Trump threatens government shutdown amid immigration policy battles

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Trump threatens government shutdown amid immigration policy battles
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in today’s red and blue political Round-Up president Trump is threatening a government shutdown if his immigration policy plans aren’t met at a joint press conference Monday with Italy’s Prime Minister President Trump said he would have no problem doing a shutdown the president is urging Congress to pass new border security and immigration measures he did however add that there would be room for negotiations before the September funding deadline one day after the president tweeted another shutdown threat urging Democrats to support his immigration initiatives Ginger Gibson is a political correspondent for lawyers and she joins me now from Washington ginger in terms of shutting down the government is President Trump really willing to go this far and what would be the fall out if he did Republicans are dreading the possibility of shutting down the government potentially only weeks before midterm elections but it seems president Trump is willing to make that thread and she’s banking on being able to win a messaging War saying that it’s Democrats fault that’s are the reason he has to do this and Shifting the blame to them but many Republicans in Washington are not optimistic that they went would win that fight and they’re worried that should Trump actually try to go through with such a threat than voters would respond unkindly in the November midterms what do we know about the effectiveness of this is a possible political strategy here and Ginger is there any way to tell right now it’s difficult to tell and frankly it’s really threatening the most strong response possible early in the negotiating process there still a long way to go before Congress arrives at their spending legislation most of them are gone now through the month of August and not to return until September when they have a small window to get it done other things that can be traded other than Jeff of the threat of shutting down the government president Trump however likes to position himself publicly as a great negotiator as someone who understands how to get what he wants and we seen this before threatening turn of the most strong response to try to get small concession although in this case he may find that the thing he’s threatening to do with Carrie more harm for his own party then for the party he’s trying to attack got in response to the president’s threat on Face the Nation Sunday Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson weight in let’s listen to that so don’t like playing at shutdown politics when’s I’m doing know how big an issue immigration will be with Republicans at the polls we know president Trump wants to make immigration an issue with Republicans at the polls 16 and he interviews that in part to his victory and that reason he thinks it’s a great idea to have Republicans talking about immigration in the lead-up to election day blaming Democrats we see him tweeting about it so often and that’s because he thinks it’s the kind of issue that he wins on there also hopeful that it could help them at the election they think that the issue of children being separated from their parents at was one that really upset their base that help them politically in the most crude of terms because it made people unhappy with Donald Trump reminded that they were unhappy with Donald Trump and Ted this is again one of those issues Democrats think they could turn back something that the president sees as a political Advantage what did you let’s turn to the Russia investigation Paul manafort’s trial starts Tuesday it’s the first stemming from the special so proud in an interview Monday the president’s attorney Rudy Giuliani asserted that quote collusion is not a crime by President Trump himself has tweeted that the Mueller probe is rigged and I wonder what your thoughts are ginger on whether or not there appears to be a broader strategic process here on the part of Rudy Giuliani and the president we are seeing Rudy Giuliani and the president try to chemically undermined The credibility of anyone that would criticize the president and of the Mueller investigation they are trying to piece by piece take the whole thing apart and argue that everything that’s happening is unfair does assertion that collusion is not a crime is one that carries enough of a kernel of Truth they could be convincing particularly to president Trump’s base he’s right know where in the federal code does it say now shall not collude with a foreign government but as folks like rich homie has said before their other possible crimes involved in such coordination or collusion with a foreign Government tried for conspiracy or accepting something of value from a foreign entity and a campaign both of which are crimes but by arguing that collusion itself is not a crime president and Julian are trying to really eat away at some of the credibility of their critics ginger on Monday president Trump’s that he would be willing to meet with a Romney and President Rouhani now this comes after tensions flared earlier the between the two world leaders or the threat of War what’s the new reaction to this in Washington we know that the president’s meeting with Kim Jong on the leader of North Korea there are number of Republicans who are concerned about such a meeting since president Trump has been so critical of Iran and the Iran deal again that have some silver linings for the president he’s positioning himself as willing to be reasonable willing to be a diplomat that’s going to play well with his bass and she saw the North Korea Summit as a when he was viewed as an brokering a deal and he think that type of positioning and covered really Bowl his view in the United States in the world right Ginger Gibson thanks very much Ginger thank you
President Trump said Monday that he will shutdown the government ahead of the September funding deadline if Congress doesn’t tighten immigration laws. Reuters political correspondent Ginger Gibson discusses what this could mean for Republicans ahead of the 2018 midterm elections in CBSN’s daily political roundup on “Red and Blue.”

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