Trump unleashes profane tirade over impeachment inquiry

Trump unleashes profane tirade over impeachment inquiry
Trump unleashes profane tirade over impeachment inquiry
This was a memorable day in Washington for a few reasons. Most of them revolve around the u.s. presidents slow-burn over the improve pietschmann inquiry hour after hour online and on TV. His mood darkened into a meltdown ctv’s, Washington, bureau chief, join all that has the story and a warning. It contains some profane language from the president himself. It’S clear. The u.s. president is angry, agitated lashing out it’s a scam. It’S a scam, Shifty shift shift shift, but nothing who’s spearheading the impeachment inquiry. You should resign from office and, frankly, they should look at him for treason, Trump accused of helping right the whistleblowers complaint. The Whistleblower did ask shifts committee for guidance before filing the complaint. Is Ukraine’s leader for an investigation into Trump’s political rival and his son? The Whistleblower was so dishonest. He wanted to know from Ukraine’s president about the Biden’s Stone Cold. What did you want are Joe and Hunter Biden. Did you hear me if you want to hear me, ask him a question wrong: meaning of profanity blasting, the do-nothing Democrat and calling the investigation bulshit, accusing the administration of stonewalling and threatening legal action? If the White House doesn’t Handover key documents in the Ukraine called by Friday, Lee sunflower, I have joy Melvin at the White House tonight. Thank you. Joy.
Profanity warning: U.S. President Trump unleashed a profane tirade over the impeachment inquiry.

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