Trump v Obama: Battle of the presidents – BBC News

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Trump v Obama: Battle of the presidents – BBC News
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Trump v Obama: Battle of the presidents – BBC News
Three words to describe Rock intelligent, encouraging and hopeful treasonous traitor, corrupt, racist, homophobic and unkind, hey as great as Donald Trump and Barack Obama fight back whatever the hell. You want. We fight back right now we can tip the balance of power. What you think about Barack Obama being back on the campaign Trail to help out with avocado people, really miss him? They realize the input that he had in this country. If somebody can get the job done, if somebody can get that voted, somebody can get people out to to vote. It is Barack Obama. What do you think of President Obama’s speech, and I said I’m sorry – I watched it, but I fell asleep. Tell me: what do you think it’s a good idea, but Barack Obama’s back on the campaign Trail good idea for Trump people. It’S a good idea for republicans and for Democrats to take a look at it and go. He was horrendous for eight years. We don’t need that guy back out there, presidents down the river they let all of our job to go out of the country. Show me one good thing you can say about Republicans: I’m not able to Republicans are not bad. Any Democrats don’t agree with their stance.
President Trump and former President Obama are both campaigning for their parties in the run up to the hotly contested mid-term elections.
Both men are highly polarising, so Rajini Vaidyanathan went to a rally on each side and to ask people their thoughts.
Video by: Cody Melissa Godwin

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