Trump Plans Tanks & Fireworks As Govt Photos Show Migrants In Dire Condition | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Trump Plans Tanks & Fireworks As Govt Photos Show Migrants In Dire Condition | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
Trump Plans Tanks & Fireworks As Govt Photos Show Migrants In Dire Condition | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
De 894 of the Trump Administration – and we now have shocking new images of the extent of the humanitarian the government provided these images from facilities for migrants in Texas, Rio Grande Valley, this photograph from June 10th in McAllen Texas. Look at this. It shows families packed behind this fence into an area labeled pod to in Westlake, oh detainees with children laying on the floor and I’m concrete benches on top of each other, with what appears to be one water cooler, so I’m wearing masks over their mouths and in The fort Brown station one man is seen holding up handwritten sign that says, help 40-day here, they’re all included a new report from the Department of Homeland Security Office of the Inspector General, which surveyed those Rio Grande detention facilities. Last month. The report describes serious overcrowding in prolonged Detention of unaccompanied Alien Children, families and single adult that require immediate attention. Senior managers at several facilities raise security concerns. One called the situation a ticking time, children that three of the five border patrol facilities were visited and had no access to showers to facilities and not providing children access to hot meals. Tonight, a new CNN poll shows nearly three-quarters of Americans say the situation. Southern border with Mexico is a crisis number of house Democrats toward migrant facilities in Texas. Yesterday, in Florida today, today, they and party leaders are speaking out about the conditions and about the White House’s response. We came today to say we were shut this down. If we Act are guilty of child abuse, which is a crime we have to prosecute, we insisted on talking to these groups of women. Tears will down the faces as they talked about their conditions. They said that they have no idea when they were going to leave. They have been there over 50 days. They said that they have been separated from their children, Madeleine Dean, seen here, Pennsylvania in Texas and Florida, and has seen the conditions up close in the wake of all this house oversight committee chairman Elijah, Cummings, that his committee wants to hold hearings border Chiefs next week And issued a statement, saying quote: the Trump administration’s actions at the southern border are grotesque and dehumanizing. Also, today, the president’s effort to add a citizenship question to the upcoming census appears to have. The administration will now go ahead and begin printing the census forms. Without that question days after the Supreme Court blocked its Edition just yesterday Trump and said he was still looking at delaying the census, Trump’s also facing an escalating how to get copies of his tax returns. The house is now suing the treasury Department and the IRS demanding copies of the return which the administration refuses to release even amid the crisis at the border, the challenges to his paw two goals and the outright battles with Congress Trump remains defiant. This morning he sent this out quote Robert Mueller’s being asked to testify. Yet again he said he could only stick to the report, and that is what he would and must do. This witch-hunt must now and no more do-overs. Earlier this evening, Trump’s campaign also announced the rally in North Carolina on July 17th. The same day Mueller testifies to Congress quote, the economy is the best it has ever been, and there was also this big 4th of July in DC salute to America, the Pentagon and our great military leaders are thrilled to be doing this incredible, flyovers and big ever Fireworks texts are being moved into position for Thursday’s events to defense. Official familiar with the planning tell NBC News. There will be a variety of military may be included The Washington Post reports. The White House is giving tickets to the July 4th event, the Republican donors and the political appointees. The Trump campaign. Earlier today, NBC News, NBC News has Peter Alexander asked the administration about the distribution of those tickets. The public is welcome to come and celebrate our great country, the greatest democracy, the Constitution. That seems to only in interest you only the Second Amendment, all the others, really just the birth of this country, the greatest democracy YouTube The Washington Post and Jill Colvin White House reporter for the Associated Press Phil. Let’S start with you, the Administration has been defending. What is coming out about the conditions at these migrants centers? I want to listen to the depth Customs and Border Patrol commissioner, Robert Perez on Fox and Friends. Everyone at all of our facilities have ready access to freshwater. They have access to consumables and the standards that we apply to make sure that on a recurring and very times basis that not only they have access to the types of consumables in freshwater that they would need, but even in between, if they make those requests. That are agents and officers at the ready to provide those types of requests to them. What we’ve seen from a Department of Homeland Security Inspector General report, what we’ve seen from lawsuits have been filed? What we’ve heard for Porter’s our own reporters with an outside these facilities and what we are now hearing from members of Congress who have gotten as close as they can get? What’S the real situation here, as far as we can tell this situation, is, is very dire and Eat Em and you’re right that that statement that you just played is not in keeping with what we’re hearing in our reporting and and what we’re seeing with the images That are coming out from some of these facilities. Thanks to some of the members of Congress, have been there and it’s a real prices for the Trump Administration. They have been struggling for the last several months at to contain the situation at the border where there had been a surge in migrants. The numbers of border crossings have actually declined over the last few weeks and the number of I had started to decline, although it remains at a very serious crisis level, but the Administration has not provided the kind of transparency that certainly Democrats are demanding, and nor has There been much accountability and part of what’s going. Here is a political Story. The president is eager to have headlines about immigration. He sees this as a winning issue for him, politically speaking, and in fact, his campaign advisers told my colleagues at the Washington Post today that they want to be talking about this free day between now and the 2020 election, and so as it becomes as such a Core sort of emotionally-charged issue in the democratic debate you’re, seeing the president and his allies trying to make him to make it politically advantageous to them as well from the earlier situation border as the crisis that he wanted to declare a National Emergency over. But the president is not getting pushed back from GOP members of Congress. A Republican strategist believe that immigration is the number one winning issue for them in 2020. The president seems to think so as well, and he is eager to talk about this as much as he possibly can and Republican, as you said, largely falling in line. Even as more and more Democrats almost entirely Democrats entirely Democrats, members of Congress are going and viewing this these facilities going their first can’t even mind. This is several lawmakers describe that some of these folks have been moved in the last 24 hours before they arrived. They surmise that this was an attempt to sort of sterilized as much as they could. The conditions before lawmakers could come see them and talk about them and still that bad, where people did not have access to facilities to water. But, as you said, immigration is a sparking point when, before an election, even when they’re visuals of people actively suffering in US custody, the issue here is that between the competing narratives, the administration’s through the DHS and the various branches of the DHS that deal with with Immigration and then the the other that is largely coming from democratic members of Congress, but others where’s the public. In this we are starting to see movement in terms of people feeling it’s an emergency in a crisis. But at this point that backlash could find a twin White House. Yeah absolutely looks like something that has been going on for months and months now. I remember reading in tenant reports several months back talking about conditions like this talking about the overcrowding at these border patrol facilities, border patrol agents really just not know what to do with how to handle these families coming in people coming in needing Medical Care, children separated From their parents, because their parents were taken to the hospital, I remember one of this border patrol officer as a two-year-old going through his iPad, trying to keep him entertained and just nobody knowing how to deal with the situation, because the government wasn’t giving them the resources That they needed, but I think that when the ball really started to shift Preston outraged when we started seeing these images you coming out, we’ve got members of Congress, especially members that says, but Democrats are running for president right now who are going to those facilities everyday. Taking tours putting out pictures to vibing the conditions that were seeing where there was at that very heartbreaking, devastating photographs of that father and his daughter who died as they tried to make the journey across the Rio Grande dangerous, desperate. They are, as they try to make their way to the US only to face the kind of conditions that they’re facing here you know and as thus becomes politicizes. The president’s team continues to believe that this is a winning issue and the Democrats running, but they can score points against the president on imagine. If it’s going to stay very much of the Forefront, lots of other great videos,
With government watchdog photos showing massive overcrowding and worse at migrant facilities, Trump is diverting government money to bring tanks into DC for his Fourth of July speech. Kimberly Atkins, Philip Rucker, and Jill Colin join to discuss.
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Trump Plans Tanks & Fireworks As Govt Photos Show Migrants In Dire Condition | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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