Trump’s economy poses major challenges for 2020 Dems

Trump’s economy poses major challenges for 2020 Dems
Trump’s economy poses major challenges for 2020 Dems
The Trump economy – at2020 new op-ed in the Wall Street Journal title this Joe Biden’s Last Ride pointing to the strength of the Trump economy ahead of the 2020 election saying this is Dan Henninger who wrote this will leave it Donald Trump to defend his private jobs economy, But the dismissal of this long hoped-for reality of expanding opportunity across all income classes and races as a quote sugar, high or unequal, is cynicism on a gray and scale. One almost wonder if Karl Marx himself we’re here today. Might he look around at what has been happening in the US Labor Market the past two years and think this isn’t so bad? After all, examiner commentary, writer and editor siraj Hashmi good to see you democratic write. Joe Biden actually has a lot of catching up to do just what it is on party. He argues who’s the most Progressive candidate and if you look at his economic policies compared to save Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, he looks like a mother. I mean that they’re. Just certain things that he’s just not further to the left on that actually hurt some more, but with Republicans and people who are conservative on fiscal policy he’s obviously very problematic when it comes to the economy. So he hits things on Donald Trump on, say. The Charlottesville incident and his response to in the handling of it, as opposed to stay running on something like the economy, which he was pretty much in lockstep with President Obama over 8 years, the union – it was a firefighters union – he was talking about. Oh, you didn’t get a tax cut and talking about the lack of wage growth, and I thought to myself: well, that’s on the union leadership. Is there Nazi 2017 bring back the good old Obama voters away from Donald Trump? Do you think these are voters who were happy with the economy that time and they work? They were simply voting against Hillary Clinton, or do we have some reason to think that he’s going to have to do more than promised to return was when Obama and Biden were running in 2008? You know the housing bubble just burst, so it was actually very prudent for Democrats to run on the economy really have a case right now, because the economy has got so strong and his grown up 3 % as opposed to 2 %. Eight years of Obama administration. If you’re looking at it hasn’t really been very big on – and you know, Democrats mostly want to push for medicare-for-all and by then just isn’t on that train strike down the entire Affordable Care Act. There’S a story about that today. So again, maybe that gives the Democrats something to run on a fossil fuel money $ 200 from fossil-fuel Executives already returning some donations or quickly call for a more than 5 trillion dollars to curb and spending to curb global warming, Ciroc or not we’re going to spare You not play that clip, but what make it up while he could still accept $ 199.99 from Executives. If he really wants to, I mean he was flavor of the month right after he ran to be superseded by a lot of other Democrats, who did Judge. Who is in many ways is seen as like the shiny or Beto O’Rourke figure. So it’s interesting that O’Rourke is trying to cater to a lot of climate change, Advocates specifically Dianne Feinstein about the green New Deal. She shut them down completely. So, yes, this is basically a symbolic gesture to say that he’s on board with trying to pass something as expensive as unrealistic. It’S just the plate to get in the headlines. I said that the people who want the president knighted states are there, what more authentic, with his husband and his two awesome dog, and then he doesn’t better work, doesn’t look like a Kennedy enough and basically he’s only talkin down the economy. He’S talkin about a thriving part of our economy in terms of the jobs created in oil production in natural gas production and across the board in the energy sector skip the whole thing on this whole infrastructure thing which we’ll discuss later, where they going to get the Construction workers, since there’s a labor shortage in this economy and the only thing they’re going to be able to fall back on and say we’re going to provide better, better, a medical care for you and the jobs having our lousy will. Forgive you better jobs in the future that it’s kind of a dead thing, and one of the interesting thing is going to be next month in June when they have the first debate and each one’s going to try to sound more radical than the other. And that’s going to help actually Howard Show she’s going to look like an adult. Is all of these people go crazy to the left? People can say these are clowns who needs them, and why why? Why is your tree party trying to block pipelines to make an impossible to get the my job and also get this at gasp to be able to ship overseas? So we have more influence around the world. Hello, gas exports to Europe of all places again exporting and expensive fuel that will reduce your emissions and doesn’t fit
Washington Examiner commentary writer Siraj Hashmi on and Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke’s pledge to not accept campaign contributions of more than $200 from fossil fuel executives.

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