Trump hosts White House Historical Association dinner

Trump hosts White House Historical Association dinner
Trump hosts White House Historical Association dinner
Ladies and gentlemen, the president of the United States and Memphis Trump. What do you think of the president a delighted to be with you all of the evening, as we celebrate the Incredible World of the White House historical Association over this past year and prepare for our continued work to preserve and just scored the people’s in the years? To come and thank members of the association’s board of directors evening, chairman Fred Ryan and vice chairman John Rogers, your entire team has been incredible to work with, and that is a statement for your leadership and vision. I would also like to take thank Secretary of Commerce. Wilbur Ross and she’s watch Hillary for being here and for your continued support. over the past two years, helping to found Reserve important history and Timeless Beauty. But we get even more honored to play a part in just sorting we’re able to continue the tradition of protecting this home and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work with all of you. I want to thank you all for being here tonight. This is an evening Ford Super Duty, Air Supply. Thank you very much, kehlani short, so hard on these beautiful dinners and she loves this house really do love this house away, appreciate it and the first lady at IR Delight you welcome all of you to our home. This evening, as we are the extraordinary work of the White House, historical Association, very special people, very hardworking people and people that work with love want to join Melania and again thanking the members of the association board of directors. President Stuart McLaren, German, Fred, Ryan and vice-chairman John Rogers, thank you very much great job, you’ve done so much, which also to secretary Wilbur Ross and his terrific wife and friend of ours. Hillary, a committed friend of this Association and Wilbur, had a very big day today and you probably have read about it, came out of the bus 6. So don’t be surprised to see you here will be. You should be working right now. The White House historical Association, works every day to honor, protect and preserve the history of this price list. Through your many Publications and activities you make the White House and its history accessible, even when people who live far away from Washington want to see the White House, but they can’t get to do it, they see it through you this year. I want to congratulate everyone who helped Pioneer your brand new, interactive, app that shares the Majesty of the White House with even more people, in particular with me, thank the chair of the national Lighthouse history, Teresa Carlson, for her incredible work on that project. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much. Historical Association helps to conserve the Beauty and the Grandeur of this absolutely remarkable place. Last year, with the first lady and her team, you completed the delicate and difficult work of restoring the Belanger Furniture credible stuff by the way which dates back to President Monroe’s Administration. And, as you all know, that’s a long time ago, you reupholstered the walls of the Red Room and you help manufacture the rug. That today Grace is the Diplomatic reception room. It was designed by Melania, funded by the Association and, very importantly, to all of us. It was made in America every year. You also produced The White House historical Association, Christmas ornament. This year, the design honors President Eisenhower actual the great president. People are starting to find that out. The first sitting president to fly in a helicopter with an ornament that evokes the iconic image of marine 1. Since President Eisenhower, the presidential after, has been constructed by Sikorsky now a Lockheed Martin company and guess who we have here from Lockheed Martin. We are grateful to be joined tonight by Lockheed Martin’s chairman, a friend of mine president and CEO Maryland, used in Maryland. Please thank you very much and it make the greatest fighter jet in the world and that got a problem. If you’re the enemy can’t see it. It’S still have a little problem with that right, Maryland doing great and you’re doing great, but you’ve been a great supporter, and I really thank you for that. We all think I’m also excited to announce that yesterday the association generously agreed to fund the renovation of the curator storage area here at the White House. This will ensure that our nation’s historic is are properly safeguard for future Generations, so important on behalf of the American people. Thank you for that remarkable gift. Thank you. All. The walls of This Very Room reflect your continued work. The paint President Theodore Roosevelt that usually hangs here is currently being conserved. It’S been temporarily replaced with the portrait of President John Quincy Adams on the other side, building a painting of another American President, Andrew Jackson. He was an exciting president with one of the most exciting election runs ever maybe we beat it, I don’t know, but that’s the one. They seem to hangs behind my desk in the Oval Office, beautiful painting their it’s a constant reminder of a president who truly saw this home as the people’s house until himself as the people. President Old Hickory constructed the north Portico the base of this building. Today it looks on to Lafayette Square we’re at a question statue of Jackson. A really beautiful statue is emblazoned. With the words are federal union, it must be preserved. You knew those words reflect both the true calling of your organization and all who serve here. We are preserving Americas for all the people, and this is a truly beautiful building. Truly beautiful building the story of the White House is the story of our country and the people who dreamed it who built it and who defends every single day. They worked so hard and they defended in Stilwell every day. Hundreds of patriotic Americans come to work here to secure our country’s future. Tonight we express our tremendous do to everyone who devote their time energy and resources to protect our and Heritage of the past. Thank you for everything you’ve done to ensure This Magnificent house will be enjoyed by all of my for many many years to become God bless you and God bless America and thank you for being with us tonight. Thank you very much.
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