Trump‘s immigration plan could have a strong impact on the U.S. economy

Trump‘s immigration plan could have a strong impact on the U.S. economy
Trump‘s immigration plan could have a strong impact on the U.S. economy
The point is, just as president instructed us to examine best practices around the world and to present you no ideas about how we can maximize economic growth. Maximize the welfare of blue-collar workers, create the most jobs with an immigration reform and what we did. It moved, as he said, since I can’t pay into a merit-based system that we think will really take the economy from the level we’re at to a higher level opposition in the public Arena on the ideas of the impact of illegal legal immigration, I was starting to Actually see some empirical evidence of that security, oh, that controlling immigration makes sense have, but not only in the interest of the nation’s sovereignty and security, but it economically, and that is a stride forward. I want to compliment you and the president for doing so. Let’S also to the idea of 100 % security contemporaneous and the process of that we could expect. These are two great pillars and he tried like that. It’S an important pillar board, I heard it is and who he supports and what he supports. I hope that Kevin could still hear me cuz. This is so important he’s doing more than anticipating a negotiation with the radical.. He is encouraging it and effectively demanding at the same time as you’re, putting out your plan. I know you’re a nice guy, the president, isn’t I’m not a nice guy? I think he is. I think he is being an absurd irritant and an unnecessary one. What you all are trying to do, which is a serious proposal to and irrational immigration plant. I think the senator needs to wait his turn or you know. I can’t do that Spirit, kid in Kenya and you wonder why I want to go to the US and have a better life than you., It’s written possible to figure out what to do with. Like you got to hire lawyers and there’s like a hundred, do you speak English and you don’t? Maybe you have to get some vocational education? Then you got enough points so that you can get in it. So we think that what we do is we make this? The land of opportunity, again and again, security security becomes a conditioned proceeding for the immigration changes. 419 pillar 2 is really irrelevant it. That’S that’s the boy you’re driving. It is true and it’s effectively before and to be merit-based. My gosh Hallelujah Chorus for coming up with this proposal. It is a terrific beginning, we know the process and if we didn’t know that process was going to be at times up in 10. So we wouldn’t need need Senator, Graham to remind us
Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Kevin Hassett says President Trump’s new merit-based immigration plan will take the US economy to a “higher level.”

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