Trump’s endgame: Palestinians boycott US-led Bahrain Conference

Trump’s endgame: Palestinians boycott US-led Bahrain Conference
Trump’s endgame: Palestinians boycott US-led Bahrain Conference
So what is Donald, Trump’s Middle East? Us president, delighting Israel and Gulf allies by ordering maximum pressure, see the one that supports the rest of the world to several trade with Taryn and led to last week’s Pike. Intention near the Strait of Hormuz for the passageway for 1/3 of the planets sea-bound oil shipments exhibit donor conference in Bahrain. Data promises a public-private partnership to develop the Palestinian territories, it’s of compromise on a political solution. Hence the boycott of the Bahrain Workshop by the Palestinians themselves at conference time to arrive at 1 for donors by the UN Refugee Agency for Palestinians, which the trumpet creation has quit coincidence, will ask our panel the Palestinians biggest donor, Europe sidelined and the UN Under Fire. What a response to the Trump way of handling the Middle East today in the France 24 debate, we’re looking so Donald Trump’s Middle East End game with us. Researcher at the Arab reform initiative. Welcome back to the shop for democracy! My pleasure, thank you. I’M from London as funds, Yara, batmanghelidj, founder of Vorst and Bizarre Bazaar, is we tracked Development Center on Zack on and it’s great to be here. Thank you for having me welcome to the show on Facebook and Twitter hashtag f24 debate. The Trump Administration nabeel’s the plan, as quote Pista prosperity, it’s being rolled out of her two days in Bahrain, a public-private 50 billion dollar investment; 2. First about the West Bank and Gaza before broaching a political solution with the Palestinians boycotting and the Trump Administration asking Israel to stay away. The president Mideast peace Envoy, who’s also his son-in-law nonetheless update at the outset for a moment. Imagine a new reality in the Middle East. Imagine a bustling commercial and tourist center in Gaza and the West Bank for international businesses come together and Thrive. Imagine the West Bank at the blossoming economy, full of entrepreneurs, Engineers, scientists and Business Leaders. Imagine people and goods flowing quickly and securely, the region is economics, become more integrated and people become more prosperous as a Palestinian. What do you think of when you hear those words? What’S the Americans are presenting a unrealistic understanding of the Dynamics of the conflict? What Jared Kushner was referring to this imaginary of Palestinian territory is in fact experiencing all of this economic prosperity and development and invest is in fact a section of Palestinian rights and of the Palestinian national aspirations and what the American Administration doesn’t realize. The intrinsic intrinsic inseparables link between the economic challenges that are addressed in the division is in today because of limitations and restrictions imposed by the Israeli occupation is restrict access to half of the agricultural land, West Bank and Gaza. Palestine. Producers of the fact that they are that Israel controls 60 % of West Bank territory, which is considered to be the most versatile and breadbasket of Palestine. The Customs are controlled by Israel, telecommunication frequencies. Everything by Israel, political problems, Define economic solutions for mobilize political process is moribund. Kushner saying why not have been reused from previous political agreements or proposal, such as the possibility of establishing a transportation route between this is all just make-believe in order to buy time, because there is no real political win from the Palestinian occupation continuous and why Palestinian Palestinians Experience, Palestinians are a very smart, hard-working people, they succeeded wildly wherever they waited too, and I think that the Palestinians have a crisis of leadership. Look at you have a invisible mr. hardcore islamist regime Hamas in in the Gaza and islamist light regime in the Westbank. Under you know, I’m Palestinian Authority that pays pay the families of murder play Gold, murder, innocent civilians. I don’t think the Palestinian people well-served by by these leaders. I think the Palestinian people, if given the space but free with Kiara, that Israel holds all the leavers when it comes to the Palestinian economy, and so it makes no sense to first start with the economy. You have to begin with the politics. I think that the Israelis have to live in a democratic Country Inn in ultimately have to answer to the electric. I think the Israeli population, including many Israeli Arabs, want to live in peace with the neighbors. I think that the Palestinian leadership is living 30-40 years in the past and so clean to you, no driving. So I think it’s time to turn the page. It’S time for new chapter. The Palestinians need younger leadership and on an 83 year-old leader they need they need. Representative Young Generation of leaders, they will sit down and make the tough decisions to work on on on living peacefully, and then they will enjoy tremendous benefits from that Donald Trump. Being a businessman understand that sometimes you need economic incentives and hopefully the money would not be squandered by the corrupt politicians, as it was by Yasser Arafat and all of his successors and predecessors that supposedly led the pals City. People that led them down a dark alley has brought them nothing but but but misery and improve. That is look at the Palestinians conditions. That’S all the proof. You need verificar agree with the speaker. Leadership and its representative just wanted to stay in power and has continued to do so, but for an intervention that has led to this crisis of leadership and price of representation in in Palestine, Israelis asked to stay awake. What’S the point of this was billed as a workshop. This is Bahrain Workshop, actually, a kind of for window dressing depression, especially the Airfield stay, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and behind of the last few years saying. Why should we wait for the Palestinians to make Israel Costa Mesa for our country’s? Is it wrong? It’S not any more times have exchanged. Only the Palestinians come to grips with reality. They cannot close ranks. This conference old is worship in the way of saying to the person is Luke. We put the plan on the table accepted or not for some country to say alright Palestinians, we okay, if you chance to jump on the back of you, didn’t do it. So we are free to move on and have close relationships with Israel, because I think that’s interest is specially with go States attending down.. Well, I I think the cautionary tale that the Iran deal May a show for the Palestinian, because one of the concerns here is that, to the extent that Regional actors are setting the agenda for what the Palestinians should agree to as a prudent Way Forward, they might End up in a situation where, like Iran, they came to the table negotiated on a deal but we’re not giving the second part of what they were looking for. And what I mean by that is that, to the extent that Kushner has basically promised economic package before political solution in some ways, the lesson of the Iran deal is that the United States offered a political solution but didn’t follow through on the economic package, and I Think the Trump Administration basically is carrying out two plans in the Middle East. Each plan is an indictment of the other in in basically showing that the same way that Kushner is offering economic incentives about a political solution. Mike Pompeo is basically saying to Ron. You need to come to the table. We need a political solution before we offer you any kind of Economic inducements, and you know the Trump Administration is pushing forwarded policy of maximum for sanctions and I think it shows a lack of understanding about and I’ll pick up on what John mentioned the Electoral component Here, for example, if you have a population that gave their government fix the economy by coming to a political agreement with the International Community, they came to that agreement, but then we’re not able to see the economic dividends that the Iranian people think they deserve. And I suppose that there will be skepticism on the part Palestinians about entering into some sort of economic framework without that political solution, not least because it’s not clear to me how International investors are going to move into a country and invest their Capital when there isn’t Clarity of but who actually is in charge of territory and the laws that govern Palestinian agency. It’S had regrets the scheduling of that rival conference, the workshop in Bahrain and the US decision last year to defund emergency relief for the Palestinians. We have to ensure that food assistance continues to a million people not into years, but today and tomorrow we have to ensure that Palestine, Refugee students, boys and girls can go back to their school, not in a few years time. But at the end of August and September, so I think the timelines that were talking about and the focus that owner has is on delivering on its mandate immediately. That’S a continued effort, there’s this other pledging conference going on for a un organization that the United States. It’S it just a coincidence actually, or maybe it is that at the same time this conference is switch, has been in the planning for 42 years now the Americans are building up pressure to Iran. I mean it’s, it all seem to be interrelated. It is a coincidence that question the UN Refugee agency and its future now. The loss of the money that they haven’t gotten from the United States for this year. But what are your thoughts on the fact that the US has defunded it? It’S extremely serious. Of course, I mean in United States have been for many many years to be honest broker in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, and they always actually funded the Palestinians through the UN, I’m bored in the last year or last two years. Actually, the recognition. Us of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel annexation of the Golan Heights, Israel about it. So very much pro-israel stands out from the side of the of the u.s. actually 2 to give you money today to the Palestinians to d142 to sustain their lives due to give some future and then stopping it. It’S it’s a Tobias. It’S a very pro-israel bias. Oc us into sporting actually many years when the US was trying sometimes successfully sometimes not too well to to bring about peace in areas in between the Palestinians and Israel and somehow actually supporting this. This position, King of France, 24 de babe, we’re looking at the Middle East plan for Donald Trump. On the one hand, there’s that pledging conference in Bahrain we’ve been talking about on the other, that’s by contention with Iran with us, is a research at the Arab reform. Welcome back as well to John hugs, yarn, Boston, co-director of the American Mideast Coalition for democracy as fond of the founder of the Consultants, Boris and Buzz Consultants. Or would you say how you describe it where I’m more of a media company, we do publishing research on offense at least he’s a consultant Middle East consultant also University lecture. Welcome back up to the show we were talking before the break, how the Trump Administration has taken aim at the UN Refugee agency that handles immediate needs it in the Palestinian territories. One of the people who works with Jared Kushner on works with Jared Kushner on the Middle East to policy has called for disbanding that un organization and the European Union should be said by far the biggest funder of the Palestinian territories. The EU, which is struggling for its part 2, also stick to the Iran nuclear deal and trade with Taran. What’S with the US sanctions of forbidding any dollar transactions on that score, Donald Trump over the weekend spoke to NBC Meet the Press Pro. They have violated the agreement because I think in the areas that we’re not allowed to inspect they’re doing things and I think they have been for years. They’Re selling in France are selling cars to oranda, doing other things, and let me tell you, then we’re good to Europe. We take care of them, NATO. We spend a tremendous amount of disproportionate amount on trade. The year can Union 2nd District really date. They have really taken advantage of us for a long time, just to finish good relationships with Europe. I don’t mind Europe getting in the middle Europe wants to make a deal to Europe. Would love to Ethiopia. Map was elected to represent American interests of the people on the ground benefited and because of the jcpoa Iran deal Brown. What improvements have there been to the Palestinians living in camps who is receiving billions and billions of dollars? Apendice whole corrupt system? In the change change? The fact the ground he did it by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel he’s doing it by trying to get by trying to start a whole new chapter in trying to reach a solution with Palestinian people and also trying to send a message to to the People of Iran that with the people on the ground and that’s the iri in The Odyssey of the Revolutionary guards that we see what they doing with sanctioning them now and we’re sending a message also to the Europeans you can have to choose. You want to continue in a mercantilist fashion, doing business with the IRA in the Revolutionary guards and making money. Will you going to stand with the people that defend you, the Americans in NATO Walton protecting you from a from threats of terrorism as a European? What do you say? I don’t? I don’t agree of course, and then it’s just you know trait is seen in Europe as an instrument you’re wrong. I mean Indiana to Europe and America and America just want to do the same thing going to rain any around. We see that around spreading its infancy, I can at least that it’s causing tensions. I want to do something about it, so we want to get on speaking terms with uranium, send actually warships to where the Persian Gulf we we don’t do that. We do it actually. In a gentle way, will you be just about right to want to build trade relations with the Iranians? Do what you got to do Investments? Yes, we will make some money out of it as a kind of Engagement of the wrong and you’ll see that the wrong economy is is really in in Dire Straits, and they they need. They need reinforcements from from the west from any contraction, because you don’t get jobs that need a live-in, eat, celery, the future and exactly how Europe is looking at this week and Europe. You don’t think it’s all that sending warships to around the putting pressure on the radius will bring a good thing about what did engage by President Obama. People people are very moderate, boa and it after the election of President Trump is not temper their behavior in one way, they’ve solidified their all over your on order buys the UAE Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Egypt. They spread their tentacles more of America. How are the infiltrating? The southern border of America, the defeat of Islamic State of Dash in indie rock – I mean for short periods in Missouri and thicker than all these cities, actually in the middle of which were in the hands of love. Actually, the Americans cooperated fully with the Iranians and they share malicious in Iraq to rain in and to defeat Dash, and we succeeded together. It’S a splendid thing. I win with the world a safer place. I disagree for moderation and we know that they’re looking for better economic opportunities, but we have to remember what exactly the last few years have shown: the Iranian people. If you go back to 2013, the Iranian people overwhelmingly elected Rohani. Is there president with a specific mandate? Not only to go out into the International Community and address some of the security concerns of the region and the world powers by coming up with a nuclear deal, but also – and this is often forgotten to embarc Michigan’s campaign of domestic economic reform, actually about rooting out Corruption and limiting the role of the irgc in the economy, project electoral support, but we arrived at the Trump Administration and we arrive at basically their rejection of the jcpoa being denied the economic benefits of that agreement. Sanctions relief never manifested the way it was supposed to, and the blessing is ultimately that, even if the people are moderate, even if they use their institutions to elect governments genuinely interested in development. There remain impediments in the International Community because of this notion that Aaron is a malign actor and my concern is that the allergic reaction. We have two economic engagement of Iran, which is funny because we’re talkin about comic engagement with Palestine, as though it’s the solution to all problems is going to continue to be the barrier to the United States, properly, accounting for how to deal with the security dilemma and The regional anxieties presented by the nucleophile anxiety has spiked in the last a couple of weeks, a wrong which this Monday School coming on Thursday Nicholas rushworth, has that story. Diplomacy is over permanently between Iran and the United States. As far as tayron is concerned, there, any president Hassan Rouhani put School Neutron directions are on the u.s. president himself, us leaders of suffering from mental disability. The White House is afflicted by mental retardation state issued new sanctions, accusing your rap of shooting down one of his unpublished. Gps coordinates a way to try and get here and back to the negotiating table. Us National Security advisor John Bolton speaking in Israel, says the White House remains open to tools. The president has held the door open to real negotiations to verifiably Eliminator Ron’s nuclear weapons program, its pursuit of ballistic missile Delivery Systems, its support for international terrorism and its other malign Behavior worldwide. All that Iran needs to do the walk through that open door regards as well as foreign minister Javad zarif. Tensions are escalating as US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, chose the Middle East to try and build support against what it called a military threat from Iran. So we had Joy number last Thursday news that this has been shot down in the disputed Territory between Iran and international waters, Hidan the arrangement. What’S your thoughts when you look at this Iranian negotiations and the posting and negotiations that the US Administration is trying to push for insect with the US Administration has done by following this, this this policy and DVA things from Obama’s administration policies and the g jcpoa is That the test broken the trust between between the Iranian government and the US Administration. So I think the re-establish either that Europeans must intervene to re-establish trust between the parties and we’ve had on this point. Last week, the Arabian setting this 10-day deadline over by which the enriched uranium above a certain point, this Tuesday at the French National Assembly, the French foreign minister, saying it rainy and violation, be a serious mistake and a bad response to the pressure exerted by the United States, certainly not, however, it can be argued that the Americans have pushed them to that limits, because the IAA has a firm that and of course it’s because the US isn’t taking a similar position is the development of nuclear weapons inspector to inspect on what Europe has Europe should be handling the Spy contention so for the last year that Iranian hopes had been that Europe could be the power to step in and really save the nuclear deal on to fry first, that they could help compensate some of the damage. That’S been dealt economically from Trump’s, real imposition of sanctions and, second, that they could step in and try and convince Trump that the maximum pressure policy is not is not leading anywhere. In that there’s a different way of doing things. Perhaps getting a nice deal that he could put his name on? Unfortunately, it would seem that they failed on both counts. I think largely because of a sense of a lack of confidence in Europe that they really can play that role and a little bit too much faith that the United States was willing to restrain itself at each step at which they increase the maximum pressure campaign. And now the European efforts, which largely amount to this, a trade mechanism established by France, Germany, the UK, a state-owned company called Instax – maybe a little bit too late to make a meeting on a neuron IdeaTab, it’s not in u.s. dollars. But none of the small companies are big ones, feel comfortable doing it. It’S it’s actually, a little bit constrain them., There’s a number of European companies that still trade with Iran, largely and categories that you would consider humanitarian like food and pharmaceuticals. The challenge that they have is at the moment there are probably fewer than 10 Bank and you’re a better willing to accept a cross-border financial transaction originating from Iran. This is because of the all-encompassing nature of the US sanctions and perception of risk about the Iranian Financial system. So if you’re, one of those, how many sets trying to do this trade, it’s incredibly expensive and difficult, even if you’re trying to sell something as simple and benign as medicine, the role of this company established by the III countries was too find an opportunity to do. Trade without a cross-border financial transaction by providing a netting mechanism. In short, a European exporter to Iran would get paid by European importer from are on so funds with rum, and Europe and funds would remain in Iran and would be coordinated by a payment instructions sent from this company and it is a feasible model. But the problem is that it’s the one concrete thing that Europeans have come up with an all this time: it’s not to make a meaningful difference in counteracting the full scope of economic hardship. Even if it’s a strong political signal and unfortunately the Iranian seem to have become impatient with its operationalization, the Europeans I’ve been taking advantage of the United States percent of the GDP towards towards NATO. Countries of NATO did the premises that there’s legitimacy in in the government. Iran, the people of Iran, have rejected. They did nothing to moderate the iaea many sites and if the regime continue to develop ballistic missiles. Before and after the jcpoa been here in here that we need to pull out, the International Community is really unsophisticated at listening to the people of Palestine and Aron understanding what their political goals are. Understanding how the question of legitimacy in the governments that ultimately so much about their height telling them we are 1 *, 24 dirty vodka martini or are 80 million people in Iran? Unfortunately, the US Administration are you with us and that we fell on deaf people died in the streets fan and they in the last year, or so they think women pressure to bring as Donald Trump says, the Arabian leadership to the table for an eventual deal, and He says the former, but I’m sure if it’s the latter occurred, that that would that would result in a much more peaceful Middle East and I think, of more prosperous future for the people of Iran, and I think that, obviously, I think countries around the world you Prefer., nuclear programs: what is the point? I don’t know because it said it is not clear what he will. The real objective is, on the one hand, you should say around her all the things no Emeline Behavior by the rainiest in the region and ballistic missiles, and was Groucho, mean to have you have a clue to the good record. So I brought especially mujahideen Hulk in us actually want to bring a change of clothes. Sending those meetings do they really want aborting is we said if that strike a following of a Downing of an unmanned drone? On Monday, the u.s. president tweeting China gets 91 % of its oil from the straight Japan, 62 % countries likewise.. So why are we protecting the shipping lanes for other countries? 4-0 compensation? All these countries should be protecting their own ships. Does that mean Donald Trump wants the Chinese nice to bring warships to the Strait of Hormuz and protect their own vessels? India, Persian Gulf, and I think he just wants the price to guarantee oil and natural gas industry. Somebody else, but I think he’s what he saying is that they should. They should understand that as much as we fall back, the Europeans of are playing a very dangerous game in that you know, they’re giving hope to thee to the mullahs in Tehran that they can wait out Trump with a said. Listen you better side dealing understand the realities that you can’t continue to spread. Chaos hegemony is a taken all the Lebanon and they take it over in 30 seconds how’s it all going to play out at the G20 Summit this coming Friday. Well, I we know that macron is going to be speaking to Trump, about the regional tensions and about the air on issue, and I think that the message of the year they’re going to send is that it’s kind of Rich for Donald Trump to be complaining about. The cost of Defending Security in the Persian Gulf When It ultimately has been the recent moves of his administration that varmint so significantly and that’s the assessment not just a few know those of us that support the deal, but that the UAE has joined a call from The US and the UK diplomatic solution to what’s about to happen. No one wants a war in the region, it would be too costly. We have to have diplomacy, but the Trump Administration has to get serious and realistic about what it takes to to meet are on. At the table, not Iran at the table in London – I want to thank you. I want to thank John Hodge are in a Boston who has jaundice from Gita Horton in the Netherlands also want to thank akshara ayad. Thank you for in the France 24 debate.
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The U-S president delighting Israel and Gulf allies by ordering fresh sanctions against Iran’s leadership. A donor conference in Bahrein that promises a public-private partnership to develop the Palestinian Territories, an “economy first” approach long espoused by the current right wing Israeli leadership. Left out is any whiff of compromise on a political solution, hence the boycott of the Bahrein workshop by the Palestinians themselves.

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