Trump presents stark choice for 2020 voters

Trump presents stark choice for 2020 voters
Trump presents stark choice for 2020 voters
Keep America great because we have these socialists want to take it away from us. They want to take it a while, so it works good because last night in New Hampshire, if he is not real good morning at Point Clear last night to voters, it was very clear and he’s right that actually, even if the in the next year also running Out to the election isn’t performing as well as he would like, and we would like and that fool doesn’t provide the ideal platform for re-election, it’s still possible to say: well, it’s not great, but the other. What would make that is a perfectly reasonable point to make and justified by that policies, which I think would hurt investment, and that should take us back to that kind of stagnation. We saw before the deregulation and tax cuts of this Administration boosted business investment which lead to more job creation, higher worker productivity and, crucially, higher wages with them boots retail sales and consumer company going. We don’t have to just accept that this recovery has run out of steamed. It’S going to be a little bit depressed for the next year or so.. There’S a couple of things he can do Festival there’s a policy that would get a lot of investment unlocked, which is to index capital inflation. That would mean a new round of investment that would stop that cycle and trade like I’ve, been the toughest on China. I think he’s doing the right thing, but I think it’s perfectly reasonable for him to say tactical Retreat, get a trade deal in place and then really hit them off to the next selection. Once he’s re-elected very interesting, Stevie said Democrats are the party of high taxes, high crime, open borders, late term, abortion and socialism is in the Republican party. Is the party of Freedom interesting to hear him with that message in New Hampshire last night spending time in a showing how the Trump campaign sees that is a crucial State? I believe you said we should have won New Hampshire that was taken away. It was very, very close, was just a few thousand votes could have gone. The other way than Hillary Clinton could have won. Wisconsin Michigan Pennsylvania. You hear that all the time from the other side is that the same in relation to New Hampshire was very very close to that, and so he’s done. A lot of positive work, which is a huge issue in that particular State. He’S got a good story that, but what, if points, does this election map a lot of people? Just always very simple he’s just it’s all about those three states again, though the industrial Midwest, the blue wall, as it are the Democrats, if the president just get those tri-states again he’s fine. Actually, it’s not as simple as that he can afford to lose. Michigan and Pennsylvania pick up a couple elsewhere, like New Hampshire, and you know he’s the map is more interesting than then a lot of the Coventry has allowed, for. Nothing is really encouraging that he’s in New Hampshire campaigning for those votes that create ones. Maybe a bit concerned about what we saw this week as far as Wall Street and it’s on the market rally when that, when the president announced the delay of those terrorists till mid-December, and then we saw the big sell-off. The White House said. That was because of the Federal Reserve. Here we are almost 300 points to round out the week on a Friday. There’S a lot of uncertainty out there. What is the president has to do to calm fears that another recession, maybe coming because he’s got to stay strong against Democrats as we get closer to 2020 sibbald point to the real economy, which is still stripping really well, you saw the Bank of America CEO. I think out this morning or recently saying that he can see in the real you still got very strong consumer spending. Wages are up, the unemployment situation know this isn’t this is real life for Real Americans. It’S it’s it’s going! Well and don’t let us talk ourselves into recession, but it is also true that a lot of those good thought we seen all the result of confidence, the confidence that gives Business Leaders they to make that decision, that yeah we can reinvest or whatever it may be, And that’s going to keep going and that’s why I think those steps he can take to unlock more technical change around taxation on capital gains. Turn 50 is to stand up to China, his pills, his attitude, his approach with tires. I think it’s the only way to get very thing: that’s got China’s attention on all those violations of trade policy technology fast and so on, but it’s perfectly reasonable to say: Everett Ruess get the deal done, get the confidence back and then, after the election coming hit. China again with the terrorists really interesting to hear him say you have no choice but to vote for me, but then he was speaking or might not have supported him initially, but maybe benefiting from his trade policies and the economy that we have seen to this date And he said you have no choice of your 401k. If you like what you see vote for me again, it was his message. Steve final thoughts. I think it’s very, very powerful than what he’s really good at is Biz, making things incredibly clear and simple, and that’s talk Choice, particularly when the be it off to the left, even including some of that Joe Biden, who supposed to be the Mildred he’s shifted to The left as well that’s going to be really clear choice and President Trump, I think, he’s got that cleared strong message with the record. I think he’s going to be so hard to beat next to you very interesting thoughts, great to talk to you on this Friday morning, Steve Hilton. Thank you very much.
Trump hammers Democratic presidential candidates at New Hampshire rally, suggesting the U.S. would go into another recession if he is not reelected; reaction and analysis from Steve Hilton, host of ‘The Next Revolution.’ #FoxNews

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