Trump says tariffs are ‘the greatest’ as U.S. announces billions in aid for impacted farmers

you was President Donald Trump trying to put a positive spin on the mini trade disputes he has initiated this is the time to take off the rip off of power we have to do it you know other country so when I said well I’m going to start screaming and the greatest country is he feels of treated the US on fairly well I don’t negotiate a fair deal or get hit with tariffs members of The Diplomatic community Jeremy Kingsman ambassador to Russia and the UK and you think we are going to see even more of an escalation of the trade War I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw more of an escalation of the trade War but I think what’s more striking than his rhetoric is the administer Chin’s decision certainly with his approval to provide 12 billion dollars in relief for American farmers that have been hurt by the escalating tray tensions so the president in with his actions is admitting himself to the American people that the trade War and the Paris that he has imposed and the counter terrorist that have been imposed on the United States are hurting American workers now you would think that with that evidence that has forced into providers A that he would change direction but on the other hand he seems to like this policy of escalating 10 so even though he has admitted himself that it’s hurting hurting America’s Farmers I wouldn’t be surprised if he escalates intentions even more she likes to react and act very quickly on thanks but obviously one of his advisors at some point would have said hey you need to look down the road at the Fallout and now we’re getting to see that followed as as Larry mentioned it means they’re going to have to pay the farmers they can survive yeah you know every every democratically elected government always has a kind of a built-in conflict between policy advisors the wise people that you’ve just described the people who do the numbers for politics and getting reelected it’s always a fight been in the Trump White House there’s such a fight going on and drop this and I know what my base wants and I’m going to give it to him just you’re just representing other people in the world your globalists you know that’s what’s going on what’s in his gut is that appeal visceral appeal to his base he doesn’t know enough about World Trading System he stinks in this build-up of a composite of kind of real estate deal or something then yes it’s going to come back and hurt America and other countries in the world at the same time he says tradewars are good we win them a thousand times out of a thousand more foolish words have never been spoken but we heard a new sort of spin on this from Donald Trump almost backpedal let’s talk about it through the United States from the horrible one-sided around nuclear deal Anna ran is not the same country anymore that I can say and we’ll see what happens but we’re ready to make a real deal not the deal that was done by the previous administration which was a disaster alright Jeremy going to start with you on that one for sure what does he mean Arandas not the same country anymore it’s only been a few months since they pulled out of the deal and also it’s beginning to seem like this is a president who just wants to counter every success the last president and that’s his agenda yesterday the agenda and put something else there so every day there’s a new treat spend this particular case I think what he saying is very dangerous I think he’s implying that that you ran as buckle in front of us Rex how do you seen that their economic problems any ran Secretary of State I need an economy that’s his attitude that’s what he’s blowing out there and of course I don’t think it’s going to happen I don’t see it I think the nuclear work is going on at least at the pace that it was previously there’s no real evidence that they are violating the deal because they’re trying to hold it together with the other players but certainly there’s no sign that a Ron is doing anything less by way of Terror sponsorship anything less by way of Human Rights abuses at home anything less by way of its activities in Syria and across the region in terms of strengthening their own forces and destabilizing the governments of its adversaries so you know the president is trying to pretend that by pulling out of the deal good things that happened good things have not happened no sign that at that Aron in any way is buckling or somehow that you know be strengthened by us actions to date amending the deal before the US pulled out to somehow make the US state and or make it at least amenable for us to stay in and you know what they couldn’t resolve in the old Dale Jeremy ever get a better deal than the one that was negotiated and that’s just the fact facilities lyrics want to get your take on that well I think it’s premature to say really what’s happening there is activity at one of the nuclear sites but you know they’re there has been activity in the past on you know previous deals with previous administrations it’s too early to tell that we’re really heading down the road to denuclearization and certainly other things that the president was saying was going to happen immediately have not happen he is expressed great castration internally at the pace of activity with North Korea so I think we need to keep this in perspective Larry and I have been in agreement from the beginning North Korea was not going to give up its nuclear weapons is basically pressure on him for Washington because of all of the criticism give us something so this is what he gave them and that it’s not more than that I have to do was trying to get past Russia and Putin Larry question that there’s a connection has been struggling in recent days to turn the new Cycles around to pretend that good things happen Helsinki even though it was a disaster so you know he he thinks in terms of soundbites he thinks in terms of new cycles and he thinks in terms of gut instinct as you yourself said there’s no question you we would be very naive to believe that the Iran tweet happened in isolation from his criticisms that hit that have been directed his way over all of the Russian related activity it has been a pleasure as usual Larry Haas Jeremy Kinsman will talk to you next week
U.S. President Trump says tariffs are ‘the greatest’ at the same time his government plans a $12 billion aid package for farmers devastated in the trade dispute. The Angle on America panel discusses the issue.

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