Trump’s defense secretary pick Mark Esper swearing-in ceremony | ABC News

Trump’s defense secretary pick Mark Esper swearing-in ceremony | ABC News
Trump’s defense secretary pick Mark Esper swearing-in ceremony | ABC News
Delighted to welcome several of Secretarial, Spurs family members and friends to the White House today, including his mother, Poly, High poly, why you’re proud of them, and you better believe it his wife Leah? Thank you very much and his three children Luke John and Kathryn. Thank you very much. Congratulations to most importantly, congratulations. That’S an incredible thing: there’s no one more qualified play. The Department of Defense did Mark esper a West Point. Graduate student actually secretary Aspera served our military for 21 years and flirting in the Gulf War. He also Advanced US National Security and government private sector, most recently as Secretary of the army, where he played a critical role, training and equipping our Armed Forces. That’S where I got to know Mark, and there was nobody that did a better job than Market. Is nobody that loves it more than more? Thank you very much is a recipient of the bronze star and combat infantryman badge. She holds a doctorate in public policy from George Washington University and a master of public administration degree from the John F Kennedy School of government. At Harvard University, I’m confident that he will be an outstanding Secretary of Defense. I have absolutely no doubt about it. He was outstanding in every way and we’re honored to have you the board, and I would ask Justice Alito, please to administer the oath of office. Thank you. Thank you, gif and repeat after me. I I Mark expert, you solemnly swear. I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of the United States against enemies, foreign and domestic oath. That I will bear true faith that I was our true faith and allegiance to the same and allegiance. To the same that, I take this obligation freely that I take this obligation freely without any mental reservation, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion or purpose of evasion, and that I will well and faithfully and that I will well and Faithfully discharge the duties of The office discharge, the duties of the office, on which I am about to answer, congratulations. Well! Thank you, mr. president, for your kind words for your confidence in me and for this incredible opportunity and thank you, justice, Alito, for administering the oath of office. I really appreciate you being here this afternoon. I’D also like to send it send it quick action on my nomination and for the strong bipartisan support that I received today for the entire United States Senate. It is an honor of a lifetime to be appointed Secretary of Defense and delete the greatest in history, and I will do so with that same energy and commitment to duty, honor and country that I have for nearly four decades since my early days at Westpointe. Mr. president, it is a privilege for me and for thank you for your leadership and for your commitment to a strong National Defense and to all of our service members. Are military has made tremendous gains in recent years, thanks to your leadership, and we stand ready today to take on a Challenge and Weiler soldiers. Sailors, Airmen and Marines stand guard each and every day we will ensure their families are well taken care of. On a personal note, I would like to thank my wife. Leah has been by my side now for 30 years, Perry, spouse or sell my children, Luke Jon & Kate, my mother poly, my in-laws Tom and Vaughn, and my sisters, who’ve joined me here today, and everybody else has been a steadfast supporter of me over the years. Again, thank you, mr. president, for me to serve our great country once again, as Secretary of Defense,
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