Trump Ukraine Solicitation Forces Nancy Pelosi’s Hand On Impeachment | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Trump Ukraine Solicitation Forces Nancy Pelosi’s Hand On Impeachment | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
Trump Ukraine Solicitation Forces Nancy Pelosi’s Hand On Impeachment | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
Thanks for joining us this our so, there are only two instances in American history in which a u.s. president has been impeached when Andrew Johnson was impeached in 1868. That was the first time tries. They first voted on impeachment and impeachment resolution against Johnson in 1867. That failed, it came back again the next year and tried to impeach him again in 1868 that one stuck, but when those articles of impeachment in the house, when those articles were conveyed over to the senate for President Johnson to face trial, they couldn’t get a two-thirds Vote in the Senate to convict him and remove him from office, and so the effort to remove President Andrew Johnson from Office sales, even though he was impeached in the house, basically the same Dynamic at work in 1998 to impeach the sitting, US president and then was Bill Clinton and again in that instance, voted to impeach, two-thirds of the Senate to vote to convict Bill Clinton and remove him from office and so again that effort to remove him from office. We have the impeachment process it failed. Even though Clinton was impeached in the house and only two experiences in this country with a u.s. president being impeached and Clinton were convicted in the house, neither was convicted in the Senate. Now there was removed from office. Was Richard Nixon one process? The Constitution gives Congress to remove a president from office for high crimes and misdemeanors basically get removed from office, because the process it’s a Civic fantasy. The way it works in real life is much more like a Civic Thriller. When the process starts, I’m not sure anybody was being honest. Can tell you how old Summit Lee it’s going to end today against President Donald J Trump. She did make US History. This is just something that hasn’t happened very many times in the course of our country, because of that I think we’re kidding ourselves. This is supposed to go now. There isn’t a typical impeachment process, there’s no way to say how history suggests this will unfold or how this thing would typically be handled or what’s a departure from in a consistent previous president. Where is constitutional guidance for what happens here, but there is very little historical precedent from which we can extrapolate. There are also specific peculiarities about this time about this instance. They’Re both really interesting is factual matters, but they make it all the more suspenseful and all the more unpredictable Folgers from from here on out. Let’S just start with the thing that was announced today by Speaker Pelosi despite earlier reports today, that speaker Pelosi might can might be considering forming a special Committee in the house, specifically for the purpose of drawing up impeachment articles against the president at 5 Eastern Time forming Any special new impeachment committee instead of these six committees, which apparently will each have their own Affairs committee oversight committee Ways and Means Committee. The financial services committee we’re going to get some expert help over the course of this hour, including speaking with one of these committee chairs, to try to understand exactly what right now. The plan, I think, is for each of these six committees to pursue their own inquiries into potentially impeachable offenses by President Trump, and then each of these committees is expected to present articles of impeachment against President Trump on the subject matter that they’ve been investigating so tearing Out there’s the chair of the Judiciary Committee: if warranted is the process and in theory that all makes sense right, but how does that work? In practice I mean: What’s the timing on that and what’s different now going forward from what’s already been happening in these committees? Nancy Pelosi, specific expectation in terms of what those committees are going to do now, and I ask that, because all of those six committees right now, a lot of different things which could conceivably can be construed as is impeachable high crimes and misdemeanors. When it comes to this President, I mean everything from whatever is going on with the president tax audit castigated by the ways and means committee chairman, Richie Neal, says a whistleblower has come forward to suggest that there’s been some sort of improper effort by someone inside the Administration to interfere with the IRS is audit of the presidents committee is already looking at that Congressman Cummings they’re investigating a whole bunch of different behaviors, which could be impeachable, including whether he may have endangered national security security clearance, including those for his children, intelligence committee they’re. Also investigating a number of different allegations against the president, including continuing questions about the president’s involvement in the Russian election. Interference. 2016 are already actively investigating the president’s alleged efforts to obstruct the law enforcement and counterintelligence investigation in the Russia scandal. Depending on what these ongoing investigations turn up will now today that speaker Pelosi has made this historic announcement. Proceedings are beginning against, as president reference to these new allegations about the president and Ukraine, the president’s basically admitting that he solicited foreign help for his re-election effort from the country of Ukraine. Are these six committees just supposed to look at matters related to the president’s interactions with Ukraine, or are the six committees supposed to forward to the Judiciary Committee evidence of any potentially impeachable conduct by the president that they have been investigating, including on the subject? I just mention things that they’re already looking at it right, if, if they’re supposed to do that, behavior prisoner and Ivanka Trump actually Rises to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors, and if they are they supposed to as interesting as iPhone investigation is wrapping up imminently. So, as I said, we will try to get some some clarity on this as to what changes in the investigating committees in Congress. Now that what they’re do it is part of an investigation proceeding that has been proclaimed today by the speaker of the house, and it was proclaimed with specific reference to the president going to Ukraine to try to get help from them for his re-election. What did become over the course of today, I think, is that the story is moving very fast. I have written and torn up a lot of giraffes of this show today, but just today it’s been in the biggest widest possible since it first came to life and his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, made these Overture literally for only a week. We only even knew that there was some sort of whistleblower complaint about something related to Trump for a few days longer than that put in a sort of low simmer among house democrats. For quite some time, there was a sort of relatively steady increase in the number of house Democrats who supported impeachment proceedings against the president. Porting impeachment proceedings has gone through the roof now with Nancy Pelosi’s endorsement her announcement today. The number of house Democrats supporting impeachment proceedings against President Trump is starting to look like, may not necessarily end up being unanimous, but it may be closed. It’S already close to 200. At this point, 218 is a majority of the house, which is all you need to actually eat someone. We clearly have an incomplete understanding as of tonight at the how the Democrats are going to proceed here and what kind of a timetable where to be speaking. As I mentioned with one of the chairs, one of the six committees that has been named as key coming up live in just a moment. We also affords have an incomplete understanding of the facts and the behavior by the president that has led very quickly. To this moment. Washington Post was first to report a week ago since Community Inspector General for the intelligence committee. The intelligence Community Inspector General review found it to be both credible and urgent, set in motion a process by which that complaint was forwarded to Congress, the administration to justice department and reportedly, the White House apparently stepped in to stop the light from being conveyed to Congress. Since then blow through open source reporting that the whistleblowers complained not only had something to do with the president’s Behavior, specifically, it had something to do with the president, making some kind of troubling promised to a foreign leader. Since that story first broke the. It has confirmed US military aid to Ukraine so that the White House in the Administration has come up with a million different explanation. They said it was being delayed by some sort of interagency process. Whatever that means, then they told some lawmakers that the egg was being withheld for the White House could try to gauge the effectiveness of the aide in Ukraine. A claim that reportedly struck some llama text quote on the President and Vice President Mike Pence send both claimed that the age is being withheld because they wanted to make sure that Ukraine wasn’t too corrupt. As a country cuz, you shouldn’t send any money to a country. That’S corrupt within 24 hours that explanation, the president changed what appeared to be a total non-sequitur from him in which he said he was upset that Germany and France weren’t also giving money to Ukraine alongside us and, if you think about it, girl, your big worry was That nobody should be giving money to Ukraine because their corrupt. Now you want to make sure that the French and the Germans are giving him to Wendy’s, shifting and nonsensical explanations for why you crying was denied military Haitian about whatever happened here and whatever it is that this whistleblower has laid out in his or her complaint that The administration is blocking from coming to Congress, one of the strange things about this rare day in history. They might not really need to figure out much more about whatever’s gone wrong here, simply because the admitting facts, the facts that are not in dispute anymore, the basis for what you didn’t pick him up and admit fox now that President Trump foreign country to help him In his re-election and the president personally intervened to withhold that he was making that request in so doing, the president, according to the laws of Common Sense, created the impression in that foreign country that they wouldn’t get life-saving military for his campaign. Even if you don’t know nothing else about this, you know that that’s what’s known, that’s what’s the starting point, that’s what they’re conceding to investigating all the circumstances around information about the president’s behavior is not in dispute. At the same time, he was to deny military aid to that country country that they couldn’t get their military unless I helped him out with his re-election effort. That’S the starting point now. Are they going to investigate to flush out more than that? Maybe the Democrats are now moving forward in a way that we don’t quite understand the Contours of yet this historic announcement from Nancy Pelosi. Today, what was becoming apparent today that she was going to announce that there is now an impeachment proceedings underway in the president? The president announced that he would release the transcript of his July 25th phone call with Ukrainian president, and that’s all fine and good should be noted that there is Trump White House notes on what happened in that Paul. So I’m not sure anybody has real high hopes for what might be in those notes from the car and if anything super incriminating put include that in the notes and then release them publicly. Also, today, the intelligence Committee in the house and in the Senate Behavior to presumably convey the substance of his or her complaint, all the bipartisan leadership of the intelligence Committee in the Senate and the Democratic chairman of the intelligence Committee in the house. Both said in writing. Today that they would like to hear testimony from The Whistleblower by the end of this week, we’ve been got this release of documents from The Whistleblower. It’S a letter to the Director of National Intelligence from the whistleblowers lawyer quote: who’s reported an urgent concern to the intelligence. Community’S inspector-general, my clients, admitted as a disclosure on August 12th through established procedures promulgated by law within the statutorily mandated.. What’S both credible and urgent, as the underlying information disclosed meets the standards set forth under law in accordance to contact the Congressional intelligence committee. Accordingly, I request Direction on doing so in accordance with appropriate security practices. I thank you in advance for your time and attention to this matter and I look forward to your forthcoming., the dni call within the statutory definition of an urgent concern, meaning you’re not going to be protected by this process. But then it gets really interesting. City of the statute that actually says the N applicability of the statue Congressional intelligence committees in a manner consistent with appropriate security practices outside the intelligence. The president, we are what time with other executive branch stakeholders before transmitting to you. Intelligence from the general Council on his office says basically we’re listening to the White House when it comes to the proper handling of this whistleblower complaint about the White House is not the way it’s supposed to go. You’Re not supposed to go to the subject of the complaint, ask them for guidance in dealing with the complaint about them, but with the Director of National Intelligence and the inspector-general of the intelligence community. I’M with the speaker of the house. Having announced a formal impeachment proceeding against President Trump on this subject today, that has a way of calling on call some people’s better Angels. Maybe just calls on people’s worries about their own place in history on a day like today, but here is how this letter ends from the office of the Director of National Intelligence quote. Please know highest priority is ensuring that the women and none of the intelligence Community have everything they need to carry out their mission in support of our nation’s security. This includes supporting the rights of whistleblowers to provide information to Congress. I commend your clients willingness to come forward to the end. The general and the Director of National Intelligence is committed to protecting your client from retaliation for that disclosure. I also want to take this opportunity to stay that we have every reason to believe that your client, our intelligence Community colleague, has acted in good faith, fully complied with the law. For the more we understand that your client has respected the confidential and privileged nature of the information, while awaiting the guidance that your letter references when it closes again quite a difference in town there, from what the president has been saying on Twitter and another venues questioning The patriotism of this whistleblower and suggesting that this is a person is just out to hurt the United States unless the Director of National Intelligence is personally offering to be The Bodyguard and defense lawyer for this whistleblower. The sort of personal assurance that all make sure you’re. Not retaliated against, even though I’m declaring you to be outside the protection lower him or herself, but you can see the change in tone there from the Director of National Intelligence. You can see maybe what counts, as nervousness there right on it. You can see it Norm. Breaking Trump Scandal that never goes anywhere you can see. This is the place where at least someone is finally trying to draw a line. Videos were putting out you. Can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos?
Rachel Maddow reports on the rapid developments in the reporting on Donald Trump’s Ukraine scandal that led House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to officially establish an impeachment inquiry. Aired on 09/24/19.
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Trump Ukraine Solicitation Forces Nancy Pelosi’s Hand On Impeachment | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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