Trump takes on immigration, voter ID laws at rally

the latest on President Trump rally in Tampa I’m Confusion by claiming you need a photo ID to buy groceries know about you but I’ve never had to show an ID when I go to the grocery store this morning many asking what is the president talking about a raucous rally in Tampa overnight taking the Republican primary for governor everybody needs to support Ron DeSantis instead his political strategy talk more about himself than the race at hand person in the history of the Republican party is Trump can you believe the unscripted speech covering everything from his election win check with no experience and I want isn’t that an economy hello mr. President congratulations on what you’ve done for the economy it’s the talk of the world but this morning it is this comment about requiring boaters to have identification that is Raising eyebrows I don’t want to buy groceries you need a picture on a card you need ID you go out and you want to buy anything you need ID the twittersphere going wild many asking when was the last time the billionaire business can actually set foot in a grocery store some writing I work at a grocery store you don’t need an ID to buy groceries alcohol and tobacco yes salads and chicken tenders no and carted for Doritos story of my life alright one more my favorites on Twitter just because I’m looking to pick up some cereal do you think they’ll accept a copy of my birth certificate and passport so the White House clarify this ID thing we are still waiting for that clear vacation perhaps it will come in today’s briefing George if in fact there is one in the month of July there were only three roofing for a total of 57 hole hi Kelly just passed his one-year Mark we thought that might have been his exit now some word that’s not the case house now says John Kelly is staying until 2020 because we all know George things around here tend to be on a day by David you like to get more video show highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News app for breaking news alerts thanks for watching
President Trump promised “tremendous border security that’s going to include the wall” and he called for voter I.D. cards while at a campaign rally in Florida.

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