Trump voter: ‘They all break the law’ – BBC News

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Trump voter: ‘They all break the law’ – BBC News
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Across The Waters from Lower Manhattan the Trump stronghold of Staten Island the only pair of New York to vote for the hometown presidential candidates from here you can almost see the court complex and made the explosive claim the Donald Trump directed him to commit a crime but the people here cat you know he is what this country needed at this time local businessman So Yesterday Donald Trump’s personal lost it up and cool an implication the president said he told me to break the law that doesn’t the people that hate him are going to use it and that’s all you’re going to hear for the next six so you going to get the people that like what he’s doing whether or not they liked him as a human being going to kill us on the beaches of Staten Island The Darkest Day of his presidency toss few Shadows no not really they roll break the wall you know millions of people break the law here find lifelong Republican see believe the Donald Trump is bringing shame on that party and shame on that country for himself he doesn’t understand to serve the American people you’re Republican yes but you reject him but one that speaks of his unshakable belief in the unwavering devotion of his loyalist Nick Bryant BBC News Staten Island
While US President Donald Trump saw two of his former confidants indicted this week, his voters appear to remain on his side. The BBC’s Nick Bryant visited a Trump stronghold in Staten Island, New York.
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