Trump tours new Shell Pennsylvania Petrochemicals Plant

Trump tours new Shell Pennsylvania Petrochemicals Plant
Trump tours new Shell Pennsylvania Petrochemicals Plant
Battleground state of Pennsylvania to tour a new petrochemicals plant speaking before thousands of workers, the president promised the factory would help rebuild the struggling economy of Beaver County, an area hard hit by the set the steel industry and home to voters who helped them win back. The White House in 2016 years nobody’s ever I’d like you’re winning I’ve more than fulfilled. My promise has even they said he promised, with your help slander once more crackling with life are steel, mills of fired up and blazing bright. The assembly lines are roaring. In is booming and stronger and greater than ever before and on. My second is editor-in-chief of the Pennsylvania capital star. He joins me now from Harrisburg John welcome, thanks for being with us one in Beaver County by 18 percentage points. So what do we know about the voters in this area and why? The president, trying to shore up support, here. shift in Pittsburgh suburbs, become a lot more blue. In the intervening two years, a redrawing congressional map in 2018 led to the election of democratic Congressman, Conor lamb, a classic Blue Dog Democrat prosecutor, a former Marine, very pro-second Amendment. Good ties to labor he’s very much a good fit for that, I’m out of the consequences. Again, so how does President Trump stack up against the former? Vice President, Joe Biden, who has deep ties in the state? Because there’s there’s no two ways to put a Joe Budden raised $ 937 because we need donors 6 Months of the Year President Trump raised about $ 487,000 during that same time., The person who berated 37 % among registered voters in a recent Franklin & Marshall College Poll, that’s the same level that President Barack Obama was at in his first term, but Donald Trump is not Barack Obama and his numbers remained Mayer there. Throughout his presidency I got a deep well in the Democratic establishment in Pennsylvania when you go through his campaign. Finance report for the big dollar Democratic donors are the former vice president in the Scranton area. Has he will say every single time. He has an opportunity to do so. Many Pennsylvania, like Pennsylvania, like Wisconsin, like Michigan, that Donald Trump won in 2016. Part of the Cornerstone of his campaign about these things, and he does talk about some of the Rust Belt Carol. Pittsburgh now has a Viber and edging meds are there is biotech there, there’s computers there, fire by institutions of Higher Learning like Carnegie, Mellon University.. So it’s a very different place and I think me – and I think perhaps by then understand, Elizabeth Warren and people understand that a time when the world seems to be turning away from single-use Plastics. But this plant is expected to produce more than 1 million tons of plastic every year. What are some of the major arguments environmentalist are making against the petrol complex and how is that seen there in Pennsylvania? He has a huge air quality problem in this plant. Is expected to contribute to that and you do correctly point out, there’s a lot of Education among Progressive Democrats to move away from fossil fuel to move towards Renewables like wind and solar, I’m in a lot of ways. This plan represents doubling down on fossil fuels. To be awarded that 1.6 billion dollars in tax relief over the next 25 years – and that’s not then in shells defense – is this plant much-needed in this area of the country. Were that sort of a false argument, because you could say you could take those jobs and put them towards sort of green Manufacturing how to be coming from the cracker plant, so-called cracker plant, about 600 permanent positions? When all is said and done, which is not a lot but from Monaca with particular, took it on the chin with the collapse of the steel industry, every job helps when I first moved to Pennsylvania about 20 guy covered that part of the state and saw some Of that distress first-hand, but there’s an argument you made to move into longer-lasting Renewables and and more far-reaching Technologies with us. Every time.
On Tuesday, President Trump toured the site of Shell’s new Pennsylvania Petrochemicals Complex. The plant is expected to produce more than 1 million tons of plastic every year, pitting local politicians and environmentalists against each other. The Pennsylvania Capital-Star editor-in-chief John Micek joined CBSN to break down the latest.

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