Trump says pardon for Paul Manafort is ‘not off the table’

Trump says pardon for Paul Manafort is ‘not off the table’
If President Trump is not ruled out, pardon and Paul manafort is former campaign chairman who was found guilty of tax and bank fraud. Speaking with the New York Post, Trump said that a pardon quote was never discussed, but it wouldn’t take it off the table. Why would I take it off the top manafort struck a deal with Mahler to plead guilty to additional charges and cooperate in the Russia probe for a reduced sentence, but the special counsel said this week in manafort has routinely lied to investigators, which nullifies is plea: agreement Speculation that manafort is looking for a pardon. The Democratic head of the Senate intelligence committee said Trump. Pardoning manafort quote would be a blatant and unacceptable abuse of power. The star bowler must be able to preserve the work. He is done smaller alarming. Some on Capitol Hill, outgoing Republican, senator Jeff Flake and Democratic colleagues, Chris Coons and Cory Booker on Wednesday, tried to force a vote on a bill that would make it harder for Trump to undermine Robert Mueller’s investigation. The preservation, the special counsel Augusta – she is indeed a matter of National Security, but we know that the special counsel is in danger that effort was blocked. Majority Leader Mitch, McConnell has argued. The bill is unnecessary because he says Trump won’t fire to be so sanguine about the chances of him being fired is falling for us. I believe to be clear. This is the same investigation that brought indictments for more than a dozen Russian nationalist for attempting to influence the 2016. Why shouldn’t we be up in arms about that? Why does that warrant a tree? A tweet from the president, many tweets trying to go after special counsel Lee try the same maneuver earlier this month. Mcconnell stop the bill from advancing flake responded by saying he would try to block judicial nominations pending in the Senate until McConnell lets the Mueller bill go to a floor vote
President Trump put pressure on the special counsel to wrap up its work on Thursday as he prepared to sit down with the Russian president.

Robert Mueller’s report on Russian election meddling could come out soon, and Trump is bracing himself for its outcome. He has accused Mueller and his investigators of witness intimidation, undisclosed conflicts of interest and political bias.

He asked hours before he left the White House for Argentina, where he’s supposed to sit down with Vladimir Putin, ‘When will this illegal Joseph McCarthy style Witch Hunt, one that has shattered so many innocent lives, ever end-or will it just go on forever?

‘After wasting more than $40,000,000 (is that possible?), it has proven only one thing-there was NO Collusion with Russia. So Ridiculous!’

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