Trump Is Making America Great Again. Just Not the Way He Thinks. | NYT – Opinion

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Trump Is Making America Great Again. Just Not the Way He Thinks. | NYT – Opinion
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Donald Trump thinks he’s making America great again like this little bit of this it’s a throwback to another era when things were black and mostly not really our idea of great again but Trump has achieved something significant all right here me up 8 years of confidence scandal-free leadership democracy was very much a spectator sport in the 2014 midterm elections Democrats which confidence in Obama they didn’t even bother to show up at the polls turning out the lowest number of Voters in 70 years block Obama Supreme Court pick Merrick Garland in 2016 and now Trump is forcing us to engage in our democracy like many never have before for instance contrast their very different reactions to the most mind cuddling only in America dilemma mass shootings I mean he breaks into a pitch-perfect rendition of a Amazing Grace and ban assault style weapons and high-capacity magazine 23 executive actions and then nothing changed Engel Law or reform was made to address our gun prices was our faith in Obama so profound that we forgot to do something ourselves enter 45 to help secure our schools and tackle the difficult of mental health Trump with his total lack of actual Solutions on our gun crisis inspired this bump stocks stock prices soared for sports stores that stop selling assault-style rifles even where was this urgency after Orlando San Bernardino Aurora Charles Sandy Hook all right now before you start ranting about normalization let me be clear I have no delusions about the destructive force of a narcissist for president for Reproductive Rights for public schools for immigrants for the planet however important is also happening Americans are taking a stand and it’s much more than guns pushed over the edge to finally tackled around sexism calling out Grossmont more women than ever are entering politics E18 and we’ve already seen some early primary wins oh and way more people are supporting organizations that are vital to our democracy like the more than 86 million dollars donated to the ACLU in 2017 up from the five million dollars they received an online donations in 2016 Planned Parenthood donations skyrocketed even local politics hold her attention and make national news it’s the new Norm to track court rulings and be informed people are actually reading and paying for new so here’s the deal the Democrats appear to be more fired up about them Republicans according to this Pew research study but go back to sleep snooze & Chaos turn into white noise stay in the game and definitely please vote in the midterms this November
It’s nearly impossible to find a silver lining bright enough to penetrate the dark heart and chaos of our current administration, but gosh dang-it, we’re going to try!

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