Trump rallies in El Paso, Texas: What to expect

Trump rallies in El Paso, Texas: What to expect
Heading to the southern border for his first rally of the 2020 campaign in El Paso, Texas, he’s trying to press his hard-line message on immigration as he pushes for the border wall. But his will not be the only rally in town Texas, Congressman Beto O’Rourke planning to join an anti Walmart nearby, our next gas plans to meet with the president before it all begins and this morning. What are your expectations as the In-N-Out Howdy Doody as well, will show up? I think, he’s going to talk about two things. I think he’s going to talk about the importance of getting Congress to sign the USC usmca agreement than improved NAFTA agreement, which you’ll three world leaders have come together and made an old agreement. Much better. Also he’s obviously don’t talk about building a wall on their southern border. Take the United States the first one state of the union about six days ago, the president talking about the virtues of a wall and its effect on crime and Washington. The Border city of El Paso Texas used to have extremely high rates of violent crime, one of the highest in the entire country and considered one of our nation’s most dangerous cities upon its building with a powerful barrier in Place. El Paso is one of the safest cities in our country. Publicans. The Marin El Paso is Dee Margo. The tweets the following El Paso was never won the most dangerous city in the US defense for 10 years, and it has impacted illegal immigration and curb criminal activity. It is not the sole humidity continues to keep us safe, hashtag, sotu State of the Union is the state of the truth in El Paso, so significantly dropped. Neither side can can argue that I guess they can argue over. How much is you know a lot or how how you know what criminal activity was proud of that, but it’s a stated fact that the wall has stopped crime and it is lowered in El Paso. Here’S one thing about the wall that I think the the conservative side is missing. A wall is the most humanitarian thing we can do. The other side said it’s immoral. Let me tell you what immoral amoral is giving false hope to thousands of people that track up here, thousands of miles under false pretenses many times Air Force carry packs of dope across in the sex slaves. Drug mules. I was chairman of Homeland Security for the state of Texas medium.. The farmers ranchers down there want the land secure. The property values have plummeted, the can’t even sell that land to can’t work at the Kent Farm it I can’t go on it. These drug cartels come across with these willing and unwilling to help them get in the United States. They cut their fences, they kill their livestock, they robbed their houses, many people have been shot and harmed. The most humanitarian thing we can do is Build That Wall. So these people can be funnel through legal channels and stop this sex trafficking, human trafficking and drug cartel through Airport border search for truth, stop the wall, stop the lies! What why did? Why is he carrying on with such a different message? You know they want unfiltered immigration, they wanted background checks, free lead, I guess drugs and MS-13 gangs to come back and forth through our borders, which is just ludicrous. That’S not the America. I grew up in family. Are my grandchildren? Are the border for our side? For the protection of of the immigrants coming in there being explored in, like I said, turn into sex slaves, drug mules left abandoned to died in the desert. I’Ve got houses pictures. I can show. U what I need. What are two days ago, we just showed her audience. Iran government build a border fence in El Paso 2008. I miss got a response to 9/11 new terrorism cross Southern border of Texas country didn’t make us any safer. It was built Gavin, Newsom, other governor, who is expected to pull 400 National Guard troops off the border of Southern California. Similar moved happen in New Mexico earlier. I think, that’s ludicrous! Why would you want a less secure border? The only reason who is Riff Raff, coming in unfiltered unchecked, no background checks on anybody. It’S just Ludacris. I don’t have a good explanation. Either side would want that. We should have organized immigration, we should have legal immigration, and people want to come up here and better. The lights, I’m Forum, we need to make that opportunity available, but we need to do it legally. We don’t need to know who was here and then keep the riffraff out. The president down there in El Paso Texas will be watching. For all of that. I appreciate you coming on this morning:
Walls absolutely work, says Sid Miller, commissioner of the Texas Department of Agriculture. Miller speaks out on what he expects from President Trump’s first rally of 2019 in El Paso, Texas on ‘America’s Newsroom.’ #AmericasNewsroom #FoxNews

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