Trump intensifies attack on Democrats as crowd chants, ‘Send her back!’

Trump intensifies attack on Democrats as crowd chants, ‘Send her back!’
Trump intensifies attack on Democrats as crowd chants, ‘Send her back!’
Donald Trump says he believes he’s winning in his attack on four congresswomen escalating an attack us lawmakers have already condemned as racist now Trump is rallying his supporters against them constantly trying to tear our country.. They never have anything good to say. That’S why I say hey if they don’t like it, let him leave, let him leave yeah. I think in some cases they hate our country crowd, Roar when he repeated his call for the women to get out of the u.s. Ellen Mauro joins us from Washington on the story to Ellen Trump and his supporters erupting to chance of lock her up about Hillary Clinton last night, it appears Trump has found. A new rallying cry. Tell us about that these for lawmakers. He seems to be saying that these lawmakers, criticizing his policy, is the same thing. I these lawmakers hating, the United States states, which it obviously isn’t. Last night, the president’s most brutal attack was reserved for ilhan Omar, a US citizen and Muslim woman of color and attack that, with the crowd at that rally, North Carolina into a chant of send her back. Here is a what that sounded like a vicious anti-semitic screen. Now again, Omar is a US citizen and she tweeted in response to that chant last night rating on Twitter. I am, I belong at the people’s house and you’re just going to have to deal along with a picture of herself in the House of Representatives. There was also a tweet from Alexandria ocasio-cortez in response she’s, one of the lawmakers attacked by the president XI to all those scared for our future. We can get through this better than then we started. We have the power to triumph over hatred, Division and bigotry, but decency cannot be taken for granted. It is something we must create and vans and actively work to build each every day. So strong criticism there for the president, but from comments of President Trump made to journalist on his way to that rally, it’s clear. He sees the strategy as a win for him as a smart move ahead of 20/20 he’s trying to make these lawmakers who support left-leaning policies. The face of the democratic party as a whole betting that that will scare at voters away from the party and the president. Apparently sees the strategy as valuable enough that he doesn’t mind a racist. Some Democrats on Capitol Hill tried to force Trump impeachment over his attacks on the congresswomen, but the vote was defeated. What happened there? There’S a huge divide. The Democratic Party impeachment a lot of members, both Progressive and more middle-of-the-road house, to move ahead right now with starting impeachment proceedings. But the party’s leadership house Speaker Nancy Pelosi, for example various Capitol Hill investigations into the president to continue, and they want to hear from special counsel. Robert Mueller. First Pelosi says they need an airtight case before moving ahead with any impeachment proceeding. But the Divide is for the party and Trump capitalize on that last night: here’s what he said was a totally lopsided 332 95 to 1 and they want to try an impeached. It’S a disgrace surface best and there not convinced that starting impeachment proceedings at least right now is going to help them win more votes.
Speaking at a campaign rally in Greenville, N.C., on Wednesday night, U.S. President Donald Trump railed against a group of four Democratic congresswomen of colour, calling them “hate-filled extremists who are constantly trying to tear our country down.”

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