Trump says he would meet with Iran after tough rhetoric

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Trump says he would meet with Iran after tough rhetoric
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certainly looks like another case of the president’s carrot-and-stick approach to foreign policy we seen him offer in the incredibly tough sanctions to countries like Russia China North Korea at the same time that he offers to meet with there Peter’s offers High Praise to the their leaders meets with their leaders in the aftermath of those meetings offers more High Praise And Promises of progress made their now he’s doing that very same thing with your run last weekend remember the president treated 2 Iranian president Rouhani in all caps never ever threatened United States again or you will suffer consequences the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered before that was the stick and then yesterday during the joint press conference with the prime minister of Italy came has mr. Trump suggested a meeting with Iranian president Rouhani I believe in meeting the Prime Minister said it better than anybody can say it speaking to other people especially when you’re what about potentials of war and death and famine and lots of other things you meet there’s nothing wrong with meeting we met as you know with chairman Kim and you haven’t had a missile fired off at 9 months missiles fired but Fox News has now confirmed that North Korea continues to build intercontinental ballistic missiles as well as fissile material and a recent similar back and forth with ear on the Pentagon tells us that Iran has ceased all aggressive gunboat in Persian u.s. warship something it was very, during the Obama Administration but with President Trump offer of a face-to-face meeting with Ronnie it right immediately took the upper hand they run fars news agency reporting that it had seized no value in a face-to-face meeting an added that in order for anybody to take place the US needs to rejoin the Iran nuclear negotiations with the rest of Europe and that’s where it stands right now Sandra expecting any fireworks at right off the bat in that trial of course it gets underway with jury selection which will likely take a few days this is the first of two trials for Paul manafort this one in the eastern district of Virginia II taking place in Washington DC special prosecutor all really needs to win one of these two trials he’s putting maximum pressure on metaphor keeping him in solitary confinement in advance of his trial and if he doesn’t win a conviction in Virginia there is a much greater likelihood a lot of legal expert play that he wins one in the District of Columbia keep in mind that in the last election 2016 only 4% of District of Columbia voters that voted for Donald Trump tall odds against the District of Columbia
President appears to be following same foreign policy playbook used for North Korea and Russia; Doug McKelway reports from the White House.

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