Trump: I’ll meet with Iran whenever they want

I’m honored to welcome my new friend get along very well right from the beginning prime minister Giuseppe Conte to the White House it’s the Prime Minister I want to begin by congratulate you once again on your tremendous victory in Italy that was something that all the world was watching and it excited the people all across Italy and I can tell you all across the United this is well congratulations on your election the Italian nation has reaffirmed the great traditions of sovereignty law and accountability that stretch all the way back to ancient Rome this proud hair sustains our civilization and must be always defended today prime minister contact and I are pleased to announce a new strategic dialogue between Italy and the United that will enhance cooperation on a range of issues this includes joint security efforts in the Mediterranean where we recognize Italy’s leadership role in The Stables nation of Libya and North Africa have been terrific but the Prime Minister and I are focused on the urgent need to protect our nation’s from terrorism and uncontrolled migration our countries have learned through hard experience that border security is National Security they are one and the same like the United States Italy is currently under enormous trainers result of elite immigration and they farted hard and the Prime Minister frankly is with us today because of illegal immigration Italy got tired of it they didn’t want it any longer people of Italy have borne a great part of the burden for Europe through the course of the migration crisis I applaud the Prime Minister for his bold leadership truly bold and I hope more leaders will follow this sample including leaders in Europe the Prime Minister and I are united in our conviction that strong Nations must have strong borders we have a solemn obligation to protect our citizens and quality of life my Administration is working hard to pass border security legislation improve wedding and establish a merit-based immigration system which the United States needs very very importantly very badly as far as the border is concerned and personally if we don’t get border-security after many many years of talk when the United States I would have no problem doing a shutdown it’s time we had proper border security with the laughing stock of the world with the worst immigration laws anywhere the world in our meeting today the Prime Minister and I discuss ways to enhance our cooperation in the fight against terrorism that also has to do with border security I want to thank the attached people for Italy’s contributions to counterterrorism and operations in the coalition to defeat Isis where we’ve had a tremendous success as you know and the NATO’s resolute’s North Mission in Afghanistan the Prime Minister and I also agree that the brutal regime in Iran must never be allowed to possess a nuclear weapon never we encourage All Nations to pressure around to end the full range of its Malin activities United States welcomes the partnership of Italy in these vital efforts today we are also addressing the crucial issue of in Commerce we’re working closely with our European Partners including Italy to ensure fair and reciprocal trade a few days ago I met with President junker of the European commission wait a great meeting following that meeting we announced that breakthrough agreement to remove trade barriers and increase United States exports of Agriculture energy and other goods and services the European union now is also the perfect time to expand commerce between the United States and Italy America is booming economy setting records and so many categories creates a normal opportunities for investment likewise I recommend investment in Italy great place with great people I look forward to working closely with the prime minister to open up new commercial opportunities that will reducer trade deficit substantially and increase our mutual Prosperity is the prime minister we discussed our shared goal of combating unfair foreign Trade Practices from non market economies are brutal but we’re winning these abuses include subsidies excess capacity intellectual property theft forced technology transfer currency devaluation Mission and Distortion caused by state-owned Enterprises in this area like so many others cooperation between Italy and the United States can make a tremendous difference not only for our country but all over the world and it’s making a big difference and we’re making a big difference tremendous difference on trade and unfairness but we also have to be fair to the people of the United States and the taxpayers of the United States mr. prime minister thank you again for joining me for these important discussions we are both Outsiders to politics can you believe it we are Outsiders two politics I look at all these wonderful politicians and we’re both determined to protect the rights and needs and interests and dreams of our citizens and we will do that I look forward to partnering with you to build on the incredible friendship between our country’s and to creating a brighter future for both the people of Italy and the people of the United States and with that I just want to again thank you very much for coming to the White House is my great honor thank you good afternoon I wish to thank you present ramp for this kind invitation for this warm Hospitality only two months after the formation of my government I think I think he’s as a sign of a special the special attention to Eataly it to me as well. Forgive me but I don’t want to does the privilege of speaking in my wonderful language now families and all the members of the families of fruit to the victims of the fires that took place recently in California say a very very affectionate so our relationship is a very long one it goes way back and today we have strengthened it even more and I mix really happy about this week and with this very fruitful and counter here in the United in the other White House we have made another step ahead in order to intensify our cooperation are work together to make it even more adequate a visa fee of the geopolitical economic situation in the world from June 1st if there’s another element that brings us even closer the United States and Italy my government and the Trump Administration are both government that represent change they were chosen by citizens in order to change the status quo and to improve their life condition there’s so many things that bring us together that unify Us in Italy as in the United States we are doing what we had promised during our electoral campaign and we are working in order to give answers to the expectations of our citizens so that we won’t disappoint them and we don’t betray our men died in Italy in the United States we are proving that change is possible Donald and I have Conn’s trade it on a number of topics and we both have agreed upon and reach the following results which impart we’re already mentioned today we will have made a great I had we will start working in Italy it’s a directorship boost as it were in the Mediterranean between Italy and the United States I would say that we’re almost twin countries which Italy is becoming a reference point in Europe and a privileged interlocutor for the United States for the main threats and challenges that we have before us terrorist all the crises that we see in the Mediterranean and in particular in regards to Olivia second be the American Administration also recognizes that Italy has a leadership role as a motor country that will lead to the stabilization of Libya and of course this was a great respect for the Libyan population with the United States we will be working in order to reach these results and we will decide what needs to be done in view of this results I am truly thankful to you for your support thirdly in terms of immigration I also described president Trump the Innovative approach that Italy has put forth and the European union now has a responsibility to not leave the weight of the management of emigration on the show all of the countries of first arrival like Italy is and as you heard a president Trump say we appreciate this contribution which is provided by the Italian government which is providing food good results we are talking about an approach and multi-level approach in order to try to resolve the phenomenon of immigration not because of an emergency but because this is a structural approach I want to underline this isn’t mine with the position of President Trump which goes from the respect and dignity of people to make sure that fundamental rights are protected and it wants to make sure that these right are trampled over because these people are the hands of criminal bet I also want to underline that the world today for the exchange of human beings is going to be celebrated I also told president Trump that I’m very satisfied for the understanding that was reached very recently between ourselves and the president of the European commission juncker I believe that this understanding is fundamental that we start we have to work upon it immediately bringing our efforts together to make sure that European American Italian citizens receive the benefits of a more Equitable trade relay ship which is completely reciprocal and once again as far as Russia is concerned you know that Italy is favorable to a dialogue with Russia but Italy also considers that the diet toggle between the United States and Russia is fundamental so that we couldn’t have positive results in a more Global Perspective for stability and security purposes in terms energy security president Trump and I also found ourselves in agreement with the need to make sure that there is a greater diversification for the sources of energy and to make sure that the roots the energy roots are Diversified as well and finally I personally am sure that we could increase and improve the relationship with the United States at all levels and in particular in the in space and Aerospace though feels we also already have a great partnership between the Italian space agency another so we hope that Aerospace will bring together American Technology Italian technology so that we can launch new aircraft that crossed the atmosphere and will be able to bring the United States and Italy and this is a project that I’d like to speak and detail with the American Administration I thank you for your attention Sager Place Sager Jetty IQ daily car thank you mr. president to follow up on what you were saying about the shutdown so are you saying that you would be willing to shut the government down in September if it does fully funded 25 billion dollars worth of your border wall and also delivered all of the immigration priorities that you listed in your Tweet or are you leaving some room for negotiation there Trump Administration where new is been many years even decades we have immigration laws we have border security we have all sorts of things going on that are it’s disgraceful we are doing a phenomenal job with settings but we have laws that don’t work so we’ll working around those laws and it’s unfortunate I have to take my head off to the border patrols for the law enforcement to ice which really has been maligned by the den press the job they do they go into these MS-13 nests bad bad people killers in many cases and they go in their fearless and they do an incredible job and they get them out they either go to jail or they get out the country so I want to just take my hat off to ice in the brave people that have really been maligned by the Democrats but we need water security without a border as this gentleman can tell you also the Prime Minister really was it was a very big factor in his win and other people’s would in Italy but it was a big factor in my went we need border security border security includes the wall but includes many other things we have to end the Lottery web and the chain the chain is like a disaster you bring one person in the end up with 32 people we have to end these horrible catch and relieve release principles where you catch somebody you take their name and you release them you don’t even know who they are and then they’re supposed to come back to a court case where they want us to hire thousands of Judges the whole thing is ridiculous and we have to change our laws and we do that I would certainly be willing to close it down to get it done as you know we are already improving things in various bills including we’re going to be taking care of the military we always put the military and law enforcement very high but I would be certainly willing to consider a shutdown if we don’t get proper border security thank you please search for you I just want great border security here in the United States there was a consensus that the president’s appearance at the G7 and NATO damaged our relationship with those institutions as a member of both of those institutions what is your assessment of the president’s appearance at both see I love you say that night owl at night oh we had a very fruitful exchange of views and opinions and of positions that all the positions and stances which are expressed with Clarity and provide the contribution order to review well-established positions are more than welcome there is a fruitful exchange we had a prude change both of the G7 Summit and that made the song in different Frameworks in the framework of j7 not submit we agreed on the need for reform in the system of the Doppler gel it’s a year old system that China as an emerging country you can understand that applying those same rules after yes imagine country clearly means having a system which is not well-functioning and saw 12 rational and they told it was President Trump which I personally share barely he Express the position and the need to rebalance reasonable positions and stanzas and I personally take them into great account and I will be personally the carrier of the message and I’ll try and make the address understand this position says what we must negotiate United States find balance in inches of Italian citizens American citizens in European citizens that’s where Giuseppe and I became friends I think we were probably more closely aligned than anybody else in the room but it was a great meeting in every respect I would say it was very good and NATO and particular I went to Nato and it was essentially going-out-of-business cuz people weren’t paying and it was going down down down you just have to look at the line I came along last year and in a fairly nice tone I said you got to pay and they paid 44 billion dollars and this year I said it a little bit stronger town and they’re paying hundreds of billions of dollars more over the years and NATO will be strong again and if you speak to secretary-general Altenburg I think he’s the biggest fan of trump because he said we couldn’t collect money until president Trump came along and he said last year we collected 44 billion dollars and this year the money is pouring in but it’s like prime minister said we really talked about imbalance we were treated very unfairly the United States was treated very very unfairly because we’re children anywhere from 70 to 90% of the cost of NATO that’s not it’s not fair especially when you take Germany and Germany’s paying 1% a little more than 1% and they’re buying and paying tremendous amounts of money to Russia so we’re supposed to protect countries from Russia but they are paying Russia billions and billions of dollars for the energy not good not a good situation and I let it be known so the bottom line is the NATO countries are now paying a lot more money letters become a lot stronger because of it and I appreciate your answer thank you please also lawyer you’ll have a president and the advocate of the interest of the American people at the American country is a great day and I’m told Louisa Rose talking from idea that group who wants to ask a question? US economy what do you think would read night the Italian economy and what role do you think the EU shoe play on it and president contact do you think president Trump for me that would work and Italy as well well I can answer the biggest thing that really needs his great leadership and they have it right now I really honestly believe the prime minister is going to do a tremendous job when he conomic development in addition to borders you know for economic development there’s also but you have a man that’s going to do a terrific job have no doubt about it at all he knows how to sell he knows how to promote really a great product because they make among the greatest products I won’t mention their names but they are great I have some of them and it only makes great product and I think it’s going to do very well economically and were there to help we have had record numbers I’ve been here for a little more than a year-and-a-half and we’ve had record numbers we’ve had record add numbers that nobody believed possible especially if you look at one particular fact that was not reported very much trade deficit 52 billion dollar reduction in the trade deficit for Porter and I think probably sleeping mnuchin treasure is here and Mike Pompeo I think nobody would have thought that would be possible so quickly 52 billion dollar reduction in the trade deficit for the quarter I think Lily’s going to be able to do the same thing slightly different numbers but the same thing and the recognition of what role do you think they should play I don’t want to get involved with the European Union and I had a fantastic meeting last week that we were having a hard time and then I did mention tariffs on cars and we got along very well very well I think they got very fairly and has totally taken advantage of the United States we can’t let that happen not fair to the United States and by the way billion dollar Surplus with the United States meaning we have a 31 billion dollar trade deficit with Italy and we discussed that it will work something out we’ll work something out okay thank you commit somehow these are systems which cannot be compared because that magnitude which are better different by the same time at the same time economy to do a lot much more than what was done in the past we are preparing the structural reforms to the attention of our European Partners II 1 tax reform to be set aside it was a leverage in this country for economic growth that you sent it well-constructed streamlining and simplifying right today but ministration no regulation to try to eliminate major side income which was supposed to do that job to find a new one with all these are all the reforms that we consider to be country which can then try and reach the grocer go to would be the tremendous Cuts in regulation and I know Italy well and they have a lot of Regulation and I have no doubt that the Prime Minister Giuseppe will be working very hard on that but I think Giuseppe I can say from our standpoint one of the most important things we did was cutting massively these horrible regulations and I believe so strongly in the environment I want the cleanest are the cleanest water the cleanest everything the best everything but you had 10 regulations for every point in some it was ridiculous it would take many years to get a highway or Road approved we have that way down we have it down to two years and it’ll hopefully be down to one and make it rejected but at least it’s going to go quickly so we want regular but it’s got to be cut to a minimum and do the trick and I think that Italy will follow suit I know they look at it very strongly they’re going to follow suit okay thank you thank you very much Roberta rampton hello Roberta thank you mr. president you spoke a bit about around today and your discussions and I’m wondering if you could tell us what you think needs to do to reduce some of the tensions and you’ve met with the leaders of North Korea and Russia are you prepared also where are you willing to meet with president to Ronnie and under what conditions and have there been any preliminary discussions about something anybody I believe in meeting the Prime Minister said it better than anybody can say it speaking to other people especially when you’re talking about potentials of war and death and famine and lots of the things you meet is nothing wrong with meeting we met as you know with chairman Kim and if you haven’t had a missile fired off at 9 months we got our prisoners back so many things have happened so positive but meeting with people I had a great meeting in my opinion of course the fake news didn’t cover it that way but had a great meeting with President Putin of Russia I think was a great meeting in terms of the future in terms of safety and economic development protecting Israel and protecting everybody I thought was a great meeting great meeting with NATO I just explained it a hundreds of billions of dollars more money will be paid into NATO the coffers of NATO and much already has so I believe in meeting I would certainly make with her and if they wanted to meet I don’t know that they’re ready yet they having a hard time right now but I ended the around the other was a ridiculous deal I do believe that they will probably end up wanting to meet and I’m ready to meet anytime then and I don’t do that from strength or from weakness I think it’s an appropriate thing to do if we could work something out that’s meaningful not the waste of paper that the other deal was I would certainly be willing do you have preconditions for that meeting anytime they want good for the country good for them good for us and good for the world no preconditions if they want to meet up prime minister to ask if you and the president just you talked about stay with the need to stabilize Libya I wanted to ask if you win the president discussed work together on energy production in Libya and some way did you discuss oil production in Libya I do see a way for the United States to become involved there perhaps with Italy’s help Adele Palazzo of the problem of paralyzing Libya and obviously off the security to be guaranteed the rain in the area is not only a problem of the migration routes the menu of the migration routes from African countries a concentrate in the labia area but it was a problem of security I thought we didn’t discuss in details out of problems that certainly it is Our intention to respect the daily interest we’re not driven by the prop my bad I just applied interest that I can I’m going to we would like to steal and discuss all of the issues are related in particular condition of the atmosphere stability Scott wants to ask a question thank you I have a question one of them the two main government parties government organization is asking for these actions to be kept the other two points rdta biggest positions in Italy relation this project and the F-35 programa what is Italy going to do will Italy confirm the program thank you I’m going to answer in relation to sanctions on Russia I’m going to repeat what I said before because I’m ready to take an international Summit I’m going to be boring but this confirms that the government is not changing and disrespected we are open to dialogue with Russia we do believe that last shot plays a fundamental role in international jubileus gold prices so thinking that Russia can be but if we want to solve problems that we cannot choose the counterpart to deal with we must accept that table with those who aren’t suction system pacifically its name from The Men’s agreement think about today to left overnight so Sunshine yoga however exactly the position of my cabinet has been stated is to make sure that the system massages started affected the civilized society from this point of your house at tradition of intensity relations with Russia and disrespect so once again and second issue and I reported to him that my car the fact that this is strategic work in terms of energy Supply to Italy and to the south of Europe and we are perfectly aware of the fact that this can provider and contribution also in the renewal all of the energy system at the elimination of cold which is part of our program at the same time I correctly uncertainties that by local communities the communities where the pipeline the Wayland it’s possible I will discuss the issue with the compass and ministers and I will go and meet the local mayor’s the local communities trying to find a solution which will take it I don’t know Community that’s bad as the third boy did I do know do you know this is a program which was decided in 2002 that the agreement was signed in 2002 digital timer in terms of talking about needs for defense and security as we are evaluating as you know already a process of odor the being issued that which is taking place and these orders are issued Goldie necessary choices in a very cautious way and do all the needs of defensive security of being fully transparent with our partner Administration sanctions on Russia will remain as is as far as a pipeline is concerned I’d like to see a competing pipeline so it’s the Prime Minister I hope you’re going to be able to do that competing Pipeline and we are already came to the European Union about building anywhere from 9 to 11:40 which they will pay for it so that we can ship LNG over to various parts of Europe and that will be more competition the sanctions on Russia will remain as is okay thank you very much everybody thank you thank you mr. president to feel betrayed by Michael Cohen sir
During a news conference with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, President Trump says he is willing to meet with Iranian leaders without any preconditions.

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