Trump presents the Medal of Freedom to Mariano Rivera

Trump presents the Medal of Freedom to Mariano Rivera
Trump presents the Medal of Freedom to Mariano Rivera
Ladies and gentleman, the 45th president of the United States company Buy thank you very much. Everybody, the Sandman, my wife, the Sandman. Just tell me our first lady, I said because you put the batter to sleep, bread, the Sandman, a lot of people. Don’T know that but know that we watch it for a long time, but thank you all for coming the first lady and I are delighted to welcome you to the White House. Today. We present our nation’s highest civilian honor, the presidential medal of freedom, 2 American baseball Legend, maybe the Great picture of all-time say that Maria and I want to congratulate you on this really extraordinary achievement. Thank you. Thank you very much for the great job. You’Ve done we’re delighted to be joined by our vice president, Mike Pence and his wonderful wife Karen. Thank you very much gas I thinking of along with many of the members of our very distinguished and hardworking and very, very successful cabinet. Thank you all for being here. Thank you. Thank you. Cabinet. We’Re also grateful to be joined by Mariano’s wife, Clara. Thank you Clara. Thank you. Clara is three Suns yaphet Yasiel Mariano’s daughter-in-law Alissa. Thank you very much. Thank you all for being so great. A great player, 2 and Chief Operating Officer of the New York Yankees lawn trust. Thank you. Thank you. Al on good luck, you’ll get it. We could use him in the bullpen. Maybe I know that would be good. That would guarantee it good luck. Great season you’ve had tremendous fishing boat captain on the coast of Panama. He learned play baseball on the mud flats of the Pacific with a cardboard Love, a Bad fashion from a tree branch and a ball made out of rock string and tape. That was it a lot of money for playing baseball. He excelled at the sport at the age of 18. He started playing in the country’s top adult league in a critical game. With this team losing badly, the coach called him over and asked Mariano to do something that he had never really done before. Could you pitch Mariano Mo insisted that he could not? But when he took the mound and amazing thing happened, the crowd witnessed an incredible performance. His opponents did get a single Run for the rest of the game and a legend was starting his t1and epic comeback and told him that he tryout in Panama City, with the world’s most famous baseball Dynasty, the New York Yankees, with barely enough money for the bus Ride home Mariano set out on a journey that would define his life Spire countless Millions around the globe at his first dry out in worn-out, shoes and a borrowed love Mariano through 9 test balls. It was the only pitch he knew how to throw. After a few. More tryouts the Yankees offered him a contract to play their farm team. The Gulf Coast Yankees do remember that in August 1990 Mariana threw his first no-hitter. He had an average ERA of 17. That means like 117th of one, that’s not elected. Did you lose? How do you lose a gay? Well, I guess you score. No runs right boy, oh boy! In 52 Innings he had points 17, which is on her, come over 22 games soon, thereafter, Mariano married Clara, which was even more important thing for him to do and truly – and he said it many times you are the love of his life. You know that you feel that right. I hope he tells you that they will soon celebrate their 28th wedding anniversary. Congratulations slow after 5 who’s playing in the minors in 1955. Mariano made it to the big leagues in his second Yankees Mariana, delivered 130 strikeouts in less than 108 Innings, while facing 400 five batters. He allowed only one home run with an era of 2.09. The Yankees made him a closer for the 1997 season. That’S when it really started happening that if he accidentally threw a pitch ever thrown before, then he tried it several more times and his fastball. He had suddenly developed that lethal pitch, which are people throwing that pitch today. Cuz I’ve never noticed they don’t have your success. Add Betty players would come to consider it the greatest pitch ever in baseball. It would break many records and many bats in a 1999 game against the Atlanta Braves. His snapped a big, strong guy, Ryan, + guy know him well as a player he’s a big powerful guy and he broke his back three times in one plate. Appearance be fearsome, pitch, destroyed 44 bats in less than 81 Innings, and I used to say I tell people, I’ve never seen a guy breaks so many bats. It’S called a heavy heavy hitch and ask Mariana Y, and he really didn’t know. What’S the way it was right it just the way it happened from God from God when he retired the Minnesota Twins presented him with what would become one of the most prized possessions. A chair made out of there battered bats in 1998-1999 and mm Series Championships. Mariano closed out three consecutive World Series victories and delivered 14 strikeouts and seven saves he gave up only two runs to 59 batteries playing against the best team. So this is a low-level. He did better against the best team that he did incredibly in the playoffs music Enter. Sandman fill the arena that the game was all, but over in game 7 of the 2003 American League Championship Mariano entered at the top of the ninth with the score tied 525. He held off the Boston Red Sox for three straight Innings. Without giving up a single run, helping secure the series for the Yankees. He was named. The Series MVP not surprising in one of the most memorable moments at Mariano’s career, was the final game of the old Yankee Stadium last game and what he took his place in history as the final man to pitch in that Shrine to American baseball, and I spent Stadium at night – and it was special with Mo on the mound for the ninth inning – not a single hitter from the Baltimore Orioles made it to first base. He secured yet one more Yankee Victory and that the Old State and became the house that Ruth built and that Rivera closed out set a course of 90. I didn’t even know what I knew he was the best, but this is crazy. Mariano broke, the Major League Baseball record for the most games, finished and saves made, has the best ERA earned run average in the past 100 years 2.2, one in the regular season and even more astounding 70? That’S less than 1 in the postseason win. Again, you play the best and you had less than 1.7. He made more than two times as many saves as the next best picture in postseason. I have a true touch picture. He was always the best against the most talented hitters. Amazingly the five + 27 batters. He faced in postseason games hit, only two home runs and scored only 13 runs against him. I think you guys want him quickly. We have to get him get him in uniform, getting ready to sign them up blonde Mariano helped lead. The Yankees to five world series was named the World Series MVP in 1999, and this year he became the first-person unanimously elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. So, just out of curiosity Babe Ruth was not unanimously elected by the babe, didn’t make it yeah, that’s pretty good. Mario! That’S I’ve heard first unanimously The Babe wheel of the babe. What a swing The Babe had that Old, Corkscrew swing red, get him out either throughout Mariano’s, incredible career. He remained a humble man, Guided by a deep Christian faith that inspires everyone around him. As he says, he is always remembered that the law doesn’t care about wealth or fame, or the number of saves somebody adds. We are all children of God, and the Lord cares about the goodness and love in our hearts. That’S all well! Well, that is different than the babe, I would say I don’t know if a beverage said that that’s pretty sure he did maybe in his last year he said nearly two decades ago, Mariano founded the Mariano Rivera Foundation, which has provided hundreds of scholarships for underprivileged children Along with school supplies for countless students and is currently building a learning and Community Center in New Rochelle New York, where I can tell you from being a New York, what done in New Rochelle has been incredible: incredible after retiring from baseball, Mariano and his wife built And Evangelical Church in today, Clara, is it Pastor, I’m going to have to come? Listen to you sometime, I could use it. That’S good. Mariano was naturalized as a US citizen in 2015 and of course he serves as co-chair of the president’s Council on Sports Fitness and Nutrition. Mariano Rivera has made extraordinary contributions to American Sports culture and Society. He is the most dominant relief pitcher in the history of baseball and more than that, he has live view. American dream and Sean’s as an example of American greatness for all to see, and I doubt I’d like to ask the maid to come forward and present Mariano Rivera with the presidential medal of before we do. The actual presentation I’d like to have Mariana just say. A few words – and I know most of those words – are going to be addressed to his family, because I know how he feels about his family. Nobody love the family more than Mariana, please Mariana, the president. Thank you for so I would like to say thank God for a wonderful day and I’ll always be here in president. Mr. president, thank you for all those words remarks. The first lady thank you depends Karen, thank you for being all of you for being here person, but my wife, like it in my families, rest of the family. Friends without you guys supporting the prayers that we got from Mister Mister T mr. Joe Torre benefit for a lot of those prayers, and for me it’s an honor and a privilege to receive these is medal of freedom, which I mean all I do is try to Be the best in and do the best for them for America. You know one thing that I have to remark this one remark. When I came here in 1990, they spoke. No English speak now in the team. They were a lot of players that spoke Spanish. So I got a little comfortable and then try a little bit to learn the language. My second year in baseball Greensboro North Carolina where most of the people didn’t speak. Any Spanish. I was a little younger, so hang out with, and I was hanging out with you guys friend of mine, Tim Cooper and another. Why guy Buck Taylor times did I go to bed crying because the game, but because I was frustrated because I couldn’t speak, the language couldn’t speak English. So therefore, I told just to tinted of mine thing. I don’t care how much you make fun of me, but please I give you the permission to laugh and do that. But teach me Teach Me the Right Way. By my surprise, they never loved me and they teach me by the end of the year. I was able to communicate with my manager with my teammates and I was the happiest man in baseball and from that I was selling my career took off and able to realize that I I can do something for all this, because I knew the language now. I can relate with someone that’s going through the same process. I’Ve been learning. English is the first thing that we should do, and I did them for that. Being a big American, I’m so proud and owner. small town, beautiful Town Country call Panama and live with my family here thing understand the language in everything that we go through. I’M proud, when American saw that thank you very much during his name in seasons in Major League Baseball, Mariano Rivera established himself is the greatest relief pitcher of all time signed by the New York Yankees in 1990. Mr. Rivera went on to become a 13-time, All-Star and five-time World Series champion he’s the first player in the history of the sport to be elected unanimously into the National Baseball Hall of Fame off the field through the Mariano Rivera Foundation has helped provide children in need. With an education empowering them to achieve a better future, United States, probably honors Mariano Rivera for being a legend of the game of baseball and for his commitment to strengthening America’s communities.
President Trump presents the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Yankee Hall of Famer Mariano Rivera. #FoxNews

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