign our pledge to American workers and that’s what we want it’s our pledge in less than 2 weeks cat has work with CEOs and leaders to get companies and associations across the United States to pledge to train and retrain over 4 million American students are workers this bold initiative true and that’s the number we hit so far it started off we wanted to do 500000 and it just grew and grew and instead of 500,000 it turned out to be 4 million American students and workers for million and it’s going a lot higher than that wow is right who said that this this bold initiative is all being done through the private sector and private-sector investment Earl today 49 Florida businesses that signed our pledge to create apprenticeships and on-the-job training for more than 155,000 Floridians so Governor that helped these companies and associations include many great businesses that are here with us today I’d love you to stay and and some of the top Executives from these incredible companies like Airbus airbrush Honeywell Honeywell Eastern shipbuilding great company KPMG National Electric yes thank you National electrical contractor Association tremendous Force Firehouse Subs Leonardo DRS oneweb satellites sap software and it’s a great company by the way friend of mine Tampa tank along with many others we have a lot of people here today and they’ll be with us in about 2 hours when we’re making a speech in front of a lot of thousands of people and they’re lined up outside I also want to thank governor Scott for signing the pledge expand vocational training opportunities to ensure that Floridians of all ages and all backgrounds are able to acquire the skills they need to thrive in this incredibly booming economy we got to keep it bun I just this morning I was very proud to sign a new and improved Perkins Career and Technical Education Act into law that was a big deal that been trying to do it for many years as I understand it many many years that’s like with the Vets we signed Joyce and we did something that nobody thought that’s when you stand in line for weeks and weeks and weeks trying to see a doctor and you can’t they just not there and you’re able to go outside immediately go outside to a private doctor and you get it done and we pay for the Vets Bill these are a great people we take care of them so not so much now more than 11 million students and workers will have greater access to better training and more jobs this bill language for years in congress with the help of Ivanka governor Scott and many others joined us for the ceremony today and I also want to thank Senator Marco Rubio he’s been fantastic and Congressman Gates tell you Congressman you and Congressman Bill arrakis have been really incredible we would know done it without him we would not thank you thank you could not have done it without him in a few moments and I’ll sign a copy of the perk Perkins act as a gift to Tampa Bay Technical High School so here with us today is a proud graduate a real winner of Tampa Bay Tech David Thompson Calderone who is call a very skilled pipe welder make a lot of money to David Wright David can you come up and just share a little bit of your story cuz it’s a great story David where are you babe thank you mr. president preciate it how you doing everybody my name is David Thompson and I went to Tech in 2014 I graduated and Mike’s the tech was so wonderful to faculty to teachers it was just such a great experience and they’re really pushed me and Mister I really thank you so much really push me and mr. RV and my dad they told me so much things to learn and I was running track my senior answer myself and luckily I had the opportunity to fall back and welding and I was working at the shipyard for a little while and I went to travel I went to Texas Louisiana everywhere I’m a pipe water and I’m telling this to the kids you can have a trade and you can be successful I make over 6 figures a year I’m 23 I love it like I said I love it and to the parents I was watching please get your kids to Tampa Bay Tech thank you David wow that’s a great job he’s doing well David how much did you say Isabella Cruise a rising senior at Tampa Bay Tech Isabella is studying architecture and engineering and Isabella I’d love you to come and say a few words cuz your story is a great one I’ve seen it and I’ve heard it and I’ve read it it’s great come on out with my mom we moved here when I was young from Brooklyn New York and I have lived in Hillsborough County ever since then and the rising senior has he said I too am a president the president of the architecture school anyways Timmy Tech is a school full of many opportunities no one ever leaves tvt without any medicine amount of knowledge on a very important subjects such as architecture and engineering and the list goes on appears going to the school like Kim is a tremendous learning experience for any student thank you beautiful job Isabella thank you Isabella great future when we invested our workers we are investing in our people we are investing in our communities and we are investing in the American dream make America great again the American dream that’s what we’re doing thanks again to all lovely wonderful businesses here these businesses have been fantastic and they are great business as you get older you’ll know who these businesses are a little bit more but they are some of the best in the world and for signing our pledge and to all of the wonderful faculty students and graduates from Tampa Bay Tech in a tremendous future so I can say that together we will build new wonders find new cures Master new Industries harness new technologies and create new products with us for really beautiful words made in the USA will call that 1 words made in the USA made in America what do you like better made in the USA or made in America okay ready USA OK made in America but that’s what’s happening I just want to again thank you all this incredible Place incredible state to state of Florida and Governor congratulations on the great job you’ve done in shepherding everybody and this incredible group of yesterday we really appreciated Rick Scott thank you very much and God bless you all and God bless America thank you I’m going to sign right now that’s great
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