Trump says ‘serious’ talks on gun control are underway

Trump says ‘serious’ talks on gun control are underway
Trump says ‘serious’ talks on gun control are underway
After the 2 mass shootings in the US that took his remember, 31 lives, pressure has increased dramatically on Donald Trump and the Republican party to do something about gun will just a short time ago inside there is movement on the key issue, background checks and he believes There’S a good chance to get meaningful legislation Eli from Washington, interesting Lee. He said that he’s been dealing with some of the concerns being raised by the National Rifle Association. It’S been a warning him this week that gun control won’t go over very well with his base. Supporters, but he didn’t seem worried at all about his base thing of setting. She said she has more control over what they think and he can move them. That’S his supporters take their guidance from him. Whether or not that’s true will see, but that Trump did say the NRA’s views are being respected. Barbie group will either be there with him on the issue of background checks or will be a little more neutral whatever. That means he predicted that there won’t be a rupture with the NRA. He also says: there’s growing, support politically for gun legislation from boost. Take a listen to this clip. We don’t want insane people mentally ill people, bad people, dangerous people. We don’t want guns in the hands of the wrong people. I think that the Republican going to be great and lead the charge. How long would the Democrats and Trump also said he had good talks yesterday with speaker, Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic leader, Chuck Schumer as well Senate Majority Leader Mitch, McConnell describe those discussions is bringing tremendous Goodwill for Meaningful action, but he doesn’t see the need to call Back Congress from Summer recess because there will be a package of gun-related measures in the fall and and he’s tech support for that now his own ideas of kind of evolved on this over the course of the week. This is some of the strongest language she’s used. So far when it comes to gun, control to Hannah in an issues is closely related to the mass shootings, senior White House officials and some tech Giants are holding a summit in an effort to find ways to stem the tide of violent extremism online. This is happening at the White House, everything coming out of those meetings, yet Karen I mean it’s, so we don’t even know who’s there actually just top executive, but they are looking at ways to track online extremism and try to prevent the kinds of attacks we saw. Last weekend, of course, the gunman in El Paso so is believed to posted a Manifesto on an anonymous Message: Board called 8chan. Many white supremacist groups also use these online sites and social media to spread their racist message. So one option will be talkin about whether to ban and remove them. This week, 8chan lost two of the web services. It needs to operate, but doing that just pushes these groups further into the dark web and makes them even harder to track. So that’s something we’ll have to keep in mind. One of the challenges, of course, is that the president’s own language sometimes reflect that used by white nationalist themselves. Democrats, a Trump’s, racist rhetoric, inspired the El Paso gunman. Now the president won’t be at that meeting and that’s generating to some discussion. Take a look at this clip from a hate crime expert for the sort of violence, a sort of rhetoric that we have seen calls in Washington today to discuss online extremism. It comes of course, after last weekend’s mass shootings in Texas and in Ohio, one of those Shooters posted a manifest online. I can’t tell you the president is not in today’s Summit. You know who’s there, tech company officials and internet providers and White House officials. I hate to let me pick your brain if you were a fly on the wall, when we only hearing coming out of this happening at the White House, I think you know the person technology companies that you think would be attending. This have declined to say whether and what could be in that policy, because there is no emotional story, it is going through the United States shootings trauma. If you will so it’s top-of-mind. What could come out of this? Acquiring a situation like this is taking a more active approach when it comes to find and removing online content hate, but they need to call out Supremacy. You need to be very specific about how they’re combating that and last, but definitely not least, I think you know we are in age of technological innovation and we’ve seen with other is – is, for instance, Islamic State. There were policy there were put in place to track, Monitor and share that information with government officials and with police. That needs to be taken into account. The legislation thing because I’m website and providers will be saying: well, we can point it out, but we don’t want to police it. It’S it’s everyone and that’s what I think is taking a lot of a lot of effort to come together and create a policy.. Have some type of a fact it’s everyone, alevizos policymakers, have two two-player rolling. I think media also plays at a really big role. You know I’ve seen some Outlets Play the full video from the owner of 8chan. I’Ve discussed be taken offline and you would never see that type of you’ve never see the full video of something like that online. With another terrorist group media place of really cool role in making sure not to amplify voices. You’Ve heard discussions, though there are on both sides of the freedom of speech. Someone can post what they feel is right and correct. Perhaps, but it may not be considered hate speech. Is that really? What’S part of all of this? Do we need to say this is and this isn’t this is this? Isn’T who makes policy and they have rules of engagement, but they don’t always apply them equally, and so yes, you do have the freedom to say what you want, but also you are. You also prevent these companies are private entities and they have the room to remove that content and when you head, I asked you to accept. You use those headphones. You sign up exactly right. Hobbykids. We have great ideas in Canada. You want to make sure these high-tech Mucky mucks hiring an onboarding people of color, more people, coloring more women or able to see how their emanations and consequences of those effects really hadn’t even thought of that, because it brings a different perspective to the table. Doesn’T it does great to have you on the program
In the aftermath of two mass shootings that left 31 people dead last week, U.S. President Donald Trump mentioned the role of background checks and tech companies in remarks made Monday, saying he wants government agencies to work with social media firms to “detect mass shooters before they strike.”
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