Trump participates in tour of Illinois steel mill

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Trump participates in tour of Illinois steel mill
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Alabama ladies and gentleman the president of the United States Donald J Trump from Minnesota great job he’s been a tremendous support okay thank you very much wonderful people wonderful State we’ve had great luck in the state and I think we’re really putting it back I’m very close I have to tell you to pulling up something that you’ve been looking forward to for many years and that’s the 12 months E15 waiver we’re getting very close to going there a very complex process and I stuck with ethanol in most of the candidates were they but they’re right to put it to put it mildly but Kim and Terry Branstad right now you’re a great ambassador to China we could not have put him in the more what’s 4 * specialist location or a more important location from the standpoint that Terry is out there doing a really not an easy job but I think in the end it’s going to work out very well it’s going to be going to be something special thank secretary Wilbur Ross for being here secretary Alex Acosta Alex Governor Kim Reynolds I guess one of the reasons I like Terry and who’s the longest serving God The History of the United States I think 24 years and he was sort of semi newly elected again and I said how about this let’s say first I have to figure out who is the who is the lieutenant governor and I know it was Kevin show me a great Governor she’s turned out to be better than a great Governor you have you know and Ron told me that I said Rod how is she doing and he said she was phenomenal has been your number one in almost every category you’re in the top three and jobs you’re in the top three and employment your number one state I think they just came out on steak what does a very bad sound bites for whoever you’re running against otherwise I don’t know who you’re running against but I can tell you that studies E when they read you number one state for a lot of things especially on an economic basis the job you’re doing that I can tell you I spoke to Terry recently we speak a lot and he thinks you’re doing a great job so thank you very much thank you very much hang up here with Rod Blum without him we wouldn’t have without Rod we wouldn’t have our tax cuts and we have massive tax cut and reform Elementary phone cuz nobody’s too complicated to talk about people talk about tax cuts we didn’t want to use the word reform but the reforms a very important thing what we did and even included in that bill is the individual mandate we got rid of the individual mandate the most popular thing in Obamacare in Obamacare is on its way out you look at the cost of Obamacare and back it was done except we have one man that the decided that the you know later in the evening that he would change his vote wonderful so he change his vote and he surprised all of us but it was dead but it’s virtually it’s it’s on its last legs right now Alex Acosta is come up with Incredible healthcare plans through the Department of Labor patient plans where you associate where you have groups and you go out and you get tremendous Health Care at a very small cost and it’s across state lines you can compete all over the country they compete they want to get it and Alex I hear it’s like record business that they’re doing we just opened up two months ago and I’m hearing that the numbers are incredible numbers of people that you didn’t really really good health care instead of Obamacare which is a disaster so you getting great healthcare for really a fraction of the cost highly-competitive cost the United government nothing and yet you’re getting much better health care and it said very small prices I want to thank you the job you did on that is incredible now he’s doing Phase 2 and that’s going to be announced very shortly and that’s going to be a very big the people that nobody even knows about and then secretary Azar also is that doing a different form of healthcare that’s turning out to be incredible we’re working very hard on medicine prices you probably so aware Pfizer actually announced a price increase and then they we weren’t happy and they took it away they took it away it’s never happened before I thank you Novartis and the number of David ounce to increases and boy I must have a very powerful position Wilbur because I was extremely angry about it and then all of us be good business otherwise you don’t do that and number two I appreciate that they did it but working very hard and getting prescription drugs down and prices down and we’ll have a big that’s what upset me here we are talking about bringing down the prices searching drugs and had a couple of companies go ahead and announce an increase and the now where those prices are going to become really tumbling down we have something else that we did right to try and you would really you would you show instrumental of that ride and I appreciate it you and Greg and everybody but I’ve been after her for a long time I never understood that they’ve been trying to get it passed for 42 years you know what right to try as a text great, you know a lot of these names I don’t like I love this damn right to try and this is what people are terminally ill and they can’t get a drug that shows great promise because the company or because the country says what we don’t want to let anybody have a drug that’s going to maybe hurt them well that terminally ill so they want the right to try it and they’ll travel if they have the money and most of the people don’t have the money so they literally they have no hope but this way you have these incredible drugs there coming out it’s too early in this stage to let him go out to the Mass public many of them were going to work but even if it was some of them are going to work you now have the right to try so you not have the right to get these drugs and I think it’s going to be a fantastic thing and Rod Blum and some of the other folks that really been instrumental I was an important one for Rod but it was an important one for a lot of people and incredible how difficult it was everything you would think that would be an easy one right what’s easier than that but the drug companies you like it because it showed badly cuz people were very very sick they didn’t want it in there statistics the insurance companies didn’t want it because they didn’t want to get sued the stage didn’t want it because it was a liability question everybody will sign a document so we’re going to take this and we’re going to take away all liability no suits no nothing but we’re going to have the right to try and they said I was there I guess I you could say I let it and they said they said very nice Leo that works everybody said that works you know in terms of the statistics for the drug companies that I understood they don’t want to have that as a bad stat because he’s people are really far down the line in many cases I said we won’t count that Stat or what different set of Statistics where it’s terminally ill people but one of the things you do get out of it as you really will find out whether or not it works but the thing that we wanted to get was we wanted to give people hope and that’s what they got so that was something that was really good I’m just mentioning his ride was so helpful with that and so many other things so I want to talk to her so I also want to thank the Northeast Iowa Community College president dr. Lee kiwi for wholesale have a great life I got to have a great life you know we have so many companies moving back to the United States now and what we need is talented people people that have knowledge and people that know how to use those incredible machines if you don’t learn overnight right and what you doing here is a great example lot of people studying it what you doing in Iowa with Kim and everybody else and you were very complimentary of your governor and I understand that but what you’re doing is really incredible people all over the country and Beyond are studying what you doing right here in Iowa Cameron thank you dr. very much congratulations very good student she went to the Wharton School of finance and she was always a great student I said Ivanka you going to do your homework you have already done it doesn’t work she doesn’t work and I remember when she Jordan from one she did very well and her friend said you know we had to work harder than she did and I don’t know if they were happy or not but they’d like your everybody likes Ivanka but you really let this initiative so much and she continues to she feels it’s so important job training we have again we have so many company’s coming into this area but all over the country and the biggest problem we have is we have to have talent and skill but we are learning and we’re we’re we’re teaching a lot of people and a great people and Ivanka really has been leading that initiative and I want to thank you very much rock it before we begin maybe you just might want to tell him about the bill that was passed last night on both sides of the aisle could not get together to reauthorize and modernize a piece of legislation that is so critically important to what we’re all here talking about Career and Technical education Perkins Career and Technical Education Act passed the Senate last week passed the house this week and will be signed into law by the president after over a decade of languishing it looks maybe I’ll meet you I’ll see let’s see I think I’ll beat yo that bill what do you think about a million students and workers across Nation who are seeking to acquire the technical skills to be able to thrive in our modern and increasingly digital economy so it is very very exciting and Norma’s piece of legislation and it’s going to be really education across the country and I was actually here in Iowa just as past march with with the great Governor rentals and we toured one of the facilities at benefits from Perkins this facility benefits from and it’s great legislation that was in dire need of being modernized thanks for the president’s leadership and thanks for the push of the White House it got done Jerrod get that to my desk get that to my desk alright thank you very much by the recent devastating tornadoes in central Iowa that was all over the news that I watched it I love this place it’s been a very special place to me and you know what whatever we can do with doing we have a lot of federal people out here some incredible people and they’re all working with you or your representatives and I know why they’re doing the best I can but I will tell you that’s a terrible event it’s so tragic the power the power of nature people have no eyes moments ago I toured the school’s amazing state-of-the-art raining lab with the doctor and preparing really they’re preparing American students for the work of the future for their lives future and they going to have a great living they going to be making a great they’re sore after they’re really sore after I congratulated them we’re making tremendous progress on Workforce Development next week I’ll sign that legislation that Ivanka just talked about that is going to be really something and I really an amazing achievement between that and get off the years how many years Ivanka they’ve been working in that 2006 anyone for the Vets Choice that’s been up for 44 years I’ve been trying to get choice where you wait online for weeks and weeks and weeks you’re not even very sick and by the time you get to see the doctor you have a terminal illness they could have taken care of it very easily if you got early but weeks and weeks and we got choice and people said you couldn’t do that and we got it that’s where you go out and you see a doctor and the country pays he’s oravecz the country pays the doctor’s bill which is a tiny fraction of the cost of what would happen or what has been happening and the lines are being reduced so drastically and the Vets are now label if they can see if they can’t get immediate service that go right outside they get a doctor local doctor we have deals worked and pricing worked and everything worked and they get taken it’s really great and we also pass accountability and you don’t end up in the VA you couldn’t find anybody you knew that this man do it better than anybody he’s a tough cookie he wanted to they don’t take care of our vets you want about and what happened is you couldn’t get it it was 45 years they’ve been trying to get accountability now course the unions weren’t thrilled and the civil service was difficult and that would be the stumbling block why they couldn’t get a pasta we got to pass V8 accountability so they don’t treat our vets right we look at him we say sorry you’re fired get out out out out really what you did last night I mean that’s only been from early 2000 so that’s easy by comparison but we goes to bills for the VA for the Vets was just incredible we’re really doing a job for the Vets I think been like this before but I believe that both of them but in particular choice is going to be is going to make such a difference where I mean they were waiting for weeks just to see a doctor and then that have to come back for a second visit and would be 4 weeks later and horrible so we took care of that weather as Citizens a high school student or a mid-to-late career worker we want America is of America in backgrounds to be equipped with the skills they need workers for American jobs daddy 3.7 million jobs since as you know since the election that was a great election with go to Farmers in this place we have this had made up look at that this since the John Deere colors actually make our Farmers great again get on these trade deals with you’re the worst ever made by any country in history we had the worst trade because we don’t have one trade deal that’s any good between after which was a horrible deal and we’re getting close on that but would make it a good deal with close markets the Canadiens totally closed Market from so many women on Canada they have a 375% tax on dairy products other than that it’s wonderful good deal and we have a very big deficit with Canada trade deficit although they don’t like to say that put on one of their pieces of paper that they give out with the Canadian flag and I love Canada by the way I have to tell you I love Canada but that the Canadian flag very official it says 97.8 that the United States has or they put it down as a surplus Canada and I said well if we doing so well with Canada how come it’s 98.7 billion dollars okay that’s a lot of money and so we’re opening things up but the biggest one of all happened yesterday other than China the EU European Europe and the relationship with John Claude very strong guy very tough guy but a good man and he’s done an incredible job pulling all the countries together but we just opened up your up for you Farmers you’re not going to be too angry with Trump I can tell you cuz you were you were saying they were restricted from dealing in the barriers that really made it impossible for farm products to go in and I said to him do me a favor will you just because you’re not trying is doing a little deformed because they know those the farmers love me they voted for me we want every one of the states and you look at that middle of this country outside of a little a little bit of blue on the outside her ages of the country we want just everything and so they figured out will do is will attack them and I see that and I said they’re not going to win just so you understand we have all the cards were the Europeans I should do me a favor would you go out to the farms in Iowa turn all the different places in the midwest when you buy a lot of soybeans right now because what that whole swabian thing is not going to be open up note no nothing free trade like when you have a country that’s charging you 80% tariffs and we charge them nothing and then I raise it to 50% and then we have politicians in Washington say we are stopping free trade no no they stopped it when they put on the 50% and we we have countries that are charging us to hundred percent 250% a hundred percent I don’t want to mention that because I actually get along very well with the head people but they know who they are and they changing their ways but the Europe I mean basically we opened up your and that’s going to be a great thing for Europe and it’s really going to be a great thing for us and it’s going to be a really great thing for our farm is because you have just gotten yourself one big Market that really essentially when you said Kim never existed because you just had it just had a problem so we did that yesterday afternoon we signed the letter-of-intent or agreed to a letter of intent and we’re starting the documents but the relationship is very very good so we’re very happy and then the employers are hiring in recruiting and they’re raising wages in our country and you know what’s happened we have so many jobs now coming in but they’re raising wages the first time that’s happened in 19 years where wages are going up. You have to couple of people you and your big farms you bro you don’t hear that but you’re doing okay so you’re doing okay but it’s the first time that’s happened in a long time and there were just doing really really well as a country and there’s no place doing better than Iowa I mean there’s no place with that leadership is no place with more advanced thought and I want to thank I want to thank you such an important position and he really likes China they really likes John a very interesting story Carrie told me he said it’ll many years ago at 38 years ago she met a man named she and he came back because he was selling corn to China and he came back and told his incredible wife who is incredible with by the way a son who led my campaign I don’t know if he’s here where is he is he here because what a great guy I hope he’s working but he came back and he told his wife this is I think 38 years before I said I just met the future head of China and she said what do you mean I just met a man who impressive that he will someday be the head of China and that’s president XI he just got in fact I guess he’s president for life but can you imagine I want to ask Kim to say a few words and then maybe we can travel around the table real fast will say something but it’s great to be an Iowa we had a tremendous Victory here we won by a lot and just very very special people very very special and we’re taking care of your ethanol okay nobody else was going to believe me they were out there taking care of your estimate and and before I have to thank Senator Grassley has been an incredible friend of mine Joni Ernst has been Joanie has been like an incredible friend of mine will I think she likes Ivanka better than she likes clear saved by Joni Ernst Chuck Grassley is like his Chuck Grassley it’s just incredible he speaks in your list and right there’s no games with Chuck but they’ve been pushing me very very strong on the ethanol and we’ve been with them all the way so I want to thank them another Washington doing some very important business right now but I want to thank them Kim the time that you’ve been in Iowa really seeing what we’ve been working on and it’s a real pleasure to be a part of this round table to discuss the importance of Workforce and I think we’re actually the first state that you’ve stopped at to do the pledge since executive order was assigned so thank you we’re really proud of our leadership role on this front and really the public-private Partnerships the continue to build the foundation so many of the businesses that I see out in the audience today have been such a phenomenal partner with our schools and our communities in our community colleges to really help build those Partnerships to help not only young people see that there are so many Pathways to a great career but as we saw on the tour adult that are rescheduling retraining and have great opportunity to have a great career and a great quality of life and most importantly right here in the state of Iowa so I love the relationships that are being built through initiatives like the one that you’re driving we have an initiative Future Ready Iowa and the goal is to have 70% of Iowans in the workforce have either education or training Beyond High School by the year 2025 we’re at about 58% right now so we’re really position very well I think to hit that goal but it just the lines go well with everything that you’re doing we’re doing last dollars Scholars which is some financing for credentials after two-year degrees tied to high-demand job and employer Innovation fund that really strengthens the regional Talent Partnerships in the talent pipeline again different areas need different things until this really helps the area’s identify where a nnn work on where they’re needed that we’re expanding registered apprenticeship programs for smaller and midsize businesses though that’s really exciting to and we’re doing a lot of work based learning we have asked it’s called the damn vast initiative which is business engaging students and teachers it’s been phenomenal again with really bringing Workforce and accademia together in a partnership they were operating in tylose what’s been great to see that the other thing that were putting a place for the clearing house so that we can provide work-based learning opportunities to some of our rule communities that might not have the access to the great opportunities than we were make sure that no matter where you live in the state of Iowa you have opportunity I’ll tell one picture and then I’ll pass it cuz when I hear from the other people on the panel but it’s really about kids like Charles vandervelden and he is from Pella and is the first-ever high school student to become a registered Apprentice in welding with the mirror who is a great company in Palo that happened to be hit with a tornado and I tell you were coming back bigger and stronger than ever so again great community but they unveiled a high-school registered apprenticeship Playbook that high schools all across this country the state can take it and really use it for welding or computer science RIT or nursing whatever that may be and made it very very simple to really encourage our schools across the state to engage with our community colleges are businesses, and I’m really excited about that thank you for being here thanks we appreciate the partnership we’re taking advantage of your tax reform too because we were able to pass tax reform in the state of Iowa as well as regulatory reform so we’re partnering with you on a lot of great and thank you very much is that the home of Pella windows that I bought a lot of Pella Windows and I bought a lot of John Deere equipment millions and millions and millions of dollars worth of John Deere equipment one of their bigger great window I will say that the veterans thank you to your Administration for everything you have done for veterans you just don’t know what that has meant to do all that Unity of work which is something we and I will really believe in and when you combine that with our employers who believe in investing in their employees and you bring the collaboration and the great leadership that we’ve had some Governor rentals and governor Branstad and create Play Future Ready Iowa you want to know how to solve this problem in America you look at us and we will tell you how to do it again on behalf of Northeast Iowa Community College welcome to everybody it’s not everyday we got the present United States here so I met the president thank you for coming I just want to say thank you for really looking Perkins legislation back I just read it this morning under the leadership of Representative Virginia fox’s says one of the priorities is to have more inclusive collaboration between educational institution industry and Sears and Community Partners the president were already doing it in Iowa and the 15 community colleges backing by our governor we’re doing it from the K-12 getting that into a guided Pathways so that the stand that education has all focus is career Readiness and also college readiness it comes to us we make sure that we get them to the skill and partnering with our businesses to make sure that they applied set of us to live work and play in Northeast Iowa we cover 5000 square miles we’re keeping Islands in islands and we’re keeping jobs here last year alone we walk with all 470 businesses train of a thousand employees in fact last year we touch up with 20,000 for upscaling you find that as a community college we really are the College of the people and we welcome you back again because are you only saw a slip that’s true and I can’t thank you enough business partners out here without their support without support without the state support without the city city council and and all the other Northeast Iowa Community College would not be able to do what you have set up and that Americans to work behind that and I’ll do the governor’s leadership will make sure that that happened in that 70% Governor Galaxy thank you very much. I’d like to maybe have a Matt Blum speak next because he’s been so incredibly so many ways he fights so hard he loves his daddy loves the people I guess he’s got a race against somebody they call absent that because she never showed up to the Statehouse I don’t know what’s going to absent Abbey who is absent happy but he’s going to the term I think so but you know he came to me recently with let’s band name for somebody to have if you’re running for office okay but he came to me recently about a flood wall and that’s a big deal how much money how much money did you get 17 million dollars and if somebody else would have come they wouldn’t have got they would have gotten $2 but he got 217 million dollars and it’s going well right going well that’s a good thing congratulations good luck with everything the first district of Iowa and I don’t mean to put the pressure after president on secretary Ross and then always got a lot on his plate but we made a bet and Air Force One on the way out here at State Dinner correct monster secretary on getting a well done with Mexico in the next 90 days I could thank you mr. president for your leadership on our economy are now growing at over twice the rate twice the rate that we were under former President Obama and do a large part to your leadership thank you very much for that much and also thank you for having political courage to renegotiate these trade deals which quite frankly are not good for the United States and you’ve taken some heat for in the short-term should have the long run Barbers that manufactures the employers are all going to be better off thank you for having the last three thank you for a commitment your commitment to work this great economy we have is greater than another problem in my district people cannot find workers and that’s a problem we need welfare reform between 18 and 65 years old mentally and physically able to work no children in the house you got to be working right y’all be working we welfare reform we need immigration reform we need more legal immigration reform we need a worker visa temporary worker visas in the area so we need more workers here and lastly Workforce Development you know mr. president there exists a myth in this country that you cannot live the American dream you have a white dress shirt on and working at office and that my friends you would agree I think you would agree mr. president is not true until the first time the first time my friend in our country’s history we have more job openings job openings then we have workers to fill them first time in our country’s history hats off to you before President John confidence and his team and Ivanka will solve our Workforce problems and get more people so we can achieve but secretary mnuchin and I discussed over a year ago and that is 4% economic growth but we need the workers need to be trained to do it and I think this quarter mr. president we’re going to have a pretty good GDP report on Friday numbers come out and I don’t know what they are but they were predictions from 3.8 to 5.3 and somebody would have said that was running if I would have ever even thought that and you know I’ve been saying that frankly I’ve been saying we going to do all play well but nobody thought we were going to be this great we’ve already hit 3.2% when I took over those numb super bad and they were heading in the wrong direction because of Regulation no really the taxes were too high people will leaving the country companies will leaving the country jobs were forget it they were really being abandoned and other countries like they were taking advantage of the United States you know that ride so we stopped at but please and became a self-made entrepreneur we live the American dream and I think this is all about the American dream and became one of the great Congressman to that I can tell you a riddle my name is Joe Dell and I want to thank my beautiful wife for the support out there I want to thank the share family in Dubuque screw for supporting me on my journey ice was a third-generation lager and in June 2014 I was diagnosed with AML leukemia at the time I was only given a few months through rate medical Miracles I’m here today and in that I come back to school through nicc and they connect me with the right people to be successful I went through the pathway program to start out I went through the one beer program and now I am into the apprenticeship program with a great company backing me and I can tell you I am living a very good life from the schooling this is a great program guys are going to give us these opportunities is remarkable and it’s not a traditional schooling so it’s open to a lot of people that real school oriented you know and there’s opportunity out there you just have to want one it and go get it with the drive you know and I think with the employer support we got around our community the community support these people can put you in connection with the right people to make you very success thank you very much thank you beautiful thank you Joe Georgia me to the CEOs from some of the largest employers in our state with Randy being one of them but we have operations and all 99 counties and I think Beth and the governor talked about our future ready Iowa initiative that we have which is a Statewide strategy that’s the first we’ve ever had to dress our Workforce and as you mentioned we’d have Workforce needs to the state and so it really does take business coming to the table and leading and being collaborative and Innovative you know our employers often times do provide training programs but as employers we so that we have to come together and be Innovative in our ways in order to attract our Workforce we pledge of our members 30000 internships externships and then apprenticeships so that we’re reaching those Tunes early so that they understand the types of jobs that we have in the sea by 1 why you want to stay here and why necessarily a four-year degree isn’t that they needed to have a great career so educating them on that we put together a business education Alliance to where we’re bringing together higher education community colleges K through 12 and the Community to talk about innovative solutions to address our Workforce we’re having collaborative industry partnership so bringing like Industries together to say okay we all have these Workforce needs how can we look at apprenticeships how can we look at different tools that are out there to the Dress our training and work for so that we have people here we’re having our community conversations to where we’re going around the state of Iowa where business is driving some of these conversations really talk about what are our jobs in demand in the region we start building those career Pathways how do we use some of the Innovative funds that we have to provide scholarships and break down some of the barriers for people to get to employment and then also we’re dedicated to work based learning we hear over and over again that if students just had the opportunity to work with businesses to get that hands-on experience so that they know she was that algebra class get me at the end of the day and so as the governor mentioned there’s a work-based port all that’s going to be up and running that are businesses are committed to support and a lot of star small medium large that are participating in work-based learning and so that’s where I think the state of Iowa and all of our employers are really stepping up to engaged with education so that we can see our population hasn’t grown in quite some time here in the state so it is important that we retrain the people that we have or fill the jobs that we have thank you very much CEO and president of Ivy just two level set up at Hyvee where I am you 470 clinics and 258 pharmacies in so that’s that’s who we are I was asked you to talk about some of the Workforce Development initiatives that we’ve taken in 2017 colors up to develop a training and education center in Urbandale Iowa that’s designed to enhance education of our current employees I develop leadership skills we put 2500 of our 81,000 through that it just do it leadership ability and enhance skills and then also we developed in the same year and Innovation and Technology Center that employs 400 individuals it’s a 90000 square foot facility that’s very free-flowing collaborative type icenter were using that to really engage with colleges and universities from around the Midwest we have a right now we have a wonderful internship program with Drake University around business analytics and so where were using that as a way to develop new talent and also ideas another area we’re very proud of his arhiv Homefront we watched IV Homefront as a way to support our vets is there getting out of the service with needs and then it it quickly turned to the opportunity to recruited 74 vets in the last 6 months to HyVee we offer a $5,000 relocation bonus and then career tracking for a veteran’s as they get out of the service very important another area that were exceptionally proud of his the numbers of opportunities we’ve been able to provide for individuals with disabilities been recognized many times for what we’ve done we’re work put the Harkin Institute on the international disability employment Summit where were very active and employing folks with disabilities as a great part of our Workforce we actually have for the first time ever this is a very nice proud moment we have first hearing and pay license impaired license pharmacist in the United States who’s practicing in Des Moines right now and I think that’s a nice thing it’s over the next five years taking 800 individuals to her HyVee University program which is a a four-year Advance program to train workers and leaders in our company a thousand interns thousand Advance skilled workers will be trained and then 12,500 on-the-job training and working with individuals to learn new skills to assimilate into our company’s and others and so we’ve committed to 15,000 training Opera he’s over the next five years as a part of your pledge today and so once again thank you for having us here you think you already thank you very much my name is Matt radowski and I reside here in town at Peosta here with me today is my lovely wife Monica my two brothers and both my bosses giving me to participate in the HVAC apprenticeship program through this heat ceu Authority After High School I attended Southwest Tech for dairy herd management and then eventually niacc for HVAC I was offered a position at a graduating where I was low man on the totem pole doing groundwork I moved on to service one because they offered me the chance to grow through the apprenticeship program and because of the opportunist service one has provided me like the pressure and now running service calls on my own and I’m out there to your apprentice and will be soon a licensed journeyman this program has allowed me this program has allowed me to build on my skills and knowledge in the tray that seems to be declining in the workforce for skilled laborers it is allowing me to better myself and become a greater asset to my employer and to the industry my brother who here today it’s all in my footsteps at service one and will be starting any friendship next year but mr. president I want to thank you and congratulate you for the effort and helping the working class and believing in American workers with the Workforce Development I believe this will give the opportunity or give the other options to kids like myself and my brother who may not fit the college mode thank you again for allowing me to share today it’s been a real honor beautiful place as president thanks for being here and welcome iMac easy project manager giese sheet metal our family has a three businesses here in town been in business 95 years and family owned and operated since the start so that’s a lot of people do that so great grandpa started Valley West on furnaces and Sheet Metal and now we got three locations and 150 employees so each Generations made with better and better and so hopefully ours is good which president was a tar.gz manufacturing couple months before the election and it’s probably the best rally of the entire Summer Kim and ride wait wait wait the jobs are out there you know seeing great numbers. Just us I mean everybody is seeing their busier than you know don’t know what to do like you were so busy that we got guys on mandatory overtime and they’re great guys and it’s not just us it’s all the trade didn’t need more guys you know what I actually saw a guy while we were waiting he had a sinus is always hiring and I think that’s a good sign because you know you can always regardless by yeah and then I said that for the longest time you heard the only way you’re going to make money is go to college go to college and for so long that the trade kind of went by the way you realize but a lot of folks don’t realize how much good money it is I mean some of these are $60,000 a year plus jobs and so and plus no College dad and I think that’s as well call nicc does a great job we’ve got some good guys out of here you know with what the governor is doing I think we’re definitely on the right step so I think we just keep going I think bottom line is that works there we just bodies doing so but thanks again for letting me be a part of this thank you very much mr. president in the Ivanka I’m Wednesday night and it is my pleasure on behalf of all of our vice-president all of our faculty and staff to welcome you to the greatest Community College in the nation I hope this is acceptable with my secret service security friends of for those of you in the audience if you partner with us if you had a student who you have hired if you have a friend tell anyone you know that has been touched by an ICC please raise your hand it is because of you that we are the great Community College so thank you very much I get to share with you hopes and dreams you’re going to hear something to do with the stories I’m going to share student to attend our community college for in-demand training receive a very high return on investment Ashley pottebaum lost her customer service job she was single mom she need a career with a self-sustaining to care for her daughter she enrolled here at Northeast Iowa Community College in our gas utility diploma program and it only nine months time and right before she was going to graduate she was offered to by one of our utility companies full-time and now making over $26 an hour she attended Luther College music scholarship with a dream to play soccer Melissa sustained an injury that sidelined that athletic career she decided to return to Dubuque she was looking for a mix of creative problem solving and Hands-On work that would truly make a difference and impact the world she lives she found at at Northeast Iowa Community College in our engineering technology program she loved the college offered one-on-one instruction and that everyone wanted her to be successful and a shout-out to our John Deere friends I believe she’s interviewing with you next week so thank you sorry you also Matt today Nancy sucking her after several part-time jobs with a temp agency to return to her home state of Iowa she enrolled in our engineering technology to your program Nancy attributes her success to the amazing faculty and many resources at Northeast Iowa Community College Nancy is a little bit of an overachiever she has also a welding degree and she worked as a journey pipefitter for 10 years today she works at our great City or our great business here in Dubuque Iowa DD I thank you president Trump Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross who was a big big success on Wall Street that said you have to bring some successful people and especially for that job will be doing great I’d like to talk about the biggest unused resource we have in this country we think about resources as farmland or not or mineral land or oil and natural gas land used resource is people who been sidelined cuz they don’t have the skills labor force participation for the prime age workers namely those 25 to 54 is 82 percent but even that is 2 points below the peak that was back in 1999 that’s two and a half million more Americans who would be at work just to get back to the old percentage that would mean a hundred twenty-five billion dollars more salary it’s a huge huge increment where she at is the 16 to 24 age group their participation rate is only 55.4% down 14 percentage points from the peak in 1989 that means there are more than five million Young Americans who could be Workforce but don’t have the skills but the jobs are there that could be another hundred 25 billion of salary so those two alone would be a quarter of a trillion dollars more pay for Americans think what that would mean for the economy think what it would mean for the families think what it would mean for everybody that’s what we’re after Ivanka and president Trump’s program thank you Wilbur that’s great thank you thank you I just want to call out a friend of mine he led the Republican Party thank you Jeff and I hear we doing well we’re doing well that’s good you are fantastic thank you very much I just look up ictf static there but he’s totally political so great job you do thank you very much secretary Acosta so he is turned out to be one of our greats I told you about Healthcare he came out of nowhere with this incredible plan and he’s done a fantastic job as the Secretary of Labor please Alex mr. president thank you I’ve been listening to to the Comets around the table I’m struck how many first we have seen over the past several months the tax cut that the president referenced is the biggest tax cut that we’ve seen in decades maybe ever and what does that mean that means initially we sought 2 million and 3 million and last I saw 6 million Americans had received a bonus or a salary increase or some other dividend directly because of the tax cuts I was up I was at a facility Advanced manufacturing facility last week signing one of the pledge to American workers with the CEO of that facility they put aside a hundred million dollars to help train and educate their Workforce think about that and they said that was because of the taxes the first deregulate you’ve heard the president reference 22:1 when have we ever seen it Administration that rolls back so many regulations so quickly Veterans Administration reform and so what does this mean if you look at our economy it is strong the unemployment rates are the lowest we seen in my lifetime quite literally the initial jobless claims that recently came out where the lowest since nineteen the unemployment rate here in Iowa is 2.7% think about that and GDP when the president was running they said 3% wasn’t possible but we’ve seen 3% and then when he saw 3% except for percent is impossible yet today were talking about 4% GDP perhaps tomorrow and here’s another first you heard the numbers from your Congressman there are more job openings in the economy today then there are people looking for jobs so their Department of Labor Southeast job number and since the Bureau of Labor Statistics started keeping this data we have never had an economy where we have more job openings then we have people looking for job hockey a great first our problem isn’t where are the jobs our problem is where are the skills people to fill those jobs and that’s a great problem to have and that leads me to another first the Perkins CTE you had to the President’s Day that I’ve been trying to do this since 2006 so Ivanka Trump got together with German Alexander and with chairwoman Fox and the house and yesterday it was passed Voice vote Imagine That by voice though they just wanted to move it and get it done and that’s going to be transformative because what that means and you heard from your Community College president that means support for all these Community College that are working to provide and I loved I love your phrase phrase Wendy in-demand skills we call it a man driven education education were community colleges respond to what is being demanded buy businesses they teach not just any old scale but in-demand skills and that’s what this initiative this pledged American workers is about the last week in the white house we saw on we sought companies make commitments to provide educational opportunities an apprenticeship to almost 4 million American workers and today I was handed this when I walked in here and I because of the governor’s work businesses have come together you heard from Hy-Vee and you just heard from Randy and some others businesses have come together and they’ve already pledged 50,000 training opportunity because of Governor Reynolds work to Iowans and that’s transformative to each and every one of those off until the point that I want to make very simple one whether it’s through tax cuts through deregulation through job opportunities for individuals that are looking to transition careers through educational opportunities for Community College do the Perkins CTE for veterans that are looking for Quality Healthcare through Association Health Plans the rules that we just proposed that are going to drop healthcare costs for associations around the nation and I know hear I heard this morning that some groups and I were already putting those associations together that is impacting lives those aren’t just theories that is impacting American lives across the station and it’s pretty incredible that that has happened in innocence about a year-and-a-half and so it just wanted to reflect on that thank you very much from what Alex said we have to keep it going and we can’t have people sending the tax cuts and giving you massive tax increases which is what the Democrats want to do we can’t have people with open borders where flow into our country many of these people adopt people that we can have in our country we can’t get rid of ice or the bravest toughest people you’ll ever meet and they handle the situation these are people that are so brave you know it’s it’s brilliant to see what they do and yet the disrespected by large large portions of the Democrats we can’t lose ice that’s our protection there Fair but they’re tough and that’s all that the other side really understand especially when you’re dealing with people like MS-13 gangs he’s of the toughest people but they’re not his stuff is what we have not even close and they understand that and I respect in their own way they respect it so we have to keep it going we don’t want to have our very substantial we don’t want to have that ended we don’t want to have tax increases that will kill the whole thing we want to keep all of our programs going we don’t want them ended so that’s why I mentioned rod and and Kim and the people that that have represented your state on our side of The Ledger when the fact is they done an incredible job and it’s only going to get better if we keep this it’s incredible phenomena going it will only get better or numbers are fantastic right now you going to see on Friday what happens with with GDP a lot of predictions Lottery predictions I told you before somewhere the five I’m proud of it would have been Dimension that would have been you would have driven these people back their crazy and it could be very close could even happened 5.3 somebody said yesterday what are the Geniuses on wall 5.3 l k will take anything with a 4in front go nice and slowly right but I just want to say it so important to keep it going so ride I appreciate you being here and really appreciate the job you’ve done your love it is true I said I said a floodwall how much is a flood wall going to cost 217 million are they said Rod what are you talkin about hundred Seventeen million he got it very few people would have gotten that believe me so I congratulate use it well right use it well in Iowa and Kim maybe I’m going to let you finish you off but I really appreciate the job send text to a little bit responsible because I took your other great governor and I sent them to China he has a great legacy and I want to continue to build on that I just want to reiterate again how proud We Are to having to say thank you for what you’re doing I appreciate the partnership and especially the flexibility that you are giving to the states to give us the Opera ready to take these programs and take the resources to be held accountable for but really to Accent the great the great program that we have going on so they’re projecting gross Mexican grills in self that’s a result of some of the policies that you put in place and we’re extremely appreciative of that and we’re going to continue to build on that from the state of Iowa so thank you for being here and being a part of that I can’t see them anymore knock knock knocking on heaven’s door Osaka steak yup yep midnight train going anywhere a small vacation Creeper Creeper Ninja Sims 4 demerit American music ladies and gentleman the president of the United States Donald J Trump Minnesota that’s a great song is it well thank you all and I’m thrilled to be here in Granite City with the incredible men and women of us steel great company break up and we love our steel workers and our Steel Workers are going back to work in record numbers you notice we’re here today to celebrate a great Victory a victory for all of for this community and for our entire country after years of shutdowns and cut backs today the blast furnace here in Granite City is blazing bright workers are back on the job and we are once again pouring new American Steel in to the spine of our country I want to thank secretary Ross’s here with us today and secretary Acosta and they’ve been fighting for your jobs for our jobs for a long time also joined by the three true friends of American Steel Workers representative Mike Faust Rodney Davis and John shimkus thank you very much they fight for you I’ll tell you what those three people fight for you all the time in fact fight so much that I sometimes say I don’t want to take their call today but they’re with you all the way very special people hardworking Congressman I also want to thank the president CEO of the United States Steel Corporation David bird David thank you and David actually gave me a couple of words when I walked in and I said you know what David I’d love you and Doug Matthews and some of the folks that you want to bring if you want to bring anybody come up here I want to shake your head what did job you do and you are steel is back that’s great I’d love you to say a few words and explain what happened over the last 4 or 5 with steel in the United States thanks David thank you so much mr. president and also a special thanks for the heavy lifting diamond and congressmen thank you so very much and dr. Navarro as well so thank you give it up for them it doesn’t feel like a Renaissance here for u.s. steel in our president’s been in office and really only a short time but a lot has happened for our company because of the president thank you sir we have a lot of work to do this is a company that has was originally known as the great iconic Corporation back to 1901 we need to bring back that status we need to make us steel great again we are so to have this type of leadership at this point in time we’re so glad you’re back and I’m so glad you’re back working safely and all we can do this in a we can have steel that’s mine melted and May in the USA in fact that’s exactly what this facility does it gets the taconite pellets I’m outside in Minnesota we get coal from Appalachia we put it all together and we’re able to make this great steel and your back because of the policies are in place and we we need to keep those policies in place and with a president like this we just know he will never blink thank you Phyllis thank you David it’s been so hard to start the steel business back up you know this isn’t like a regular business where you don’t have it it’s just fine you need steel coming from our country you need aluminum coming for right here in the USA and we’ve got aluminum coming out good we’ve got steel coming out Beyond good I think we can say that David and we have lots of other things happening and will be talkin Adam as we go along I want introduce a very special person a tremendous Talent of course I’m a little prejudiced because she’s my daughter revoke I said I’ll bring you up about that got a great job she loves this country I can tell you that first how do you say a few words please wow it’s great to be here in Illinois one thing I can tell you is that this President and this Administration loves its steelworkers this President and Administration is fighting for each and everyone of you and it is an honor to be here the economy is booming steel is coming roaring back and we are so incredibly proud of each and everyone of you and thank you to u.s. Steel for for being here and for having us here and thank you for for this president for enabling it to happen so thank you all enjoy thank you everyone thank you honey yeah we’ve had a lot of improvement lot of things are happening and together we really are starting to live by two very important rules buy American and hire American right of course in terms of a slogan the greatest perhaps ever in the history of politics makeamericagreatagain that’s the best hate to tell you this to keep America great because that’s what’s happening keep America great so your hat will be a little bit up silly but that’s okay that’s okay because that’s what’s happening we’ve never seen anything like going on right now so you can have very big numbers announced tomorrow I don’t know what they are but a lot of big predictions by would have said it on the campaign Trail GDP numbers be announced tomorrow sometime I don’t know what they are but I I think they’re going to be terrific and we took over it was really low and it was heading to lower a lot lower and it was going to be there fast and great things have happened so whatever those numbers are watch for somebody actually predicted today 5.3 I don’t think that’s going to happen 5.3 if it has the floor in front of it where if it has like a 3 but it’s a 3.8 three-point 93.7 we’re okay but these are Unthinkable numbers if I would have used these numbers doing the campaign the fake who’s back there would have said he’s exaggerating look at all those cameras all those cameras every stop I got a this never happened to Obama it’s never happened to Bush this didn’t happen they just follow that died in the sea is make a little bit of a mistake they analyze every word they say did he say shooting them in did he say something positive about Russia I think he loves Russia but these people they analyze every single word and they follow us and you know what the good news is we can get the word out we can get the word out and the word that I get out is what happened to steal and there’s country Dave just said over the last six months even though we’ve been here for a little more than a year-and-a-half but we really hit it big over the last 6 months with what we’ve done they would dumping steal all over the country swing it like it was garbage and they were putting all of you people out of work now you’re making your own steel and the United States is taking in billions of dollars they never say that and also jobs at also we’re recreating a giant industry we need steel we need steel plants and to see an old big monster plant like this reopening that is an honor and I look at the faces of you people I could be one of you I could be one of you I like you guys I like you guys I tell you but I could be one of you throw looking around all these good-looking people it could be me and I’d be happy if I was because you’re opening up plants all over the country I think you are still is opening up 7 plants and expanding their taking areas that they never thought they’d see again in the big plants they have a little corner of a building and now they’re taking half the building and all of this giant building it’s a big difference David thank you very much for doing a great job you better great spokesman no you’re all proud to work at a company where the steel is in fact mind and melted and made in America for more than a century the workers here at Granite City Mill help build the most powerful and proud First Nation ever to exist on the face of the Earth like they pulled the sweat from their brows and the law from their souls to support their families and they love their country we all love our country but bad things were happening three years ago the flood of subsidized Imports and the title wave of unfair trade targeting or steel industry and frankly lots of other Industries it finally caught up with Greg City Steel hundreds of workers were laid off your two beautiful blast furnaces where idle and the lifeblood of this community was drained over the last two decades nearly two pictures of American raw steel companies went out of business more than one-third of the steel jobs vanished we need steel mills for National Security remember that this isn’t just for this isn’t just G we could do it for a little bit less we needed for National Security our steel towns became ghost-town more than 70,000 hard working Americans lost their jobs there hope and their way of life you people know it better than anybody other countries cheated and broke the rules they subsidize their industry Target in our factories our workers our country they went after our companies and they stole our intellectual property like it never even belong to us like it wasn’t power idea in the first place or trade deficit ballooned to 817 billion dollars think of that we lost 807 billion dollars a year over the last number of years in trade another words if we didn’t trade we’d save a hell of a lot of money and all Peter said the only choice was economically surrender they surrendered and by the way even the politicians in Washington nobody wanted me to be doing what I’m doing the country doing well but ultimately it was going to be a very bad thing for our country so I did it and I did it when we were the strongest what having the best economy we’ve ever had in the history of our country and this is the time this is the time to write this is the time to straighten out the worst trade deal ever made by any country on Earth ever in history these deals were made by people I don’t know if they didn’t understand or if they didn’t care or if they didn’t frankly love our country but we have the worst trades ever made in history but now they’re becoming good again we’re here today because America surrenders we don’t wave the White Flag we only wave the flag that we love it’s called red white and blue and it’s beautiful America’s fighting and we’re winning we’re winning your two great Congressman we talked about winning before they came up to me and they said you know we’ve never seen anything like what’s happening in this country but nobody has because it’s never happened before what’s happening with us right now but this is a special industry to me this is steel this is another this is steel and we’ll watching this one closely and it’s going up there for years politicians other than the three politicians with us today these politicians ran for office please Crackdown on unfair foreign trade only to get elected get into office and then to absolutely nothing except let our country get ripped off but I’m not like other things I’ve never been a politician before I only started 2 and 1/2 years ago and I became president how am I doing okay but I keep my promises and I keep my promises to your industry and I keep my promises to the workers of this country for months ago alongside steelworkers just like you and I announced that to defend our national security we were placing a 10% tariff on foreign aluminum and a 25% tariff on foreign feel that very same week u.s. steel announced it was restarting production right here in Granite City and bringing back far more than the original estimate of 500 lot more than that now and just last month ussteel announce the reopening of the second blast the furnace far ahead of schedule meeting almost a thousand jobs and those are good paying job very soon he’s amazing workers will once again be pumping out tons of raw American Steel every single year and the number is going to go Dave a lot higher than that I can say it you probably aren’t allowed to do that but I can say it okay and we know that American Steel is the best deal in the world we don’t have to worry about the quality I was in the construction business I know a lot about sealed border steel and sometimes depending on where it came from it was in steal it was a lot of garbage that look like seal we don’t have to worry about that and we also know that our steel industry is vital to our secure do our prosperity if you don’t have steel you don’t have a country together we’re sending a message to our fight competitors the days of plundering American jobs and wealth those days are over just like I promised we are finally putting first time in a long time many decades many many decades we’re putting America first to all about that and by the way other countries and I said it last year at the United Nations other countries they should put themselves first right they should put themselves first or not America First and other people forget about him I said at the United Nations with putting America first and if you’re the leader of another country you should put your country first but will be able to compete and win against any country that I know I also know that not one person in this room has sat down since I got up and started speaking and I know that the Press will see that he didn’t get any standing ovations that’s because they never had to stand there were already standing they’re already standing so they say this was not a well-received speech he didn’t get any Standing Ovation what do you do when they stood from the beginning to the end the speech but I want to thank everybody and thanks to our Terrace I don’t factories throughout our nation irori back to life Republic Steel is bringing back one thousand jobs in Ohio the Georgetown middle and South Carolina is finally reopening after four and a half years everywhere I go to make a speech sure it’s amazing the steel mill which is been closed for 20 years but 10 years for 5 Years sir its opening and I always mention it in the speeches Georgetown is one of those places is investing billions of dollars to build a brand new plant in Texas and to upgrade another one in Arkansas new car is creating 250 But ultimately going to at least a thousand jobs in the great state of Florida another state we won big commercial metal jobs at a new micro Mill to Oklahoma hundreds of aluminum jobs are coming back to Kentucky and to Missouri hundreds and hundreds across Charles and we are witnessing edible Resurgence of American Prosperity not Justin still not Justin aluminum we’ve added 3.7 million new jobs since the election that beautiful beautiful election in November F-16 election was it my election that was your election fault that was your election including more than 370000 manufacturing jobs alone remember that shadow manufacturing it’s obsolete I said it’s obsolete how is it how do you make things if you don’t manufacture they said they’re obsolete so what soon be up to a half a million jobs in a very short. Of time you’ve heard me say this I’m very proud of this African American unemployment has reached its lowest level in history Hispanic unemployment has reached its lowest level in history Asian unemployment has reach its lowest level in history and I’m sorry I’m going to disappoint you this is tough but I did win that woman’s about didn’t my bad I said why would women vote listen to this I’m sorry I’m so embarrassed to say this cuz Hispanic African-American Asian best numbers in history women unemployed only reached a 65 year low I’m sorry I like to apologize I want to apologize to all the women of the 65 but I will tell you within a short period of time that 65 year. Will be history it will be actually history in two ways manufacturing wages are expected to rise at the fastest rate in more than 80 here’s 95% of American manufacturers are optimistic about their company’s Outlook that’s the highest level ever recorded and this is old-time they’ve been around a long time that’s the highest level ever recorded and thanks to our Terrace and the booming economy that we have created not the past administration where the economy who is going to hell ussteel is now in the early stages David of investing over 2 billion dollars in asset revitalization that will invest hundreds of visions of dollars not just here but in Pittsburgh Detroit and Gary Indiana thank you David in the midst of this great economically viable now is the time to finally fix the terrible one-sided unfair trade deals and practices that have cost our nation trillions of dollars and millions of jobs this is the time to do it with strong-willed doing well we have a military that I’ve just spent I just got to prove 700 billion dollars to fix our military which is falling way behind next year we got to prove 716 billion dollars we have soon the biggest strongest military that we’ve ever had by far it’ll be totally upgraded beautiful dealerships beautiful do planes beautiful new everything cuz you have the greatest fighting people in the world they going to have the greatest equipment to the World by the way nobody makes equipment like we do whether it’s missed or ships or planes nobody makes what we make and foreign countries at least we can sell it to everybody unfortunately we do have a little standard right but if they’re sort of friendly was selling them a hell of a lot of stuff and that’s good for jobs remember that but the United States was the piggy bank that everybody was robbing we would have big dumb piggy bank and everybody was robbing Us blind the whole world the United States a cracked up team trillion dollars in trade deficit since 1994 think of that 13 trillion dollars since China’s entry into the World Trade Organization another disaster for us into fat that’s when China it was Flatline for decades and decades and exactly with the World Trade Organization they shut up and went through the roof but right now doing a lot better than China and we’re doing a lot better than any country on Earth where rated number one in the world for growth and other elements number one in the world did you ever think you’re going to hear that again but before and this is the number that when I said even on the campaign Trail I used to say all the fake news is going to kill me this you know cuz if they catch you make it a little bit steak I’d say we’ve lost 60000 American factories factories that people Factory 60,000 like this who would even think we have so many is it possible so I used to think it was a mistake and then I very seriously I said it 60,000 I went through a speech I didn’t get corrected that again 60,000 then after 45 times I realize that they agree that we lost 60,000 we lost 60 thousand factories jobs that is nobody even knows how many jobs and we lost it because of stupidity stupidity we lost them to other countries we lost our businesses and I jobs other countries Spitfire you and they go to other countries that make the product they sell it into our country tax-free no tax don’t worry about it how stupid where we iprop he got elected largely on that I probably did probably got electric largely not entirely lot of other stupid things we’ve done too but that was a factor because that’s not free Trey that’s full straight that’s full straight to all of the media critics a lobbyist you don’t want us to defend American people that say hello okay when we closed the factory here and we buy steel from some Country Way far away I say to those people that we are not starting a trade War we’ve been in a trade war from years and we lost for many years but over the last year-and-a-half we are winning with back and we’re winning and we are winning bigger than anyone understand we’ve taking the toughest ever actions in response to China’s very abusive Trade Practices and I have to be honest president she is a friend of mine he’s a great man great guy but we taking very tough action because we couldn’t continue to go on with it last year they lost 375 billion dollars on trade with China and that doesn’t it the theft of intellectual property think of that 375 billion it’s crazy not going to happen anymore it’s not going to happen anymore we’re putting the World Trade cheaters or notice no one rip turn off the United States of America and nobody takes advantage of our workers are a company’s anymore and this includes protecting our great farmers are farmers are incredible Agriculture and related Industries have lost 1 million jobs in the last 20 years now China is going after our soybean farmers in the hopes we will surrender our intellectual property and that they will be a 500 billion dollars and 375 billion dollars off the big fat sloppy United States not happening folks and our farmers are patriots remember that are farmers are Patriots and they’re saying the president is doing the right thing they interview on my television they say I know it’s going to be a little tough for a while but he’s doing the right thing because everybody knows we’ve been ripped off for so long and he’s doing the right thing these are incredible people and you know we’ve given them a little help yesterday we giving them help and everybody’s going to be back cuz we have the greatest farms in the world you have the greatest equipment in the world there’s nobody can Pete nobody can compete with us with Agriculture and these tactics so they’re not working you’re not going to give China or any other country a veto on United States national security not going to do it and we will not let anybody believe our wonderful American farmers are fortunes is a nation rise and fall together and that is why we are going to stick together and win for our farmers and a factory workers or steelworkers here we are all across this nation a very proud to report we have reached a breakthrough agreement yesterday with the European Union commonly referred to as Europe did Lauren trade barriers on establishing a trade relationship that is fair and my favorite word reciprocal reciprocal European union and I understood this was wrong but they had barriers where they would sell their cars we couldn’t sell cars into them they would text us but we would attack them far-less by the way I’ll give you one example cuz it really works when we build the car and sell it into China they charge us a tariff of 25% when they build a car and sell it into the United States we charged I’m at Tower of Two and a half percent and by the way and then I’ll pay it so we get two and a half percent and they get 25% other than that it’s a very fair deal I said where the hell about people been and honestly I don’t think they cared I just don’t think they cared and it’s nasty look at the bad press I’m getting these guys they said I was too nasty tomato and too nice to Russia figure that one out okay and yet I’m the one that told Meto in Germany why are you selling why are you doing this why You by all of this gas and paying Russia billions and billions of dollars for your energy I brought that up but they said he was so nasty what let me just tell you what happened with NATO last year they paid 44 billion dollars more than they ever paid before and if you look at NATO it was going this way it’s going down everybody was delinquent they were not everybody but almost every the United States was it by the way Germany what is 1% and we pay 4.3% you think that’s good and the one thing I know about NATO for sure it’s better for Europe than it is for us lot better for Europe but think of it so you had these countries that were paying so little and that gives them a big economic Advantage because we’re protecting them and they have a very small cost the military wears we have a massive cost I just told you 700 billion dollars and we’re protecting them so at the end of that meeting they agreed that they would be paying up hundreds of billions of dollars more money will be spent on NATO and we not going up by the way we’re not going up hundreds of billions of dollars and the head of the secretary-general stoltenberg right guy he’s my biggest fan of the whole world he said without president Trump these people just weren’t paying their bills and now they’re paying their bills and they’re proud to do it but the Press said I treated them badly I treated them with this respect these are kings queens presidents Prime Ministers at a dictator 02 they were the ones that actually were able to pay the easiest so I did a good job with you there were actually stories about my attitude with NATO and they didn’t say that hundreds of billions of dollars more have been agreed to be paid and that was the whole purpose because our country was being taken advantage of we were paying anywhere from 70 to 90% the cost of 29 total countries in their not anymore as part of our agreement by the way to finish setup Kim Jong on making terrific when I met with President Obama it sounded like he was ready to go to war with North Korea sound like you was ready to go to war I said did you ever speak to him know I said wouldn’t it be nice at least did you ever speak to him no but it sounded to me respectfully like he was ready to go to war Soul which is a massive City 30 miles away from the border forget about nuclear thousands and thousands of tannins they call him County Jail massive guns and now you see what’s happening find months no nuclear test no Rockets going up no missiles going over Japan we got our three hostages back got all three houses and we didn’t pay 1.8 looking for the hostages nothing but he was very smart and we have established really a very good relationship but at the beginning the news was saying why do you say is going to cause War he’s being horrible he’s totally unhinged when I use terms like little Rocketman other terms but honestly now I have a great relationship I think I think with German Kim and I think a lot of good things are going to happen and without that rhetoric and without the sanctions are without all the other things that we’ve been nothing could have happened now you read where the dismantling nuclear areas they’ve already blowing up some nuclear areas they took down all of the propaganda that was all over North Korea signs music all of this stuff taken down it’s gone making a lot of progress but if you read the papers you wouldn’t understand that because you don’t get the real view from the fake news media so it’s just very important that’s one of these what are the advantages just speaking to a tremendous amounts of look at all those cameras back there is that it’s like the Academy Awards but one of the Avengers I can say it it’s covered life much of it and when I say if they can’t do anything about it cuz I say it so at least I hear our point of view in powerpoint of your not my point of view and it’s the point of view of Common Sense and strength it’s both it’s common sense and it’s strength and the stronger we get the less people are going to be messing with us cuz we don’t want to use that kind of strike but the more power we have the more we’re not going to have to use it is very simple so it is part of my agreement with the European Union they’ve agreed to purchase almost immediately large amounts of American soybeans cause China really tried to hurt the American Farmer because that way they were going to and that way you would go in November and you would vote for people that don’t want borders they don’t care about crime they want to get rid of ice Democrats how about the new one they want to get rid of ice Ice’s tough and Isis smart and they go in and they knocked the hell out of MS13 these are killers he’s nice because it’s more painful than guns and Ice goes in like it’s today the office these are tough people I got to be tough people because MS-13 in these gangs that the worst loss immigration laws in history of allowed into our country tattoo please how about that one you catch a criminal you take his name and then you release him he’s got to show up to court within four or five years in the meantime they’re committing crime in our country these are the laws we have to work with and then fight that was setting records but we have horrible horrible immigration laws and we’re going to get them fix you got to vote Republican folks you got about the Republican vote for these two congressmen they know what we’re doing they know what they’re doing the tough tough and they’re smart they’re also going to increase purchases European Union of American Energy and work with us to protect intellectual property which is being stolen at levels that nobody’s ever seen before I want to personally thank you are paying commission president Jean-Claude juncker but working to Ford sister storec agreement he’s actually a very tough very smart very good man cuz if I didn’t make a deal with him I wouldn’t be saying and everything we do and every action we take my Administration is fighting for the loyal hard-working citizens of our country men and women like you who make our country great who make our country run I’d like to invite some of the incredible personally share their stories really fast Patricia Bertrand good last month Patricia Christian then with a bottle of champagne another word she loves this place I think is that right good breaking breaking the champagne bottle on W furnace last month restart celebration was a very special honor I was impacted 2 years ago when the plant was idled prior to that I had worked at Granite City Works 16 years and was able to provide a comfortable life for me and my family Granite City Works is home to me and driving past the quiet plant was difficult many families including my own suffered and and businesses it is great to see the plant up and running everyone back to work and the community surviving thank you mr. president what a good job Patricia don’t ever run against the congressman please cuz you’re going to win and we need them don’t ever run against them what a great job also joining us saddle rack at bricklayer tell us a little bit how it feels to be back on your job I want to thank everybody here for having me up and especially president Trump two years ago like a lot of people in this room I got a phone call that was call not knowing where the next house payment would come three boys and college at the time and in those two years thanks to mr. Trump and everybody who supported him we’re back now things are better and Future’s looking fantastic again thank you for supporting him and thank you thank you Johnny beautiful also here is Bobby Ellis he’s a Marine Corps veteran on the second generation of his family to work right here at the Granite City milbob come on up how exciting is this no I grew up here my mother God Rest her soul Nellie Ellis works at the machine shop called male 37 years I joined the Marine Corps I realized what kind of family that is you guys each and everyone of you my family we love you startup stay out finally I’d like to hear from Neil with third-generation employee who started here over 40 years ago and climb the ranks to become a plant manager and now he’s back how does that feel I’ll be half of my work family here Grant City Works I think you mr. president it’s really as a family here I see the familiar faces of the people I’ve known for years and every day as I grew up with most of you went to school with most of you or your parents as plant manager it was difficult laying off people and getting the calls after the layoffs hearing about the struggles during about their personal lives here about the the community how it was suffering however the plant was able to come back thanks to all artwork from everyone of you in the dedication from everyone of you and support mr. president I look around here today and I see The Smiling Faces we all that to you mr. president thank you very much credible credible job thank you all for thank you very much and those stories are inspiring for everybody in our country and you have a lot of people listening right now we won every American to know the Dignity of work the pride of a paycheck and the satisfaction of a job well done that’s what’s happening right here in Granite City made in America it’s not just a slogan it’s a way of life remember when I was growing up made in the USA or made in a it was on everything it was on everything a country Czechoslovakia long time ago people used to take dollar bills and they used to paint them and paste them onto the windshield of their car because it represented America that’s all coming back now that’s what’s happening made in the USA made in America proud of it again with your help we are lifting up workers all across our land we are lifting up the minors who blast or from Minnesota Iron Ridge The Dock Workers in Duluth who loaded onto barges a thousand feet long the crew members who navigate down the Great Lakes through the Michigan Sherlock’s and on to Illinois the rail workers who haul it right here to beautiful Granite City and everyone that touches the barges their trucks the trains that carry the work of your hands to destinations all across our country all across the world the factories and construction sites into our stores are homes our driveways we thank you we are a nation of Builders makers and creators in the furnaces of our factories we Forge American Prosperity power and Prestige remember that word Prestige our country is becoming precision yeah I’m meeting with leaders they all come to me and they congratulate me on what we’ve done they respect us again America is back our country is back we see the proud Legacy of our Steel Workers all across This Magnificent landscape in our city skylines and our bridges and flying from the Empire State Building to that shining Monument to America’s pioneering Spirit the Gateway Arch the soul of our nation lives in our people Carnation beats and our citizens and the destiny of our nation is found in our two hands we all share the same home we all salute the same rate American flag and we are all made by the same Almighty God I will never stop fighting for you because I know that you are the ones that are rebuilding our nation you are the ones we naming our dreams and yes you are the ones who are making America great again thank you God bless you and God bless the United States of America thank you everybody the reception I knew she was going to meet you could always get what you want but if you try sometimes
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