Trump on WTO: ‘We will leave if we have to’

Trump on WTO: ‘We will leave if we have to’
Trump on WTO: ‘We will leave if we have to’
The political class in Washington or factories with horrendous trade deals horrible NAFTA. What are the worst trade deals ever by the way World Trade Organization it made? China hate themselves, they did a good job, but they ripped off our country for years and with our money and World Trade Organization backing, and then they took advantage of the rules of the World Trade Organization and I’m being nice. They took advantage much more than took advantage. They went up like a rocket ship, they were Flatline for a hundred years and then one day, World Trade Organization, a terrible move. You know we were losing all our cases until I came along. We were losing all our cases in the World Trade Organization. Almost every case we’re lost, lost lost, they thought we were stupid, they were the ones ruling and then I came along that we’re winning a lot of cases because they know that they’re not on very Solid Ground. We will leave if we have too and all of a sudden we’re winning a lot of cases will winning most of our cases, and it’s only because of attitude, because we know that they have been screwing us for and it’s not going to happen any longer. They get it, they get it so they’re giving us Victor’s the giving us victories and I’d like to use a different word. It’S quite as right, there’s nowhere, that’s quite as descriptive I’d like to, but that’s exactly what they were doing. They were taken advantage of us for years and years, and now they understand that, if it’s not it’s not going to be at all, we don’t need it. We don’t need it so a lot of good things and I think we will. I think they will treat us fairly.
President Trump on Aug. 13 said the World Trade Organization has been “screwing” the United States for years. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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