Trump’s efforts to stabilize the Middle East

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Trump’s efforts to stabilize the Middle East
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Trump’s efforts to stabilize the Middle East
How many employees Jeff ballabon is a trump campaign advisor frequent guests on the program Jeff welcome back. It’S only gets in the way, and it’s one of the reasons that it’s been pushed as hard as being pushed. I set aside the substance, which is very serious. Obviously, in the president is exactly right that it’s about the facts and right now we have lots of people sending lots of speculation and very few that we have to get to the bottom of the fact. But the fact in the outcome could have a very great impact on the future of the Middle East upset that relationship Saudi Arabia, Israel, the United States versus a ramp. I hope in the president’s alluded to the financial impact of dealing with that Arabia from United States, but I think even more necessary than that is stability in the region and the president has Bank on Israel and Saudi Arabia together and press Egypt stabilizing the region. The other are there other forces, one of these stabilize the region and their drumming you’re, beating this drama as hard as they can. So it’s real politics in maintaining a relationship, not breaking it, but this issue you with me unless he’s worried about the future of our country globally. What’S going on in that region, just about the Falcons going to get to the bottom of the fact, I think it’s the only correct approach to the president United States. They want the private sector is backing away this big conference in the desert, but we got the heads-up Blackstone BlackRock JPMorgan couple of other big-name financiers II talked about the mob violence in the media. Making people on The Narrative is that the Saudis did this, what we don’t know that yet so the present thing, let’s wait and see these guys do: corporations white bumper over that fix it
Trump campaign adviser Jeff Ballabon on concerns over the future of U.S. relations with Saudi Arabia.

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