Trump says Taliban meetings are ‘dead’

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Trump says Taliban meetings are ‘dead’
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Trump says Taliban meetings are ‘dead’
Trump says Taliban meetings are ‘dead’
Welcome to the late on Jake Tapper, we begin with the politics lead President Trump this afternoon saying. The talks with the Taliban are dead, as he attempts to defend his now cancel plan to host the Taliban leaders at Camp David days before the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks attacks. The Taliban has, even in recent weeks expressed support. Cnn is learning the vice president Pence and National Security advisor John Bolton president, weighing in with a slyly written tweet quote. He continued, which is not accurate in CNN’s case vice president’s spokesman is quoted right in the story quote we would have told them. I fully support your decision. I fully support your decision present tense. That, of course, is a 9 and does not directly address the idea that, before the decision was made, the vice president advised against it and seen as Boris Sanchez now reports for us garant just two days after canceling a plan Summit at Camp David with leaders from The Taliban that he himself suggested President Donald Trump telling reporters today that peace talks are and we’ve hit the Taliban hotter in the last 4 days and they’ve been heading over 10 years. Trump frustrated with a pace of negotiations had called for a face-to-face negotiation with the Taliban at Camp David. During a meeting over Labor Day weekend, objections from Top advisors sources say Trump, like the Optics of being seen personally as securing a historic deal in a presidential setting were decades ago. Negotiations between the US, Egypt and Israel, led to the David Accords official say vice president Mike Pence and National Security adviser John Bolton argued against meeting at Camp David, but Trump overruled them today. Trump pushed back on that story that he admitted he thought ho Taliban at Camp David just days before the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks was a good idea was my idea. It was my idea to terminated. I didn’t even I didn’t discuss it with anybody else. The meeting set for this weekend was scratch because the Taliban claimed responsibility for an attack that killed one service, member and 11 others Mel says he believes the Taliban regrets that attack some lawmakers voicing opposition to the meeting, including the third highest ranking Republican in the house. Liz Cheney, tweeting no member of the Taliban should ever set foot in Camp David ever and GOP Congressman Michael Waltz, an army veteran who served in Afghanistan as we head into that into the anniversary of 911. I do not ever want to see these terrorists step foot on in on United States soil. now Jade president run moments ago on the south lawn told reporters that the Taliban has made clear that they regret this attack. In fact of the week in the Taliban put out a statement saying that canceling peace talks would only lead to more American losses in F, send Jake Sanchez at the White House thanks so much to talk about this Democratic Congressman Max Rose of New York he’s an Army veteran, who served in Afghanistan on the homeland, security and Veterans Affairs committee, so much for joining us for the first of all, question is forgot, being a member of Congress as well as a veteran who fought in Afghanistan. What was your reaction to the story? Really ridiculous idea, not only as a veteran, but also someone who represents a district that was hit in really hard by 9/11. First president, to invite the Taliban to meet at Camp David, just a few days will be the anniversary of 911. With that being said, though, we cannot use this one horrible idea as justification or a pretence to advocate for another horrible idea, which is to stay in Afghanistan for another generation perspective when we declared war against Afghanistan. This is not a change. We have to turn the chapter on this appearing in American history and pull out of Afghanistan. Why are weary of it? But I do want to ask because your congressional district in New York, which includes a lot of Staten Island, that’s a district. The President Trump won and, as you notice, a district that was hit hard by 911 on 9/11, with Allah, firefighters and members of the police force in 10. People who are in The Towers killed. What are you hearing from constituents.? That’S it. They don’t want to think about it anymore. They don’t want to entertain me I’d of the Taliban meeting at Camp David, but here’s the other thing about people that live on Staten, Island and generally folks throughout the country. These are deeply patriotic. People does not mean that we engage in actual Warfare say that you support the troops doesn’t mean that we want to send young men and women unnecessarily into Harm’s Way. Look at the conference that we face today. Look at Global extremism. We can’t fight Global stream, bronchitis, by holding on to significant pieces of land in Central Asia, there’s 15-20 different countries that Al-Qaeda or Isis could move into, and we have to remain flexible and versatile in order to attack that threat in the. Let me ask you about that, because I had Secretary of State Pompeo on State of the Union yesterday and I asked about why invite the Taliban to Camp David well places we’ve been having conversations that we could further, that that we could further further America’s national interest, But having conversations with the people that have the capacity to actually deliver Jake, we have an obligation to do everything we can. So you want to end the war or President Trump wants to end the war. His argument is, we have to do just certain said. We have to do everything we can to end the war, so if having the Taliban would bring that resulted about why not the punch, the American people in the nose in order to end our longest war. This was representative of more than a Year’s worth of hard diplomacy do a vanity project. He wants to be the one to take credit, and that is totally and absolutely wrong. This is an opportunity.. I completely agree with you on that and we actually have to take advantage of it and then president could actually be a leader. You know in 2016, he ran on ending are forever Wars in 2018, I called for the same thing and you’re right. You brought up at Staten Island voting for President Trump. They also voted for me front. The people have spoken, they want change and they want action and they do not want us to continue these forever Wars that are centered around Russia and change. Subject: secretary Commerce, Department controls the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association Administration hurricane Doreen might hit Alabama the National Weather Service statement, basically backing the president’s version of events over the scientist. What would you make of all that looks like it’s a joke and the unfortunate truth is that it tonight it’s a it’s the reality Congress and certainly look into this, but ultimately the president has got to leave. The presidents got to realize that this is actually an incredible responsibility that he has secretaries can no longer just be concerned about the president ego. They also have to assume responsibility. I’M deeply disappointed by this. Obviously it breaking news another illustration of the fact that we right now don’t leadership that we
President told reporters Monday that discussions with the Taliban are “dead, as far as I’m concerned.”

The pine-shaded cabins at Camp David have hosted secret peace summits between Middle Eastern leaders and high-stakes gatherings of major heads of state. For Trump, the mountainside retreat offered visions of another diplomatic coup: clandestine talks between US, Afghan and Taliban officials that could end America’s longest war.

Even opposition from within his own national security team, including Vice President Mike Pence, could not deter Trump from pressing forward with his plan to host Taliban leaders at the rural presidential getaway.

Trump eventually scrapped the event after a Taliban car bomb killed a US soldier and 11 others last week. But that decision came after heated debate within the administration over the venue for the summit — an outgrowth of larger, more substantial disagreements over the wisdom of negotiating with the Taliban at all.
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