Trump May Face Protests Visiting El Paso And Dayton After Mass Shootings | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Trump May Face Protests Visiting El Paso And Dayton After Mass Shootings | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
Trump May Face Protests Visiting El Paso And Dayton After Mass Shootings | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
Day, 9 to 9 of the Trump Administration, on the eve of what could be a very difficult day and as much as all of this is Uncharted Territory. Tomorrow we have this odd occurrence of the president and we’ll place where a certain percentage of the population does not welcome him. There in the morning is going to head to El Paso, our country this past weekend. Dozens of people remain injured, like today, that was followed by a message from White House Press Secretary, Stephanie Grisham, who wrote tomorrow, honoring victims, comforting communities and thanking First Responders and medical professionals, as advanced teams work out the details of the day. Some public officials, particularly in El Paso, say the presidents not welcome there democratic congresswoman, Veronica Escobar who’s District includes nearly all of El Paso. Proper is among them invitation to meet with the president tomorrow saying this on this network a short time ago to dehumanize us humanize communities like mine to dehumanize immigrants. They have a consequence and they provide fuel for people who already are bigoted of Dayton has also raised. She told reporter she plans to meet with him, but she made it clear. She will be blunt Inter-Community and I think that people should stand up and say they’re, not happy if they’re not happy that he’s coming is, as his administration faces several critical challenges of volatile stock market trade war with China, increasing threats from Iran, North Korea’s continuing missile Test which we’ll get to later and now new pressure for go control legislation with all that going on and Under Fire for his divisive language, Trump lashed out today and yesterday statement by Barack Obama. It never mention Trump only reject language coming out of the mouths of any of our leaders that feeds a climate of fear and hatred or normalizes racist statements. Well, this morning, Trump quoted what he’d heard on Fox and Friends. Did George Bush ever condemn President Obama, but after Sandy Hook, President Obama had 32 mass shootings during his Reign? Mass shootings were happening before the president even thought about running for president that was followed by. I am the least racist person house also came to Trump’s defense. Today and I’ve seen Democrats on are saying he is responsible for this, that his rhetoric is responsible for this shooting is responsible for these deaths, this murder, and that is a dangerous place to take this country. We would also never blame Barack Obama for the police shootings in Dallas. We wouldn’t blame Bernie Sanders for the shooting of Steve, scalise or other Republicans today, NBC, which was fighting domestic terrorism, are now struggling to do so, mostly because of cuts in funding and Personnel. Tonight, a spokesperson for the house Judiciary Committee tells nbcnews that committee members are mulling over an early return from their sick week summer recess to address gun violence, given all that and Katie Benner justice department reporter for the New York Times. Jonathan I’d like to begin with. You, because of something one of your colleagues and a frequent guest of ours, Jill Colvin, has posted tonight have to do with the overall empathy deficit. Let’S call it going into tomorrow about the president. She says the words he offers for a divided America will be Complicated by his own incendiary anti-immigrant rhetoric link to one of the shooters. It is a highly unusual predicament for American President two at once try to console a community in a nation. At the same time, he’s being criticized as contributing to a combustible climate that can spawn violence in the real way world of advanced teams on trips like this, there are ways you can reduce the president’s exposure to the public. To be quite honest about it, he can go to Just Interiors of hospitals, just a tent with family and relatives, and survivors just a firehouse and kind of limit. His exposure that way give us a preview of Tomorrow. Guess I will see something very similar. Tomorrow is visits after a disaster after a tragedy, sometimes even when it’s relatively friendly Turf examples wildfires in California, wood to lost their homes or loved ones and those fires they didn’t. The Preston’s Funeral affect an airport hangar at a local airport there in Southern California, no eyes on that whatsoever, also a year or so ago, when he went to Parkland Florida. If that term school, shooting students in the days afterwards that protested the president and really called for more gun action, we’re gun control similar to what we’re seeing now between El Paso, and is it a hospital where he briefly met one or two of the victims, but Spent most of the time on the ground thanking First Responders thanking medical technicians are the people who deserve the thanks and credit for what happened there, but those were friendlier audience for him coming face-to-face with some family members of of this, the deceased wounded who be protesting Him and pressuring him to be doing more for gun control and we’ve been riding all weekend, and this is not a role that comes easily for this President, even even and if you were to visit a place where he was very popular, he he’s never been able To show much the way, then today we all remember I’m going to Puerto Rico and tossing paper towels like they were basketballs to hurricane victims. He is a struggle just this past weekend, where he was when the shootings happen. We didn’t see him for two days until he remained in hiding only tweeting about what happened in the statements, perfunctory statements about with promote tweets, promoting the UFC fight and when he did speak on the tarmac, he ignored directions to didn’t want to answer, and certainly his Statement yesterday, the White House only raise more concerns about what they do for gun control, but also how much blame he shoulders. Prior to this, they can hear the president’s words. Memories are along. I want to play for you some of what he said during his last visit to El Paso. T6000. Arrests of Criminal, Alien murders, murders, murders, killings, murders, illegal immigration, hurts all Americans so Kim about that reception in El Paso tomorrow. What’S your preview yeah, I mean, I think the point that you bring up is important, that this is a peaceful community. This attack that happened there, that was more homicides in El Paso, usually season in entire year. So this idea that is being painted by this picture being painted by the president as this Lawless place, is just simply factually untrue and then the case of El Paso have a community that is really from two simultaneous traumas. It’S the scourge of gun violence that we’ve seen a happen repeatedly in this country, but there is also this idea of weaponized white supremacy that growing in this country – and this is just the latest example of that you have people who are afraid, people who feel that They are under attack and that the messages like the ones you just played from the president is only fueling that environment, it’s not just in El Paso, my colleague at WVU. I wrote a piece about how Latinos in Boston feel afraid. It’S something that is a nationwide problem and usually a job of a president is to try to be a Healer at a time of death and and President Trump has shown that that is a demonstrable weak spot. Just as Jonathan pointed out whether it’s a national disaster, natural disaster or some sort of attack on Americans, President Trump has not been able to fight the moment that President Bush did after 9/11 or that President Obama did after the shooting at mother, Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, that’s not something he is able to do, whether it’s just not natural to him or because he thinks it’s not play advantageous to him and Katie and the days since we have heard terms like white supremacy and domestic terrorism. Both terms, it seems to me, are perfectly good descriptors of what we’ve seen, But Along Comes rod Stein over the weekend kind of in this new cycle, a blast from our recent past, who called what happened white terrorism. What else did he share with your reporting team? At the times, especially if he talked about potential solutions that we need to start treating domestic terrorism in the same way that we treat foreign terrorism, so that would mean surveillance. That would mean listen to chat on the internet and try to stop crimes before they happen. That is extremely tricky here in the US. We have a definition for domestic terrorism. It season violence in order to coerce a population, sees the violence or try to get a message across or to change the political landscape, but we don’t have a criminal. We also have First Amendment rights here in the United States, so if you’re an American citizen, you can be a member of a hate group, and you can, you can say hateful things on the internet, but until you commit a crime, is very difficult to step. In so that we can have a successful prosecution of the shooter in El Paso. We can have a successful prosecution of something like Dylan roof, but real success is to stop them before they begin in the same way that we have radicalized. You know folks, who start and Tails drawing groups like Isis, not very difficult position: rape, videos,
The president stayed out of public view on Tuesday, but is planning visits to the sites of two horrific mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso despite some public officials suggesting he stay away given his past rhetoric. We discuss that and much more with Jonathan Lemire, Kimberly Atkins, and Katie Benner.
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Trump May Face Protests Visiting El Paso And Dayton After Mass Shootings | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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