Trump Legal Team Reaches Agreement On Finance Subpoenas | MSNBC

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Trump Legal Team Reaches Agreement On Finance Subpoenas | MSNBC
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Trump Legal Team Reaches Agreement On Finance Subpoenas | MSNBC
Trump Legal Team Reaches Agreement On Finance Subpoenas | MSNBC
Abc News has now confirmed that the president’s lawyers have reached an agreement with the house intelligence and financial services panels to stay the subpoenas, Trump’s Financial records from Deutsche Bank and Capital, One Kristen Welker, who is traveling with the president, Christopher warning in this back and forth. Between the president, his legal teams, Democrats on Capitol Hill, they say they have an oversight role. The president has called this overreach, but right now it does seem as though the subpoenas first financial documents from Deutsche Bank from Capital One has been stayed. Let me read you the statement from, of course, the president’s outside attorney, who told me just moments ago quote. I can confirm that agreement has been reached with the house regarding a stay of the subpoena pending appeal. It has now been filed with the court. Sekulow goes on to tell me that this is in return agreements to have an expedited appeal. However, it was important Sekulow said to stress the fact that, ultimately, the court is going to set the schedule here kinda. So again, this is the latest twist in this ongoing bitter back and forth between the since between house Democrats as they escalate their oversight of this president now you’ll recall that President Trump blew up talks with Democratic leaders. Last week he said, I’m not going to negotiate with you on any legislation on infrastructure melt until you lift all of these investigations. Democrats aren’t going to do this still. This is something that will undoubtedly be welcome news for President Trump, as he continues with his four-day diplomatic trip here in Japan, why the Democrats on the house in Congress would go along with this. I thought this was part of the the court fight they wanted to these records soon really important. We have reached out to Democrats on Capitol Hill to try to get a reaction from them to try to get a little bit more about that, but they think they’re waiting in the courts. So the fact that the president’s attorneys have agreed to this expedited, I think it’s something that they see as a concession on the part of the president and his legal team at the same time, you’re absolutely right. They want to get these documents they’re not pulling back and their request for these documents. 1 in so ultimately they think they’re going to Prevail. They think they’re going to win so that may be why they have agreed to this. But again we are anticipating reaction from Capitol Hill as soon as we have that we’ll get that to you, kendis, I’m from here as well as over there and Tokyo. Thank you.
President Trump’s lawyer says an agreement has been reached with the House Intelligence and Financial Services committees on the subpoenas over the president’s financial records.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Trump Legal Team Reaches Agreement On Finance Subpoenas | MSNBC

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